Imperfect Circles

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 42 min.

Synopsis Norrie wakes Joe up, eager to go try out their dome Wonder Twin powers.Julia and Barbie wake up in bed together, with no regrets. There's a knock at the door.It's Julia's neighbor Harriet, a pregnant woman due in six weeks, wanting to borrow yogurt. Her husband Greg is deployed.At the Rennie house, Big Jim physically throws Junior out of the house, slapping him around. He tells him not to touch Angie again and also to find somewhere else to live.Angie watches it all and checks that Jim knows his son is crazy. Jim offers to let her stay, so he can keep an eye on her, but she wants to get home to Joe. First, she wants to pay her respects to Rose, whose body is being kept in the Sweetbriar Café kitchen. She learns that Jim owns it -- he bought the place after Rose kept borrowing money.Back at Julia's, Harriet leaves with her yogurt and sees her husband across the street. She goes to greet him, but instead of touching him, she touches the dome. Her water breaks. She cries for help.Junior and Barbie report to Linda at the station. She takes Junior to go look for the Dundees, the brothers who killed Rose. Barbie goes on patrol.Harriet tries to make sense of what she saw on the street. Julia gets her to her car.Angie goes to visit Rose's body. Joe's friend Benny finds her in the café and she asks for his help.On his farm, Ollie enjoys acting magnanimous as people come to fill up on water from his well. Jim says he's there to make nice and Ollie ends up taunting him about his propane supply, implying that it might not be Jim's anymore.Joe and Norrie make out against the dome, trying to provoke a reaction. When they get nothing, they wonder if they need to go to the center of it, like the nucleus of an atom.Jim drives up to his shipping container and finds Ollie's man, Boomer, a giant dude, guarding it with a shotgun. He's taken the lock off and won't let Jim near it. When Jim tries to get passed him, Boomer whacks him in the gut and the face with the shotgun.Linda and Junior look for Waylon and Clint Dundee. She mentions they tried to rape Angie, which of course hits a special kind of crazy place in Junior.Meanwhile, Julia and Harriet get stopped at a junk roadblock and the Dundee brothers come out with guns drawn and start to siphon their gas.Barbie finds them and disarms one, but gets distracted by Harriet in labor. He radios Linda to report which way they ran and then heads to get Harriet to Alice, the only doctor in town.Norrie and Joe trek toward the center of the dome. He finds their connection to it cool. Joe's dog Truman is bothered by something and runs off, but they forge on.Back at the café, Angie and Benny finish burying Rose. She wants to clean the café up. Jim comes by and goes for a bottle of liquor.At Joe's house, Carolyn tries to take care of Alice, who insists she doesn't feel sick. Carolyn blames herself that they ended up in town and trapped.Barbie arrives carrying Harriet.As Norrie and Joe reach the center of the dome, the hair stands up on Norrie's arms. They find a pile of leaves. It shocks them. They move the leaves and find another dome covered in dirt. They wash it off and see a small black egg shaped object.Alice guides Harriet through labor and her dome freak out.Ollie drops by Jim's office to gloat over his theft of the propane, giving him all the water, crops and propane. "It's my turn to have my sweaty little hand wrapped around this town's neck," he says.From now on he expects Jim to do what he says.The Dundee brothers hide out at the junkyard. Junior and Linda get the drop on them and disarm them. Linda is putting cuffs on one when he knocks her down and runs. The other brother gets away from Junior and he chases him down.The Dundee brother near Linda starts shooting at her and she has no choice but to fire at him. Meanwhile, Junior stalks down the other, unarmed brother, who is on the ground and says he'll go quietly. Junior shoots him in the chest while he's down.In the woods, Norrie and Joe talk to the mini-dome to try to get it to respond. They both put their hands on it and try to talk to it. Alice appears in the woods. She disappears when Norrie removes her hands. Norrie suddenly wants to find her mother.As Alice is delivering the baby, she starts to feel something is wrong.At the propane, Boomer puts two tanks in his truck and gets in. Big Jim fires at him from nearby and watches, chugging from a whiskey bottle, as Boomer and his truck go up in a fireball.Alice is weak but talks Barbie through cutting the cord because it's wrapped around the baby's neck. Harriet gives one final push and delivers a healthy baby girl. Harriet decides to call her Alice.After holding the baby, adult Alice gets weaker and weaker.Junior comes by the café, saying he wants to talk to Angie. Benny refuses to leave. Junior apologizes to her for everything and tells her the Dundees won't bother her again.Norrie and Joe come back to his house. Alice had a heart attack and is really weak.Joe waits outside and is there when Angie finally comes home.Norrie explains that she knew something was wrong when she saw her mom in the woods, like the dome wanted her to know. Norrie says a tearful good-bye to her mom then runs outside. Joe follows her in the dark.Norrie puts her hand on the dome and tells it to bring her mom back.Harriet holds her new baby, Alice.Carolyn kisses her wife good-bye.When Norrie gets nothing from the dome she yells at it to tell her what it wants.In the forest, the black egg streaks purple.

Directed by Miguel Sapochnik  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, Alexander Koch, more...

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