Let the Games Begin

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 44 min.

Synopsis Norrie, Joe and Angie wake up after sleeping in the barn next to the mini-dome. There's now a yellow and black caterpillar inside the mini-dome, which Joe recognizes as a future monarch butterfly. They think it relates to what Julia heard: "The monarch will be crowned." They want to find the fourth hand.They leave the dome covered with a blanket in the barn. Hiding outside the barn, Dodee sneaks in to check it out.Julia wakes up to find Barbie gone. He's visiting Jim Rennie to talk about Max. Barbie wants to figure out what the insurance policy Max mentioned having on both of them to expose their secrets if something happens to her. Jim volunteers to look into the properties Max owns in town.Barbie won't let him go along to the town clerk's office. They find one in the middle of Lake Eastpoint that's still inside the dome.Max interrupts them. She wants Jim to get her espresso, dark chocolate and fancy shampoo. She has another errand for Barbie.Back in the barn, Dodee touches the mini-dome, but it doesn't like it. It shocks her and knocks her out. The kids find her, she's unconscious and her hand is burned.They take her to the clinic. She doesn't remember what happened, so when she guesses it was the generator outside of the radio station, they go with it.Angie asks the nurse if she knows anyone else who's had seizures. "Not since your tenth grade dance, Angie," the nurse says.Julia visits Linda at the station looking for Barbie. She's looking into what Andrea the busybody said about the trucks. She tells Julia about Duke and Coggins' involvement in the drug Rapture. Linda looks in Duke's old hat and finds a key. Julia recognizes it as a safe deposit box.Junior sees a man walking down the street, acting suspicious. He stops him and finds he just stole some salt. The man says it's better than cash at the cement factory.Max takes Barbie to the cement factory, which she has turned into a house of vice. There's a bar set up and bare knuckle boxing.Jim takes a boat to Max's island house. He's armed. He finds a woman gardening, she's Agatha, the caretaker. She says the owner is a man named Oliver, but he's on the other side of the island. She invites Jim in for tea.In the bar, Max explains how she let her problem gamblers barter wagers to build up her vice empire.Angie finally explains to Norrie and Joe that she thinks Junior is the fourth hand -- he had a seizure at their tenth grade dance. She tells Joe about Junior keeping her locked up after the dome fell.Julia and Linda check out the abandoned bank.At the cement factory, Junior tries to get in using the salt, but the bouncer Duncan knows he's a cop now and won't let him in. He decks Junior and takes the salt.Inside, the gathered hordes are enjoying the bare knuckle fights. Max explains that he's the main event, fighting Victor Rollings, someone he collected from. He fights, or she tells Julia he killed her husband.Back on the island house, Jim is trying to figure out Agatha's connection to Max when he sees an old photo. He turns around and sees Agatha has a rifle trained on him. She's Max's mom.Max introduces the fight. There are no rules and no time limits. She expects Barbie to win.Agatha reminds Jim they went to high school together. She was Claire back then and got pregnant at 16. She supported Maxine by turning tricks. She explains how Max told her everything about him, Duke and Coggins. He acts like he knows Barbie's secret and she mentions him killing Peter. Then Jim starts to intimidate her and walk closer, daring her to shoot.He quickly disarms her.Angie takes Norrie and Joe to Junior's mother's studio and shows them the painting with pink stars falling. It doesn't matter if they think he's crazy, it only matters what the dome wants. Junior shows up in the studio. Joe rushes him, but the bigger Junior easily gets him in a headlock.Angie diffuses the situation and asks Junior to come to the barn.Downstairs at the cement factory, Barbie and Victor are wailing on each other. Victor is bigger, but Barbie seems to be better trained. Victor nearly pile drives him, but Barbie finishes him off with a few sharp crosses. Victor is down, but Barbie sees how pleased Max is and eggs him on. He gets up and goes after Barbie. Barbie whispers at Victor to hit him and with the next hit, Barbie goes down hard and stays down.Barbie thinks he got Max, but she knew he'd throw the fight just to hurt her. Everyone bet on him, she bet on Victor, she cleaned up.Linda and Julia find a letter in Duke's safe deposit box. It's a confession. His son died of a drug addiction 19 years ago and he promised to keep drugs out of Chester's Mill, so he made a deal with Maxine. The town bought the liquid propane and Maxine lined the town coffers and promised to keep all drgus out of Chester's Mill. The letter explains Coggins and Big Jim's role in the scheme.Julia checks her own deposit box and finds a life insurance policy on Peter for $1 million. "I need to talk to Barbie," she says.Jim drives Agatha back to the mainland, but she stands up at one point and falls off the moving boat. He circles back to get her, but thinks better of it and drives off, leaving her to flounder in the water with her hands tied.After his fight, Barbie's body and ego are bruised. Max climbs into his lap and kisses him. She thinks they can live large while the dome is down. He shoves her off his lap. She threatens again to tell about Peter's death but he's had enough and leaves.Jim comes home to find Linda waiting for him in the dark on his porch. She asks him to come to the station, but gives him til the morning when he asks.Barbie comes home to Julia. "I need to say something," he says. He tells her he found Peter at the cabin. She guesses he pulled a gun on him. She found his gun missing, but all the bullets were there."He needed you to kill him," Julia says and shows him the life insurance policy. She thinks Peter did it to protect her. Barbie apologizes. She tells him "in the future" there can be no more lies.The kids visit the mini-dome in the barn with Junior. The caterpillar is in a chrysalis now. The three touch the mini-dome and the egg glows purple. They wait for Junior.He places his hand on the mini-dome, it fits the handprint perfectly. The power goes off in the barn. A thousand points of light like stars appear in the barn all around them. It's the pink stars making constellations. "It's beautiful," Angie says. "But what does it mean?" Junior asks.

Directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, Alexander Koch, more...

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