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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013

Synopsis Joe hangs out at a skate park late at night. Other kids are skating off the dome, but Joe is watching the footage of Deputy Paul shooting Freddy.Julia drives Barbie to the police station, where Deputy Linda is marching Phil into lock-up. Julia asks Linda if she can handle things. Someone throws a bottle in Phil's direction. Big Jim addresses the crowd, telling everyone to cool off.Norrie shows up, having followed some kids to the skate park. She asks Joe if she can recharge her phone at his house, then asks if she can stay there too. She claims not to know the two women (her mothers) that Joe saw her with.Linda brings Paul back to a holding cell. He starts gasping for air and she goes to check on him. He wheels around and knocks her over, taking her gun. He says the dome is making people crazy and he has to get out of there before people get him.At home, Big Jim asks his son Junior where he was when the town banded together to battle the fire. He tells Junior that his not being around reflected poorly on him. He notices Junior's shiner. Junior tells him Barbie did it and he's crazy. "Nine years since your mother died and still it's like you're hiding behind her skirt," Jim says.Down in the bunker, Angie listens to DJ Phil mention the fire on the radio. Junior brings her eggs, telling her it's the dome that's making her act like this. She asks if anyone has tried going under the dome through the cement factory tunnels. She cozies up to him, reminding him of when they used to go down there. She suggests they could start over if he could find a way out.Jim visits Rev. Coggins in the hospital, telling him the only files that can implicate them "on this drug business" is in their head.Julie explains her husband Peter grew up in Chester's Mill and "circumstances shift and it just made sense" for them to come and start over.Julia offers to introduce him to DJ Phil, but Barbie bugs out.Jim lets Linda out of the lock up and starts to lecture her. She notices Paul took a rifle and goes to look for him, letting Jim know he can't control her.In the Sweetbriar Café, two good old boys give Carolyn a hard time about being gay and Rose Twitchell intervenes. Carolyn is worried and looking for Norrie.Julia finishes a radio broadcast with Phil and sees Junior going by with a helmet. He won't tell her where he's going.Jim comes into Sweetbriar Café and announces that Paul is on the loose. He asks for volunteers for the search party. The good old boys, Roger and Ollie raise their hands. Jim introduces himself to Barbie and mentions his takedown of Paul the other day, and asks him to join them.The search party heads to the woods. Barbie warns them off following a dummy rail Paul laid and points them in the right direction.Elsewhere, Junior sneaks into the abandoned cement factory and heads for the tunnels. Julia follows him.Linda heads out to another part of the woods on her own.Joe feeds Norrie breakfast. She tells him she was on the way to visit her dad, who's a musician. Benny brings two girls by to charge their phones on Joe's generator, which he might have mentioned to a few other people.Out looking for Paul, Jim gets Barbie to admit he was in the army. They sneak up on Paul, but he hears them and shoots Roger in the leg. He keeps firing and runs. Ollie takes Roger back into town and Jim tells Barbie they're going after Paul. "What is your objective, huh? Are we trying to bring him in or take him out?" Barbie asks. "I don't see how it makes a difference to a guy like you," Jim says.Down in the tunnels, Junior runs into the dome deep below ground. It zaps him and he's about to pick up his flashlight, when Julia warns him not to. Junior turns on the dome and yells and pounds on it, Julia watches him rage. Then he stops and starts freaking out about how unsafe the tunnels are and that they could get trapped. She takes out a match and follows the direction of the flame.Joe's house is totally overrun by teens drinking and charging their devices. Benny urges him to go for Norrie, but warns him not to mention his seizure.Down in the tunnel, Junior laments being a screw up. Julia tells him how she ended up in Chester's Mill: she was covering the mayor's race in Chicago when she got leaked info about one of the candidates being bribed. She thought it might be forged but ran the story anyway and when it was exposed as fake she got fired.A jock bully named Carter brushes his way into Joe's house and is soon charging people to use Joe's generator. Norrie tells him to leave and when Carter gets in her face, Joe steps in. The situation is diffused when the generator blows, but Carter tells him it's not over.Down in the tunnel, Junior tells Julia that Barbie is a psychopath who attacked him for no reason. They find their way back up top.In the woods, Barbie suggests they call things off, suggesting Jim only wants to keep going to prove what a big man he is. Big Jim tells him his nick name came from a loudmouth receiver who meant it as a taunt and he tackled him and shattered his pelvis. Jim finishes his story and Barbie notices Paul sneak up behind him. He and Barbie stare each other down with rifles.A shot rings out. Linda shoots Paul from behind, killing him.Back in town, Jim apologizes to Linda for doubting her. He calls her sheriff.Julia drives Junior home. He asks her to keep what happened between them, she says they all have secrets.Julia drives up with him to find Jim bringing Barbie over for a drink. Barbie excuses himself.In the station, pukes on Duke's hat and takes a nap in one of the cells, just like Duke used to.At home, Jim won't tell Junior what he was doing with Barbie, telling him to let the grown ups handle it.At his house, Joe tries to repair his generator, making a Death Star reference. Norrie likes nerds. They hear a noise. Her mom Carolyn has tracked her down. Norrie takes Joe's hand and suddenly they both collapse on the floor having simultaneous seizures and both saying "stars are falling." Benny and Carolyn are shocked.Junior goes back to Angie with his bloodied knuckles from beating the dome. She takes his first aid kit and cleans up his hands, but swipes the scissors.Back at her house, Julia notices Barbie's busted knuckles. "You really were just passing through Chester's Mill? No connection to anyone here in town?" she asks. When Barbie hits the shower, she looks in his bag and finds a house marked on it.

Directed by Paul A. Edwards  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, Alexander Koch, more...

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