Two on a Guillotine

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Mystery/Horror, USA, 1965, 107 min.

Tagline Attention: Guillotine-agers! Wouldn't you like to learn how to flip your lid? If you're chopping for entertainment, here's the super-shocker of them all.

Synopsis Cassie Duquesne, daughter of magician "Duke" Duquesne, whose wife, Melinda, was accidentally beheaded during their act in 1944, returns to Los Angeles 20 years later to attend her father's funeral. She learns that his will stipulates that, in order to receive her inheritance, she must spend seven consecutive nights in his old mansion. Duquesne claimed that he would make his presence known to her on one of those nights. Reporter Val Henderson arrives and is allowed to stay at the old house with her until Cassie learns that he is planning a story on her vigil. That night, after Val has left, Duquesne appears, alive and insane, and attempts his guillotine routine on her. Val returns with the police, however, in time to save her.

Directed by William Conrad  

Starring Connie Stevens, Dean Jones, Cesar Romero, Parley Baer, Virginia Gregg, more...

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