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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 43 min.

Synopsis Barbie comes downstairs in the morning to see Julia in a squirrely mood. She's out of pills for her migraines. She's hiding the map she took from Barbie's bag and doesn't like it when he says he'll hitch a ride with her to the radio station.Outside, on the other side of the dome, the military is pulling up and leaving and a crowd inside the dome is angry. Linda tries to calm the group down and pulls her gun as she orders them to disperse. Rev. Coggins starts loudly preaching that the dome is supposed to be a new Eden. Jim intervenes and addresses the crowd as Barbie takes in the whole scene.Jim successfully gets the crowd to go home. Someone has painted " Don't Leave Us" on the inside of the dome. Jim checks on Linda and notices she's faint. He and Barbie get her to a car.Down in the fallout shelter, Junior brings Angie a change of clothes and the dress she wore to junior prom. She puts her arms around him and plays along with his fantasy, and he says she's starting to act like the old Angie. When he turns his back, she grabs the pair of scissors she stole from the first aid kit. He grabs her hand, getting hurt only slightly as he fends off the attack. And chains her more tightly.She cries, begging him to let her go. "You can leave whenever you're ready, but not before," he says.Julia follows Barbie's map to a trailer park. She sees her husband's car parked outside DJ Phil's trailer. He tells her Peter sold him the car. Then he collapses.Alice and Carolyn bring their daughter Norrie and Joe to the hospital after her latest seizures. Alice asks the nurse to run tests, but the nurse explains they don't have any doctors. One's outside the dome, one crashed into it and Peter Shumway is missing. Alice, a psychiatrist who did her internship in medicine, resolves to run the tests herself.Joe sees Junior getting his hand stitched up and asks if he's seen Angie. Junior only says he saw her a few nights ago "around."Jim shows up with Linda, who's unconscious. Nurses start bringing more people in with fever and flu. Julia brings in Phil.Down in the fallout shelter, Angie tries to figure out her next move. She opens the airvent and screams into it. While she's climbing up onto the top bunk, she grabs onto a rusty water pipe. It breaks, gushing water everywhere and she slips and knocks her head on the concrete floor.At the hospital, Alice draws her daughter's blood, while she hooks Joe up to an EEG, which looks completely normal. Jim comes to get Alice. There are dozens of sick people. They're out of masks and gloves.Julia confronts Barbie about Phil, thinking they know each other. She shows him the map, saying she went through his stuff because he lied about fighting with Junior. She's demanding answers when she starts to feel faint.Lying on a cot, Linda recognizes Mrs. Moore, her third grade teacher, who wonders if the dome is making them sick.Alice announces she thinks it's a meningitis outbreak. Junior got vaccinated when he went to college, Alice's family did too, as did Barbie in the military. The sick people need antibiotics in the next 12 hours, but they don't have enough. She says the sick people can't be allowed to leave the hospital.Jim gets shotgun from his car and gives it to Junior, telling him to keep everyone inside.Angie wakes up with water rushing in around her, it's already six inches deep. She struggles to plug the leak.Julia finds Phil and asks him about the car. "Peter man, I'm sorry, I can't make it to the cabin today," Phil says. Julia asks what cabin, but Alice sends her back to bed.Jim and Barbie reach the only pharmacy in town and find it ransacked.There are 30 people with advanced symptoms and two dozen with early signs. Carolyn notices Alice is out of sorts, she took her insulin without eating.Both Mrs. Moore and Linda have spiking fevers, but there's only one dose of antibiotics left. Mrs. Moore insists they give it to Linda, saying the town needs her.Julia goes to Junior and asks to be let out, she thinks Peter is in trouble. She mentions what Phil said about a cabin. "Like the one I found Barbie at?" Junior says. He tells her about it, but won't let her go.Julia goes around testing exits. She takes her husband's key card from his office and leaves.Barbie suggests whoever took the drugs would have a big vehicle. Like a hearse, Jim suggests. They drive to Rev. Coggins' place and find him dumping pills into the fire. He says people dying is part of God's plan.Linda wakes up, feeling better. She's talking to Mrs. Moore when the teacher codes. Alice races in but can't revive her.Julia drives to the cabin where Barbie accidentally killed Peter.At the hospital, people are challenging Junior to try to leave. He fires a warning shot, then regroups and addresses everyone calmly, telling them they're all in it together. He puts down his shotgun and walks away.Ollie contemplates leaving, but doesn't.Julia rifles through the cabin and finds legal papers. Then she passes out.Joe brings Norrie a sandwich. She wonders if maybe they triggered the seizure and decide to try again. They set up a phone to film it. They grip hands, but nothing happens. Then they grab both hands and each collapse in seizures again.Jim and Barbie show up with the antibiotics.Down in the flooding fall-out shelter, Angie screams for help but no one can hear her.Barbie asks Phil what he told Julia. Phil thinks Peter is "gone." A month ago Peter asked Phil if he knew any hitmen, then he sold him his car for a steal. "I don't know how much he owed you, you ain't getting that cash back," Phil says.Julia hallucinates seeing Peter and asks him "why didn't you tell me?"Joe and Norrie wake up from their shared seizure. They watch the video, including them saying "pink stars are falling in lines." Then Joe sits up mid-seizure and shushes the camera."Maybe we're not supposed to tell anyone, because the dome doesn't want us to," Joe says.Barbie keeps looking for Julia. Junior tells him what he told her. Barbie demands his keys and drives to go get her.He finds her.The water in the fallout shelter is up to Angie's cot and she's shivering with cold.At the hospital, people are improving. Linda tells Jim that Junior stopped what could have been a "full blown riot" by talking people down."Ever consider a career in law enforcement?" Jim asks his son.Julia wakes up. She knows Barbie saved her life. She learned that her house is in foreclosure and their bank accounts are empty. She asks what they were into.Barbie tells her in a roundabout way that he's an enforcer for a bookie. She doesn't believe Peter gambled. Barbie plays her a voice mail from Peter, saying he has the cash. Julia asks where Peter is. "He must have taken off," Barbie says. Julia kicks him out of her house.With the outbreak over, Joe invites Alice, Carolyn and Norrie to stay at his house. He and Norrie don't mention their latest seizure.Leaving the hospital, Alice finds Carolyn taking insulin supplies. Carolyn is worried the dome will last forever, but Alice isn't concerned and puts it back.Junior gives Linda a ride back to the station. She's feeling guilty about Mrs. Moore dying. She commends Junior again for calming everyone down. She hands him a deputy's badge.Jim comes home and finds Rev. Coggins on his front porch, with a duffel bag full of cash. "My share of the profits. Keep all the propane, I'm going to wash my hands of this dirty little business," he says.Down in the shelter, Angie tries screaming into the flowing water pipes. Jim hears a noise from beside his kitchen sink. He goes outside to investigate and sees the shelter flooded. He opens the door and sees Angie chained up and scared inside.

Directed by Kari Skogland  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, Jolene Purdy, more...

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