TV Funhouse

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Animation/Comedy/, USA, 2000, 30 min.

Tagline You're not a kid anymore.

Synopsis In this spin-off of the TV Funhouse cartoons on SNL, our host Doug (Doug Dale) hosts a show on a set that resembles Blue's Clues if it wasn't computerized. He picks a theme for the day (Caveman Day, Western Day, Spaceman Day, Mexicans Day) and encourages his "Anipals" (His animal puppets) to do stuff for the day that corresponds with the theme. Of course, they never do and get themselves in crazy situations like going to a Tijuanese Bordello and Doug is stuck on the set all alone. There's also Robert Smigel cartoons and mock-educational films!

Directed by James Dean Conklin, Brian O'Connell, Adam Sorota, John Schnall, Michael Wetterhahn, Tom Warburton, Ted May, Sean Lattrell, Bill Berner, David Wachtenheim, Robert Marianetti, David Lipson, Don McGrath, Benjamin Porcari, David Concepcion, Sean LeFleur  

Starring Doug Dale, Robert Smigel, Dino Stamatopoulos, Jon Glaser, Tommy Blacha, more...

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