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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 40 min.

Synopsis In Ben's room, Linda, Carolyn, Joe and Norrie watch the monarch butterfly hatch inside the mini-dome. The kids try to explain their theory to Linda that it's the power source for the dome.Back at the station, Jim is angry at Barbie for daring to say in front of everyone that he's not guilty of the murders Jim is trying to pin on him.Junior waits for a sign at the edge of the dome. "Tell me why you want me to kill my father!"Wounded Julia tries to get up from her hospital bed to try to exonerate Barbie.Back at Ben's, Linda wants to take possession of the mini-dome, but they've noticed the monarch is bouncing off the dome walls and leaving black splotches. It flutters to the ground. Ben looks out the window and notices the same thing happening to the big dome.Jim takes a break from threatening Barbie to go look at what's happening outside. The splotches are slowly blacking out the dome, turning it to night inside. The whole dome turns black, blocking out the outside world.It's the middle of the day, but looks like it's midnight.Linda radios her deputies and tells the kids she's impounding it. The mini-dome starts screeching. Norrie and Joe suggest they touch it and make it stop, but Linda insists she's the only one who can touch it. She does and it zaps her across the room, knocking her out, just like Joe and Norrie expected.Junior arrives and they have just a few seconds to convince him to help before his father gets there.Julia and Angie head to the police station to get Barbie.Jim arrives at Ben's and finds Linda knocked out. She wants to find the mini-dome as a way to get free of the dome, exactly what he doesn't want.Joe and Norrie worry how to find Angie, the fourth person they need for the mini-dome. Junior knows she has a police radio.At the station, Barbie is stopped by Phil and a deputy, he fights them off, but Angie has to knock one out with a fire extinguisher.Joe broadcasts a message that only his sister will understand, telling her to go where they went to hide when they broke their mom's old mirror.She finds them at the cement factory. Junior draws on Barbie when he sees them, but Julia explains Maxine shot her, not Barbie.Phil radios Linda about Barbie's escape.The four kids put their hands on the mini-dome. It glows pink then emits a blinding white light. Then it totally disintegrates, leaving just the egg. But the monarch is dead.Or at least it appears that way until Norrie touches it. It flutters back to life and flirts around, circling Barbie. "I knew it, you're the monarch," Joe says.Jim drives through town and sees freaked out people pouring into the church. They think it's the end times.Jim goes in and finds the pews packed with scared, praying people. He strolls up to the front of the church and fields questions from people worried about running out of food or freezing with no sunlight. He preaches faith.Back in the cement factory, the egg glows hot white and starts quaking. Around them, the walls start shaking. Everyone starts to run, but Julia reaches for it.The shaking stops and the butterfly lands on the egg in Julia's hands. "She's your monarch," Barbie says.At the station, Jim asks Phil to put together a work detail of carpenters. He wants to build a gallows.Linda checks out the McAlister's barn and sees the phrase "The pink stars are falling in lines." She reads it to Jim over the walkie. He's stunned. He hasn't heard it in a long time.Back in the cement factory, they look to Julia for answers. When she doesn't have any, Junior gets angry. He wants to take the egg to his dad, even after Barbie tells him Jim executed Maxine. Junior doesn't believe her and pulls his gun on Julia, demanding the egg. She tosses it to Angie and tells her to run.Barbie, who is still handcuffed, tries to tackle Junior so Julia can get away.Jim takes Linda to his wife's studio, explaining that towards the end, she kept saying "the pink stars are falling in lines" over and over again. He shows her a painting of the egg surrounded by pink stars.Angie, Norrie, Joe and Julia meet up in the dark forest. Norrie asks the egg what they should do. She sees an image of her dead mother, Alice."Sweetheart, I don't think that's your mother," Julia says."Forgive us, we're still learning how to speak with you. We've taken on a familiar appearance to help bridge the divide," not-Alice says. She says the dome was sent to protect them, and they'll see from what in time."If you want to darkness to abate, you must earn the light by protecting the egg," Alice says."And if we fail, it's the end, isn't it? For all of us," Julia realizes.When Julia asks who they're protecting it from, not-Alice disappears.Junior brings Barbie back to the station. Jim questions him about the egg.Jim radios a broadcast for Julia's ears, telling her to bring the egg or Barbie will pay the ultimate price.Junior goes to his dad, wanting to believe he's not a murderer. They talk about Pauline's connection to the dome. Jim admits he's killed people, but only people who needed to be killed for the good of the town. Jim now thinks the Rennies are important to the town and the dome and his late wife's paintings were a message. He promises no more secrets between them and hugs his son.Meanwhile, Julia and the kids worry about how to protect Chester's Mill and save Barbie. Julia says they shouldn't do anything. She tells Angie and Joe to get somewhere safe.The town gathers at the gallows. Jim announces that Barbie is sentenced to death. Junior puts the noose around his neck as, out on a boat on the lake, Julia takes the egg and, holding Barbie's dog tags in her other hand, drops the egg over the side into the dark water.It glows a bright purple from the bottom of the lake and suddenly pink stars start rising from the lake, in lines. From around the gallows, the town sees the stars shoot up into the sky. Jim announces it as a sign from god that they're doing the right thing and prepares to carry on with his execution.The stars coalesce at the top of the dome and shine brightly, the black falls away from the dome. Jim shouts at Junior to pull the lever.

Directed by Jack Bender  

Starring Mike Vogel, Andrew Whatley, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, more...

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