Speak of the Devil

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 40 min.

Synopsis In the barn, Angie, Joe, Norrie and Junior stare at the constellations the pink stars make coming from the dome. Joe sees four stars apart and thinks they represent the four of them. The butterfly chrysalis has changed overnight and is about to be a monarch.Norrie has a brief freak out over keeping the mini dome secret. Joe suggests the dome might make an exception for Julia since it trusted her before. They wonder if the message she heard about a monarch being crowned means someone will become king.At the station, Linda questions Big Jim about the propane deal he had with Duke and Maxine. He presents himself as a savior since the propane has become so vital since the dome came down. He suggests Linda go after a "real criminal" who's new to town.Cut to Barbie, sleeping on Julia's couch. Julia admits she was lonely in the bed alone and asks him to take her to Peter's grave for closure.Jim tells Linda that Barbie was working for Max as her enforcer. He mentions Peter's disappearance since he was seen with Barbie.Max rings Julia's doorbell. "Can I help you?" Julia asks. "Right now, you can't even help yourself," Max says. Then she shoots Julia in the chest and walks away.Barbie comes downstairs and sees Julia, then radios Linda for help. Jim hears the call and implies Barbie's lying.Back in the barn, Junior gets all starry eyed with Angie about them being linked by fate. She angrily reminds him how he kept her prisoner and says if they ever get the dome down she's leaving town and getting away from him.He leaves angrily, telling Angie he won't help with the mini dome anymore and he'd rather die in the dome than ever be apart from her. A storm begins to rage.Linda doesn't get very far driving to Barbie because her gas was siphoned. She stops Phil for a ride.At Julia's, Barbie sees Joe outside and calls for him. They get Julia in the car. Barbie keeps pressure on her wound while Joe drives to the clinic.The storm swirls at the top of the dome, angry clouds.Max shows up at town hall and tells him Barbie said no to her. When Junior shows up, she levels veiled threats at Junior to unnerve Jim.The storm continues getting worse as Joe races to the clinic, dodging falling trees. Julia is not doing well in the back. Joe thinks the dome is angry.At the clinic, the bullet went through Julia's chest but Barbie works to relieve the pressure on Julia's chest, using a pen and plastic bag.Jim takes Junior down to the storm cellar, where he's stockpiling guns. He tells Junior that Max is out to destroy him and hurt him by hurting Junior.Jim arms Junior and tells him not to open the door for anyone but him.Outside, lighting starts.Dodee tries the radio waves again and finds she can pick up outside transmissions, including one that says Barbie is the one they've been looking for and he's inside the dome.Angie pounds on Junior's door and points to the raging funnel cloud coming from the dome, telling him he has to come back to the group.At the clinic, a tree branch crashes through the window into Barbie. Julia's heart stops. He sticks a tube in and sucks the air out of her chest.Junior won't go with Angie until she says she needs him. The storm begins to calm down.In the clinic, Barbie can't get Julia's heart started again. He thinks she's gone, but her hearts starts again. Joe thinks the fact Barbie saved Julia means he's the "monarch."Max heads back to her island home but notices a body floating in the water. It's her mother, who drowned with her arms tied.Barbie leaves Julia with the nurse at the clinic to go take care of something. Jim meets him outside, ready to stop Max. First they argue over who wants what for the town. Barbie agrees to work with him to take down Max, but warns Jim he's knocking him off his throne next.Angie, Junior and Joe come back to the barn. He tells them his theory about Barbie, but Junior takes credit for the storm resolving.The want to go to the big dome for answers, and decide to go to the same spot in the dome that lines up with their four "stars" in relation to the constellations.Barbie and Jim go to the cement factory, but first Barbie rigs an alarm set to ten minutes.Phil and Linda check out the shooting scene at Julia's and Phil tells her about Barbie. Linda starts to believe that Barbie killed Peter and Julia found out so he shot her.Barbie leads Jim through the cement factory in the dark, but Max and her goon get the drop on them with guns to their heads.Max tells Barbie that Jim killed her mother. Max gives Barbie another chance if he agrees to be with her. He rejects her.The time reaches zero. He shouts at Jim to get down. The lights go out, Barbie disarms Max and says they're leaving.After coming up empty at the clinic, Phil tells Linda to check for Barbie at the cement factory.Barbie starts to walk to his car, but Jim shoots Max and her goon dead.Jim turns his gun on Barbie and is about to fire, but Barbie disarms him. He has his gun on Jim when Linda pulls up and sees a scene that confirms the suspicions Jim has been stoking all day. Jim thanks Linda for saving him.Barbie kneels to surrender but decks Linda and runs. She shoots at him, but misses.Jim goes to the radio station, where Dodee tells him about the military talking about Barbie. Jim makes an emergency broadcast about Max, a "reputable businesswoman" being shot and killed and Julia being shot. He announces that Barbie is being charged with their deaths and that of Max's mother. Jim is declaring a state of emergency and says when Barbie is caught, they'll try him and seek the death penalty.The four kids reach the spot on the dome marked by their stars in the barn. They all touch it. They see Jim on the other side. A wound appears in his chest where Julia was shot, then another in his stomach. His nose starts bleeding. The four kids look down and see they're all holding bloody knives.When they take their hands off the dome, the vision disappears. Junior runs off in search of his dad."Maybe the dome is coming down," Norrie says. "But first, Big Jim has to die," Angie says. "And I think we're supposed to do it," Norrie says.

Directed by David Barrett  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, Alexander Koch, more...

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