The Fire

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013

Synopsis Begin with a flashback of Barbie roughing up Peter Shumway, asking where the money is. Then Peter pulls a gun. Barbie talks him down enough to get close to him and disarm him. They grapple again and Barbie's dog tags get yanked off in the struggle. Barbie draws his gun, as they're wrestling the gun goes off. Peter gets shot, dead.Barbie wakes up from his nightmare in Julia Shumway's guest room. With her husband Peter missing, she's happy for his company. Barbie wonders where his dog tags went.At the edge of the dome, Linda cries over Duke's body and quickly starts giving orders, including to her deputy Paul, who seems unhinged.A few people try digging down to get under the edge of the dome. Joe decides to use his trig skills to figure out what he can about it.At the radio station, Dodee scans the frequencies and again hears it called a "dome." Phil wants to tell people, but she thinks it'll just freak them out.At SweetBriar Café, Jim Rennie hooks up a generator for Rose. Alice and Carolyn come downstairs in the middle of the night and mention their daughter's seizure. Alice has seen them before, she's a psychiatrist. Linda comes by with the news that Duke is dead.Outside her house, Julia tries to get the attention of the military on the other side, throwing a ball off the dome. Barbie is sure they're under orders to ignore people inside. Julia decides to head to the radio station.Down in Junior's scary bomb shelter tomb, Angie waits for Junior to come down and pushes past him. She gets up to the shelter door, but he has it locked. He carries her back downstairs and chains her to the bed. He explains he just wants her to go back to being the Angie he knew yesterday. He lays out his jealousy over Barbie and promises her she'll love him again.Then she changes tactics, telling her Barbie "screwed her brains out" and Junior will never be the man he is. Junior leaves, fully wound up.Over Duke's body, Linda mentions to Big Jim what Duke said about there being things about Chester's Mill he needed to protect her from. Reverend Lester Coggins is also the undertaker.When Linda leaves, Big Jim throws Lester against the wall and accuses him of being high as a kite on their stuff. Lester says he might as well, it's judgment day. He says Duke only went along to save Chester's Mill, but at least they don't have to worry about him talking now.Joe explains to Barbie that he has calculated that the dome is about 10 miles across.Linda finds Jim going through Duke's files. He shows her Duke's will. He left her everything, including his house.Jim joins Lester back in his car and tells him he had a close call but couldn't find anything about propane in Duke's files, it must be at his house. Lester leaves to try to get there before Linda.At the radio station, Dodee shows Julia the harmonic microwave frequency converter she made that lets her pick up signals. Julie hears the word "dome" and immediately goes on the radio to announce it.At the café after the broadcast, Linda tries to calm people down, including her increasingly paranoid deputy Paul. She worries about her fiancé Rusty on the other side of the Dome. His brother Freddie, another deputy, tells her Rusty is taking her to Hawaii for their honeymoon.Rev. Coggins comes by to offer his prayers to Linda, and lift her keys.Driving down the road, Jim blocks a man in a front loader, stopping him from getting zapped by the dome.Joe finds scientists blasting the dome with water. Joe touches the dome on the other side and pulls his hand away wet. It lets water through like a sieve.Barbie stocks up on cigarettes, telling Norrie they'll be good for trade later. Junior stalks him as he leaves.Dodee picks up the military saying they don't know the origin of the dome. So if not the military, who's responsible?Barbie goes back to the cabin where he fought with Peter. He finds a gun, but it's empty. He finds his dog tags on the floor.Junior finds him there and accuses him of sleeping with Angie. He decks Barbie, who tries to simply run him off, but ends up tackling him and punching him several times when Junior won't quit.Rev. Coggins rifles through Duke's things at his house and finds the papers he was looking for. He takes Duke's cigar and burns the papers in a trash can. But the fire quickly leaps from the can to nearby drapes and soon the whole house is going up.Paul stops Linda and gives her bigger guns. He's getting more paranoid and pulls his gun when he sees Barbie nearby in the woods. They hear a call about a fire at Duke's house.Jim hears it over the radio and knows Rev. Coggins is involved. He gets to the house first and hears Coggins crying for help inside. He does nothing. Barbie directs people to grab their garden hoses and anything that can hold water. If it spreads, the whole town is at risk.Linda hears someone inside and busts down the door. She finds Rev. Coggins passed out inside and drives him off.Jim drives off.The propane tank next to the house blows.People make a chain passing buckets to put out the fire. Joe films it with his phone.The fire spreads to the fence and then a nearby car.Jim drives up on the front loader and starts to tear down Duke's house to keep the fire from spreading more.Down in the fallout shelter, Junior shows up bruised and bloodied and tells Angie he killed Barbie. She doesn't believe him, saying even he couldn't do something that terrible.He leaves her with a filmstrip of them together.Back at fire, Julie notes that Barbie has his dog tags back.Jim checks on Rev. Coggins, who says he was cleaning up their mess. When Linda comes over, he says he was looking for a suit to bury Duke in. He says there was a short that sparked.The gathered town applauds Jim and Linda. Jim commends them for banding together.Linda's pessimistic deputy Paul goes off on a rant, saying they're trapped. Paul draws his gun, Joe keeps filming as Paul says the dome is never going to go away and they're all going to die.Paul shoots the dome, the bullet ricochets and hits Freddie, killing him. Barbie disarms Paul. The remains of the house smolder.

Directed by Jack Bender  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, Alexander Koch, more...

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