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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013

Synopsis Deep in the forest, Dale "Barbie" Barbara digs a hole. He tosses in the dead body of a man wrapped in a sheet.In the town jail, Deputy Linda checks on Sheriff Duke, napping in a cell. He goes out on a call.In the Sweetbriar Rose diner, owner Rose Twitchell pours Councilman James "Big Jim" Rennie a cup of coffee, he pays with a hundred, joking that he's buying her next vote.In a house, in bed, a teenager named Angie finishes having sex with Junior. He says he loves her. "Yea, it's been a fun summer," she says. Ouch.He tells she's the only one who knows the real him and he's not returning to college, she says that's why she can't be with him. She tries to leave and he grabs her a little too hard. She leaves for work.Elsewhere, Julia Shumway, the new editor of "The Independent," responds to a call from a busybody. An oil tanker is making its fourth trip today, yesterday it made six. She thinks it's terrorism. She says Sheriff Duke said it was the town hall restocking. But, when he told her, he sounded nervous, which isn't like him.The fire trucks leave town for a parade.Barbie speeds out of the woods and calls someone, saying there's a problem, their guy tried to renegotiate "aggressively." Sheriff Duke and Deputy Linda pass him and run his plate.He's watching them drive away when he fails to notice the cows in the road. He crashes into a ditch in their pasture. He's standing there, angry about not having a spare tire, when birds fly off into the air and the ground starts to shake.In town, car alarms go off, church bells ring, the wind blows and objects crash to the floor. Duke stops his car, gripping his chest.Suddenly, there's a loud thump out in the cow pasture. Barbie watches with shock as a cow is sliced in two, seemingly by nothing, and dirt flies in the air. He sees a nearby barn is sliced in two, and the land in front of him is blurry.A young teen named Joe, who lives in the house by the pasture, goes to inspect the dome. It's some sort of invisible fence. He's discovered it only zaps the first time.Duke's pacemaker gives him trouble, he says it must have skipped a beat. He and Linda start getting calls from all over town.Joe and Barbie watch as a plane inside the dome crashes into it. Plane parts and body parts rain down around them, Barbie tackles Joe out of the way of the debris.They check the victim's ID, Joe recognizes it as the woman from the bank.Barbie sees a fire truck from outside the dome speeding toward them. They can't hear the sirens. He flags it down to stop before it crashes into the dome. A fireman gets out and runs smack into it, cracking his nose. Barbie holds up a sign telling him to call the FAA.At the radio station, Dodee realizes DJ Phil Bushey is the only one on the air.Duke and Linda reach the dome. Linda's fiancé Rusty, a firefighter, is on the other side. They can't hear each other.Big Jim arrives, recognizing Chuck Dodson's plane. Duke gets more calls. They realize it cut off all the roads into town. "We're trapped," Big Jim says.They take out a map and start assessing the situation. Jim tries to order Julia to leave, Linda commandeers her car.In town, Carolyn tries to pump gas, but the power's out. She and her wife Alice are taking their teenage daughter Norrie to camp and were just passing through.In the woods, Barbie shows Julia the boundaries of the dome. He thinks they might be stuck in there awhile. He thinks even if they get out, the army will quarantine Chester's Mill. He's ex-military. They come up to a house and see a woman stumbling outside -- the dome sliced her arm off.Big Jim commandeers the radio station and tells everyone driving to stop their car.Driving down the road, Carolyn turns the radio on. They think it's a stunt until they see a truck on the other side of the dome crash into it. Carolyn slams on the brakes. Norrie collapses on the ground and has a seizure, saying something about the stars falling.Back home, Angie and Joe meet up. Their dad is a trucker still out on the road, their mom left a note. She's having brunch in Westlake, on the other side of the dome. They're on their own.Julia takes the injured woman to the hospital, expecting her husband Peter, a doctor, to be working there. She's told he hasn't work Sundays in months.Linda watches as the army arrives on the other side in hazmat suits.From a distance, Junior watches Angie bum a cigarette off Barbie and seethes with rage, flipping his folding knife.Alice and Carolyn drive up to the medical center with Norrie and yell for help.Back at town hall, Jim notes he's the only elected official inside the dome. He suggests that as a councilman he has the power to authorize additional policemen. Duke thinks it's a terrible idea. Jim asks if they're going to tell people why they have all the gas."So should we tell them the truth?" Jim says. "That's your business, I have no idea what the hell you wanted with all that crap," Duke says.Duke says he only did what he needed to keep the town safe. Jim cautions him not to stress his bad heart, a veiled threat.Dodee scans radio frequencies and hears snippets of all sorts of things, including someone calling it a dome.Out in the pasture late at night, Junior approaches Barbie, wanting to start something. Barbie warns him it's a bad idea. Julie interrupts them. She still hasn't found her husband.When Barbie says the hotels are booked and he's going to rough it, she insists he stay with her.On a bridge leading out of town, there's a rager late at night. Kids have already heard Joe's all alone. While others are partying, Joe is inspecting the dome with a flash light. He thinks it must have it's own power source.Suddenly Joe collapses and has a seizure, just like Norrie, he starts saying "stars are falling in lines" over and over again.Angie comes home to a dark house. She's lighting a candle when Junior grabs her. "If you do everything I say, I promise you won't get hurt," he says, holding a knife to her throat.She runs and he grabs her, accidentally knocking her out.The town gathers at the Sweetbriar Rose for information. Duke announces 12 people died. He tells people to check on their neighbors.Angie wakes up in a basement with a puddle on the floor. When Junior comes in the metal room, she starts screaming. He tells her they're in his dad's old fallout shelter and she's "safe."He assures she'll thank him someday since he's the only person who understands what's going on. She tries to run, but he locks her in. He puts a bolt on the shelter from above ground. Her screams don't make it out.Junior's dad comes to check on him -- Big Jim. Junior tells him the shelter is totally flooded.Julia brings Barbie home to her house. Her power is running on a back-up generator.Julia points out a photo of her husband Peter on the mantle. It's the man Barbie buried. She thinks her husband isn't there because he's having an affair. She's sure he'll turn up.Out on the street, Duke and Linda survey the damage. Duke wonders if they're being punished. He tells Linda there's a lot he's tried to protect her from about Chester's Mill. He puts his hand on the dome and starts to tell her: "A little over a year ago, I was approached about..." Then his chest sparks and he collapses.Outside the dome, news reports call it an "unparalleled" event. The camera pulls back and shows the dome covering the entire town.

Directed by Niels Arden Oplev  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, Alexander Koch, more...

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