Two Girls on Broadway

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Musical/Romance, USA, 1940, 73 min.

Synopsis Molly Maloney and Eddie Kerns, former vaudeville hoofers, are partners in a dance school in Rome City, Nebraska. Longing to break into the big time, Eddie connives a train ticket to New York to appear on the Chatsworth Linoleum radio show with his singing canaries. The canaries can't sing, but Eddie can, prompting casino owner Buddy Bartell to offer Eddie a job in his show. When the shrewd Eddie also convinces Buddy to audition his fiancée Molly and her sister Pat, the two sisters join Eddie in New York. Eddie's plans go awry, however, when Bartell wants to team Pat and Eddie and offers Molly a job selling cigarettes. Molly, a self-sacrificing sister, swallows her pride and accepts the job so that Pat can have a shot at the big time. Meanwhile, "Chat" Chatsworth, an often-married playboy, becomes interested in Pat and begins to court her. When Molly discovers Chat's marital past from her old friend, gossip columnist Jed Marlowe, she asks Eddie to speak to Pat. Pat finds herself falling in love with Eddie instead of Chat, though, and decides to return home rather than hurt Molly. Molly, unaware of Pat's feelings, stops her from leaving New York. Still trying to spare her sister, Pat then accepts Chat's marriage proposal and runs away to marry him. Alarmed, Eddie confesses his love for Pat to Molly, who orders him to go after her. When he arrives at Chat's apartment, however, the couple have already left to be married. Overhearing Chat's servant Ito notifying the gossip columnist that his employer is to be married for the sixth time, Eddie rushes to City Hall and crashes the ceremony. Pat and Eddie then decide to marry with Molly's blessing, and Molly returns home to Rome City.

Directed by S. Sylvan Simon  

Starring Lana Turner, Joan Blondell, George Murphy, Kent Taylor, Richard Lane, more...

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