Exigent Circumstances

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 43 min.

Synopsis Back in the barn, the mini-dome glows purple, while out in the woods, people hunt for Barbie. At the café, Jim addresses the worried townspeople. They want houses checked. Jim appears to be swayed by their concerns and declares the state of emergency he's been dying for. Linda doesn't like the idea, but people cheer. Jim gives a rousing speech about the town surviving.Dodee listens in to military broadcasts from outside and hears mention of the egg and that Barbie is the only one with the expertise to deal with it.In the barn, Joe is sure that when the caterpillar comes out of the chrysalis everything will change. Angie still thinks the dome wants Jim dead. Carolyn comes in the barn and finds the teens and the dome. Norrie explains what's going on and rather than being mad, Carolyn warns them to hide it so Jim doesn't find it. They decide to take it to Ben's.Junior finds his dad at the café and is relieved he's alive. Junior warns him he's in danger, but won't say why he knows. Jim tells Junior to "guard" Julia Shumway at the hospital and if she wakes up, let only him know.Dodee tells Jim what she heard on the radio.Angie locks the barn and gets grabbed from behind -- it's Barbie. He doesn't need to waste any time convincing her he's innocent, she has plenty of reason not to trust Big Jim. Barbie worries that if Julia wakes up, Jim will kill her since she'll exonerate him. He wants to use Angie's candy striper card to get into the hospital.At the hospital, Junior stands guard over Julia. Outside, Barbie plans to hotwire the ambulance, use the card to get inside and drive away with her. Angie and Barbie share a cigarette in the bushes before activating their half-baked plan.Jim comes with Dodee to the station. She tells him she's seen the egg the military is looking for. Jim hears the military talking about what's going on inside and mentioning his name as someone in charge. They say he can't be trusted and that surveillance caught him murdering the reverend. Jim scrambles to unplug the radio, but Dodee hears it.Norrie and Joe bring the mini-dome to Ben's house to hide it.At the hospital, Angie and Barbie sneak inside and see Junior is the guard for Julia. Angie has an idea.Big Jim tries to talk his way out of what Dodee heard, saying there's more to the story. She realizes Barbie didn't kill the people Jim said he did. Jim walks closer to her as he says those people were threats to the town. She seems to believe him and goes back to talking about the mini-egg, saying it might be the generator for the dome and he might be able to use it to get the dome down.Jim pulls his gun, saying the dome can't ever come down."You're a sick bastard and one day everyone's going to know it, and they're going to smile when you die," Dodee says.He shoots her dead then blasts the radio and lights the station on fire.Outside, he radios Linda with the news. Phil is with her and thinks Barbie did it.Joe and Norrie leave the dome with Ben with instructions not to touch it.Angie puts on her candy striper outfit and talks to Junior. She asks if he trusts his dad and asks what he's supposed to do if Julia wakes up. When Junior chafes, Angie bats her eyes at him and asks to talk somewhere private. "I need you," she says.She leads him away and Barbie sneaks in.Phil reels by the wreckage of the radio station over the news that Dodee is dead. Linda assures him Barbie won't get away with it.Angie stalls Junior with a hug, trying not to get creeped out by him. She fully sells it, kissing him. He notices she tastes like cigarettes and takes off running. Julia is gone.At the barn, Carolyn stalls Big Jim and his search party, calling his search unlawful. Finally, his goons physically move her aside. Joe and Norrie come back and the volunteer goons grab them, too. When Jim sees the egg is gone, he has Norrie and Joe taken to the station.Angie runs out of the hospital warning Barbie that Junior's coming. He gets Julia into the ambulance, tells her loves her and then tells Angie to take off. Barbie gives himself up to Linda. Once he's in cuffs, Phil kicks Barbie in the face.At the station, Norrie thinks Angie was right about them killing Big Jim. Jim comes to talk to them, telling Joe that Angie is aiding and abetting Barbie, but if he tells Jim where the mini-dome is, he'll let them go.Norrie laughs at him, calling him "just some loser trying to scare kids."He comes into her cell and she stares him down, saying he doesn't scare her. He threatens her. She lashes at him with a small knife she was hiding, but he pins her easily and walks away unharmed.Angie hears Linda broadcasting about her. In the back, Julia starts to wake up. Linda brings Barbie in. He tells her he'd never hurt Julia. "Yea, what about her husband?" Linda asks.Upstairs, Carolyn waits in the station, refusing to leave until she sees her daughter. Big Jim asks about the status of Julia.Ben hears a loud piercing squeal coming from the mini-dome. He tries to cover it with blankets to muffle the noise.Two of Jim's goons take Joe and Norrie from their cells. They tell Barbie not to talk. After he takes them away, Jim tells Barbie to confess to the charges in public or they'll charge Angie as an accessory, charge Joe and Norrie will Dodee's death and charge Julia with hiring Barbie to kill Peter. Barbie agrees to say whatever Jim wants if he leaves everyone else out of it.Upstairs, Jim releases Norrie and Joe to Carolyn. Jim tells Linda to put a tail on them, saying they're hiding something that could be their way out.Jim tells Junior to find Angie and Julia and bring them back. Junior asks why he wants to find Julia now that Barbie's locked up. Junior warns his dad not to lie to him. Jim tells him Barbie confessed and is about to confess to the town. Jim asks if Julia was conscious.Carolyn, Joe and Norrie pull up to Ben's house with Linda on their trail.Julia wakes up and remembers a woman she'd never seen before shot her. They're in the storage room at the clinic. Angie dumped the ambulance and got Julia down there in a service elevator. Angie catches her up on Jim's moves.Jim brings Barbie out in front of town hall to address the gathered townspeople. He makes a speech about there still being rules, justice and punishment inside the dome. He recites the murder charges.Back at Ben's, he unveils the loud and angry dome. Junior goes back to the spot on the big dome where the four had their vision of his father dying. He puts his hands on it.Big Jim asks Barbie how he pleads.Back in Ben's room, Linda joins them and stares at the shrieking mini-dome and egg, which is now glowing red.Jim asks him again how he pleads. He says "not guilty."

Directed by Peter Leto  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, Alexander Koch, more...

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