Talking Turkey

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Comedy, USA, 1999, 22 min.

Synopsis Berg has just broken up with Ashley but she hasn't moved to a new apartment yet so he is now sleeping on the couch. It's Thanksgiving and Pete takes pity on Irene and invites her to dinner with the group. Ashley invites a bum, Chet, to dinner as well. By looking at their rubbish, Chet shows amazing wisdom into all their relationships, although not always accurate. He tells Berg Ashley is pregnant and tells Pete Irene is a gun nut. However, he has an ulterior motive for his insights. Johnny is worried that Sharon is spending too much money since she lost her job and is living beyond their means. They offer to rent Ashley their spare room to make money.

Directed by Ted Wass  

Starring Traylor Howard, Ryan Reynolds, Richard Ruccolo, Suzanne Cryer, Nathan Fillion, more...

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