Heads Will Roll

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Horror/Mystery/Sci-Fi/Thriller, USA, 2014

Synopsis With the noose around Barbie's neck and the prophesied pink stars falling, last season ends.Alone in his cabin in the woods with a bottle of booze, a man sees the sky burn bright.Back on the gallows, Big Jim shouts at his son to pull the lever to kill Barbie, but as the sky quakes and thrums, Junior says he's afraid.Out at the lake, Julia suddenly sees a woman who wasn't there moments before splashing in the middle of the lake. Julia dives in to save her.Joe, Angie and Norrie are near the church when they see the metal bell ripped out of the steeple and go flying through the air, crashing into the dome.At the gallows, people in the audience start dropping like flies. With Jim still yelling at him, Junior hesitates in pulling the lever, saying the Dome is trying to tell them something. Jim is ready to do it himself, but Linda draws on him, suggesting they listen to the dome.At the lake, Julia starts CPR on the woman she dragged from the water. The man from the cabin appears and seems to recognize the unconscious woman, who he helps resuscitate. He suggests they head to his cabin.At the edge of the Dome, all the metal is ripped off of Big Jim, Junior, Linda and Barbie. Barbie is pinned to the wall by the handcuffs he's still wearing. Linda races to unlock his cuffs as large metal objects are violently yanked against the Dome. Barbie yells at her to run when they notice an SUV bearing down on them. She frees him at the last second and shoves him out of the way, just in time for the SUV to crush her against the dome.At the cabin, the rescued girl is in shock and not speaking on the couch. The mystery man, Sam Verdreaux, looks at Julia's bullet wound. He used to be an EMT, but lost his job due to problems with alcohol. He says he likes to be alone out at his cabin (which explains why we didn't see him in season one, hm?).At the dome, Jim is still gunning for Barbie, who accuses Jim of framing him for Dodee's murder. Junior is ready to believe Barbie. When Jim attacks him, Barbie decks him and runs off to find Julia. Junior seethes at his dad.At the cabin, Sam explains his sister killed herself nine years ago. There's another bright light and piercing noise from outside.Running through town, Barbie sees a truck and breaks the window to steal it. The owner catches him with her shotgun. He quickly disarms her, but gives it back to prove he's trustworthy.After another pulse, the woman explains they're happening more frequently, like a woman's contractions during labor. She's been studying the dome and thinks it can manipulate electromagnetic fields and they're interfering with some people's brain waves. She's Rebecca Pine, the high school science teacher. She thinks it'll have a stronger affect on people who live by the dome, like Joe McAllister.Joe, Norrie and Angie race back to his house as everything metal goes flying. They find Angie's mom Carolyn out cold on the floor. They dodge flying knives and pans and hide behind an overturned table. When the nails come out of the walls, one impales Joe's hand.Jim goes down to his bunker to grab a gun, but the metal door clangs shut, trapping him inside.In the McAllister's kitchen, the nail is pulled through Joe's hand. Rebecca and Barbie arrive and carry unconscious Carolyn out. The group makes it to safety just in time for the house to completely collapse.Trapped down in the bunker, Jim suddenly sees Dodee standing in front of him. She tells him what's happening out there is his fault and he should have listened to Junior's warnings.Rebecca takes the group to the high school, to the center of the dome, and they brainstorm a way to counterattack the dome's pulses by constructing a giant magnet.Angie pulls Barbie aside and suggests they kill Jim like the dome originally wanted, but he wants to try the teacher's way first.At the cabin, Sam gives Julia a knife for protection as she heads out to find Barbie. Sam goes to his sister's sketch book and finds one of four red hands, and then the one he was looking for -- of the young woman who's now resting on his couch. Except when he goes to check on her, she's gone.Angie sees her wandering mutely down the street. Junior shows up and she tells him she wants a gun, and she's prepared to use it on Junior's father. He agrees to help.Down in the bunker, Dodee continues taunting Jim about his failures, telling him he's going to have to sacrifice.Barbie, Joe and Rebecca rig up a radio tower as a magnet to counteract the dome's pulses. They turn it on and wait.Dodee warns Jim that if he doesn't listen, his sins will be visited on Junior. Jim rigs gunpower and a rope to blast open the bunker door and escape.Norrie watches over her unconscious mother when the next pulse hits, then she drops. Angie and Junior go next, then Rebecca and, seemingly, everyone but Barbie.Junior dreams he's walking down a big city street. He picks up a snow globe but it fills with red. He sees his mother, who hugs him and calls him her sweet boy.Big Jim finds Junior unconscious in the square.Meanwhile, Julia finds Barbie at the radio tower and they have a tearful reunion.Kneeling over Junior, Jim shouts at the dome, asking what he's supposed to do. Linda appears. She tells him to "learn the virtue of sacrifice, to save your son."He contemplates the gallows, then walks up the steps and slips on the noose.But he can't reach the lever while standing on the trap. Julia and Barbie find him and Julia volunteers, but can't follow through.Jim stomps on the trap until he falls through. But before he can swing, Julia takes out her knife from Sam and cuts the rope as he falls."The dome didn't want us to kill you, it wants us to end the killing," she says.The dome returns to normal and people everywhere wake up.The mystery girl from the lake finds Linda's body by the SUV and tells her sorry.In the square, Rebecca finds Barbie and thinks her magnetic trick is what stopped the pulses.In the diner, Angie refills a cup of coffee for a man (Stephen King). Jim tells Phil that Barbie didn't kill Dodee and asks him to be a deputy.Jim offers to let Joe, Angie, Norrie and Carolyn stay with him.In the diner, Rebecca is worried about what the town will do about its fried power sources and Jim offers to meet with her tomorrow.Angie seethes at Jim, saying she would have let him die. Junior tells her he's still on her side.They're distracted when Sam Verdreaux walks in, looking for the mystery girl. He's Junior's uncle and he hasn't seen him since his mother's funeral nine years ago.Sam runs into Barbie and Julia back out on the street and seems to have some brief chemistry with Julia, but he sets off looking for the girl.Junior tells his dad about his vision, in which he felt like he went somewhere, and saw his mother. He's convinced it was real.Meanwhile, in a loft apartment somewhere (probably New York), Junior's mom opens her eyes, saying his name (James.) She puts aside the portrait of him and starts to work on another one as a report about the dome plays on the TV.Late at night, Angie takes out the diner trash and sees the mystery girl walk by, barefoot. The girl doesn't respond to Angie, so she follows her to the high school. The girl runs when Angie tries to talk to her.Angie goes to look in the locker where the girl was standing. Whatever she sees stuns her. But she only catches a glimpse before someone approaches her and she screams as a shovel (or ax, or scythe) slams down into her. She crumples to the floor as her blood spatters and she leaves a bloody hand print on the locker door.

Directed by Jack Bender  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, Alexander Koch, more...

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