Two Mothers

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Drama, France/Belgium, 2013, 100 min.

AKAs Two Mothers / Two Mothers

Synopsis In New South Wales, Roz, her husband Harold and their son Tom live near the beach. Lil, who is a widow lives nearby with her son Ian. Roz and Lil are best friends, and so are Tom and Ian. Harold applies for and is offered a job in Sydney without telling Roz. He expects Roz to move to Sydney with him, however, she hesitates. Ian and Roz start a sexual relationship. Tom discovers this and takes revenge by initiating a sexual relationship with Lil. Now Roz has even more reason to stay, and later Roz and Harold divorce.Tom marries a woman of his own age. Supposedly his sexual relationship with Lil ends here, and Roz decides, out of solidarity, but to Ian's regret, to stop their sexual relationship too. Ian has a relationship with a woman of his own age, but is not happy with it. He plans to break up, but he does not after hearing from her that she is pregnant. Later he finds out that Tom and Lil have resumed their sexual relationship. He is so angry that he discloses to the two young women what has been going on. They are so shocked that they break up with their husbands and leave with their children.

Directed by Anne Fontaineová  

Starring Naomi Watts, Robin Wright Penn, Xavier Samuel, James Frecheville, Ben Mendelsohn, more...

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