The Endless Thirst

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 42 min.

Synopsis After the explosion, the land around the dome is scorched, but the dome is intact. The town comes out of the cement factory to check it out. Jim takes the moment to remind everyone to stay clear of the dome, reminding them what happened to Duke.Linda has found Rev. Coggins' body. Ollie starts agitating, asking if they're safe. People start to worry about running out of supplies.Linda's walkie talkie goes out. She can't reach her deputies and asks Barbie for help. He checks that he'll see Julia later.At Angie's house, Junior is back to menacing Angie, promising he'll take care of her. She bashes him over the head with a snow globe and runs.Driving back to the house, Alice gets overheated and delirious. She wanders into traffic and is nearly run over by a truck. It veers to avoid her and crashes into the water tower. Water starts pouring out of it. Joe and Norrie help the driver, but it keeps draining.Barbie and Linda arrive and assess. The town gets its water from a lake.Alice admits she ran out of insulin.At the radio station, Phil is getting only feedback. He says for the interference to be so strong, it has to be coming from inside the dome. Dodee has rigged a machine to find the source of it, thinking the dome is generating it to preserve itself from the missile. She thinks if they can find the source, maybe they can turn it off.Barbie and Linda reach the lake and find dead fish floating in it.At the clinic, they're out of insulin.Barbie and Linda bring some of the water back to Jim and explain it's polluted with methane, released from the earth after the missile hit. It's undrinkable until they figure out how to filter it.Jim just happens to know there are artisian wells under Chester's Mill, right under Ollie's place. Jim volunteers to go talk to him.Angie makes a run for it in the woods.Junior tells his dad he can't find Angie and Jim tells him he'd better.In town, Terry the store owner is only accepting propane or batteries. People in line are getting scared.Jim visits Ollie on his farm, making a plea to his civic pride. Ollie is still angry over losing 7 acres of his farm 15 years ago in a council vote when Jim sided against him. He wants Jim to pay for it. Jim mentions he has plenty of propane. Ollie agrees to trade for water.Linda flags down Junior, who is looking for Angie. Junior, Barbie, Linda and Carter try to control people stealing in the town store.Norrie decides to track down the other diabetics in town by going through the hospital's files and steal their insulin to help her mom.Julia and Dodee drive around tracking the power source, but it's moving.Angie makes it into town. Junior sees her and she runs to Rose's café to hide. Angie tells Rose everything.Norrie and Joe reach the house of a diabetic listed in the hospital's files, Ray Garcia. Norrie smashes in a window and then hears a shotgun cock. Ray holds it on them and says he took his last dose yesterday.The crowd outside the store is getting rowdy. Someone throws a trash can through a window and pandemonium breaks out. People start stealing and fighting. One guy hits Barbie so he tracks him down and pummels him. Barbie's close to suffocating him when Linda shows up and intervenes.At the Sweetwater Café, two boys break in, planning to steal what's left in Rose's freezer. They beat her with a bat. Angie jumps the guy attacking her, but gets knocks out.The streets are turning to chaos as people loot everything. Linda releases tear gas to drive people away, but it has no impact.Driving around town, Dodee thinks they're close to the signal.Norrie and Joe reach another diabetic's house. It's unlocked. Norrie takes the insulin but a young boy finds them. It's his insulin. Joe puts most of the insulin back, but takes one vial. They leave.Dodee and Julia pull up beside Norrie and Joe and Dodee's signal gets stronger. She thinks the interference is coming from them.Jim shows up on Ollie's property with propane tanks. When he mentions he could just take the water, Ollie tells him he'll shoot him if he shows up without propane.In Rose's café, Waylon prepares to have his way with unconscious Angie. The other guy stands guard.Joe and Norrie tell Dodee and Julia about their seizures and show them the video.In town, people run around and loot and start pummeling each other. Barbie notices the guy standing guard outside Rose's café and busts in. He grabs Angie.Linda prepares to take more extreme measures and pulls her gun. Suddenly it starts raining. People are so excited they stop fighting.Jim is upset to hear about Rose's death.Norrie, Joe, Julia and Dodee reach the dome. When Norrie and Joe touch the dome together, Dodee's radio starts working again -- the signal is unjammed. Julia thinks the dome is using them.Julia points out the dome protected them from the missile strike and just when they needed water, it rained.Julia points out to Dodee they can't tell anyone about Joe and Norrie or they'll be in danger.In town, people collect the rain water in buckets. Water from the lake is evaporating and being filtered as it accumulates as rain so it's safe to drink.Norrie brings her mom the vial of insulin she stole.Julia finds Barbie walking alone in the rain. He hugs her and she takes his hand. They start kissing in the rain.Angie wakes up on Jim's couch. He breaks the news about Rose and tells her she's free to leave, but he's hoping they can come to an arrangement about Junior."I've always known something was off about him, ever since his mom died," he says.Jim promises her that Junior will never touch her again and if she needs anything -- propane, food, water, a gun -- he'll give it to her, if she keeps quiet. She checks that Joe will be taken care of, too.Angie says she has to think about it.Junior comes home.

Directed by Kari Skogland  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, Alexander Koch, more...

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