Blue on Blue

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Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2013, 42 min.

Synopsis Joe gets Norrie up early, with a theory. He thinks they're human receivers for the dome, but when they get too close together they get feedback.He takes her to see a giant swarm of Monarch butterflies flocking to the dome, even though they're not in season.Jim Rennie finally comes back to check on Angie, after leaving her in the fallout shelter all night. He says he'll let her out, as soon as she tells him what she's doing down there.She tells him Junior has been keeping her prisoner. She begs him to let her out.Jim hears a horn outside his house. He shuts Angie back in, telling her he needs to think about it.Rev. Coggins is outside Jim's house, claiming he's hearing a message from God: Moab, a wicked place. Jim blows him off. He turns up his hearing aid and hears "Moab" again.Barbie wakes up in his car near Joe's place and sees the butterflies lingering near the dome. The army man on the other side acknowledges them, which Barbie finds odd. They watch as busloads of Chester's Mill residents are bused in.Over the radio, Julia announces visits will be allowed with family on the outside.Junior comes home in his new deputy uniform and makes an excuse to go down to the shelter. Jim doesn't mention Angie, but instead orders Junior to go recruit Carter, the fullback from Junior's team, as another deputy.On the bridge, the designated meeting spot, Linda recruits Barbie to string up police caution tape on their side of the dome so nobody touches it and gets zapped, like Duke did. Then she sees her fiancé Rusty and immediately breaks her own order, putting her hand on the dome against his and kissing him.Julia checks the radio and hears an odd broadcast: "Zone One is painted, Green for 1315."At the meeting spot, Joe looks for Angie. A man holds up a sign for Norrie. Then another saying he's Michael, her dad. Norrie's mom told her she came from an anonymous donor. He holds up baby pictures of her and one of him with her mom, Alice.Rev. Coggins, starts shouting and addressing the crowd, relaying his "Moab" message. Jim shuts him up, but Coggins is more concerned with confessing his sins to God.They let drug dealers make their product in town, but didn't let them sell it there. Jim says they saved the town.Coggins threatens to expose him if he doesn't come clean in front of the town within one day.Julia waits, hoping to see Peter. Linda feels bad for not telling Rusty about his brother Freddie's death.Alice and Carolyn find Norrie and see Michael on the other side. Norrie yells at her moms for keeping the truth from her, then she says she hates them and runs off. Alice yells at Michael for never being anything to Norrie and only showing up when the cameras are there.Julia sees a woman named Mary waiting for her on the other side. She holds up a letter for Julia to read. Mary's her sister in law. The letter was from Peter and it said: "I know this is confusing but all I can say is sorry. Tell Julia she deserves better.""The guy didn't even have the balls to send his own dear John letter," Julia says.Barbie sees a woman about to touch the dome because her son, who she hasn't seen in five years, is on the other side. He stops her, but Junior swoops in and says he'll handle it. Barbie can't believe somebody made him a cop.Julia tells Rusty about the death of his brother, Freddie.Joe follows an upset Norrie. She calls her dad "some creep who wants to be on TV." Ben joins them, saying China threatened to attack the US after the dome showed up.As visitor's day wraps up, Barbie sees Dodee signing with her mom. He asks if she can read lips, then takes her over to a soldier on the other side. He shows the solder a coin, identifying his old unit, which Barbie says is "kinda famous."The soldier immediately recognizes him as one of the Jackrabbits. Barbie asks for answers."Something big is going down, they told us to pull out after this, all of us. They said once we leave, don't plan on coming back," he says.They got their orders last night, after the butterflies showed up.Dodee knows a lot of animals use magnetic fields to navigate. He knows what Moab means: Mother of All Bombs, the largest non-nuclear missile in their arsenal."Visitor's Day was not about saying hello to your families, it was about saying good bye," he says.Dodee and Barbie relay the news and Julia relays the transmission she heard: painted green means the target is set for 1:15 p.m.They make quick plans to evacuate everyone to the old cement factory. Julia makes a broadcast.Jim checks on Angie again and cuts her free. He apologizes for what Junior did and tells her to go."If we're all going to die today, you might as well die a free woman," he says. Angie runs.Everyone moves down to the cement tunnels.Julia asks Barbie about his coin. He explains his unit rescued a captured soldier whose unit had been killed by insurgents -- except it wasn't insurgents, it was Barbie's unit, mistaking them for the enemy.Junior comes back to the shelter and Jim tells him he let Angie go. Junior races off in his police car.At the radio station, Phil sets up a final play list. He thinks this is the end.Angie comes home looking for Joe, but no one's there -- except Junior waiting for her in her bedroom with a gun. "I knew you'd come here, we're not finished yet," he says.Down in the tunnels, Phil plays Beethoven over speakers. Barbie gives him his grandfather's watch back. Barbie doesn't really expect the tunnels to protect them.In Angie's house, Junior tells her they're all going to die. He apologizes, saying he just wanted to help her get better. She hugs him and puts his head in her lap.In the tunnel, Julia drinks vintage wine out of a paper cup. She shares with Barbie. She says she's made peace with Peter leaving.Barbie tells Julia there's something she needs to know, but they're interrupted by Alice and Carolyn looking for Norrie.Julia goes for the backway out, to look for Joe and Norrie.Above ground, Joe and Norrie look for Angie.Phil's final song is Skeeter Davis, "The End of the World." He dances with Dodee.Everyone takes in what they think are their last moments.Above ground, Joe and Norrie see the bomb coming in. They kiss as it explodes. Their neither die, nor have a seizure. There's a big blast mark on the dome wall, but there's no damage inside.But the dome is still there, intact.Julia takes Barbie's hand. The land outside the dome is scorched earth.Coggins tells Jim that the Lord saved Chester's Mill because he repented, and now it's Jim's turn.Jim agrees it's a new day, then he calmly takes Coggins' head and presses it, and his hearing aid, against the dome. The dome fries his hearing aid, his ear begins bleeding, and he slumps to the ground, seemingly dead.

Directed by Jack Bender  

Starring Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Brittany Robertson, Alexander Koch, more...

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