Black Maps and Motel Rooms

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2015, 64 min.

Synopsis Woodrugh, Bezzerides, Velcoro and the sleeping Veira are in a quiet motel in the spruce woods. Ani, still high, is stunned by what she saw and did in the mansion. Attorney General Geldof was there, Vinci Police Chief Holloway and others. She tries to have sex with Velcoro who says no and moves away.Paul ignores cell calls from Emily. Paul and Ray decipher the papers they stole from the mansion. They see agreements between Tony Chessani and Osip Agrunov and the rail corridor land deals. Paul gets a photo message from Emily, there are two photos of Paul and the gay hooker from the Nightclub earlier. He leaves. Ani comes to the room and wonders if she will be "made" for the security guard.Frank tells Jordan about the Mexican deal he made last night. She wonders if they can take their $300,000 cash and just run away. They joke about working at Applebees. Velcoro arrives, he greets Jordan politely.Paul discusses the photos with Emily as they drive in a car.The next day Ani is clearheaded and realizes her sister and father should leave town for their own safety. She meets her sister Athena at the motel and admitted she used Athena's name to gain entry to the mansion. Ani says she should go to Oregon for awhile, leave today.Paul drops his mother and Emily at a low rent motel. He explains this is related to his undercover work but they need to stay there inside for few days until it is resolved. The ladies are not happy.Ray updates Frank with the news of the mansion, AG and McCandless involved, Tony Chessani is the property owner. The older guy Osip Agranov is in the mix, but Ray's not sure who is is. Frank shares notes, what he found out from Irena about the cop. Ray still wants the name of the informant who id'd the wrong rapist, Frank promises to give by end of day.Leaving, Ray leaves a message for Paul to look into the 1992 jewelry store case.Ani talks to the now wide awake Veira. They look at the photos. Veira tells about another girl named Tasha who tried to blackmail the organizers with party photos, she was taken to the cabin up north and never seen again. The hooker is not happy to be rescued and had only passed out from too much molly and champagne. A knock on the door and Veira's sister comes in. The younger sister is angry at her older sister and serving her husband. Ani threatens to reveal her cooperation with the police if she doesn't help them.At the police archives Paul searches for the arrest report from 1992. He also notices a BOLO for Ani wanted for questioning about the security guard at the mansion. A figure watches Paul from a distance.At the Vinci Casino Blake arrives at Frank Semyon's office and gives an envelope with $15G, his share of the night at the mansion. Frank seems thankful at first but then grills his man Blake. The meeting is increasingly tense, the men sip drinks as Frank tries to find out what is going on with Osip. Suddenly Frank smashes his whisky glass against Blake's temple.Velcoro drives to an isolated industrial site to give the mansion documents to State Attorney Katherine Davis. Entering her parked car, she is sitting dead, shot in the chest. Ray leaves quickly and drives away as fast as he can.At the casino Frank is choking a bloody Blake. Blake admits he has been working with Osip to take over all of Semyon's businesses, all his men also as they felt left out by Frank going straight. Only his man Nails remained loyal. Blake tells him there will be a $12million cash transaction tomorrow night. Also, Blake had killed Stan who had found out was going on and no one knows who killed Caspere. Blake was also the one who gave the false rapist lead.Having heard enough, Frank shoots Blake in the gut, then has another drink.At the Institute Ani meets her father Eliot. She says she finally remembered the face of the man who took her into the woods for four days those many years ago. Eliot is close to tears as he says he searched in vain back then and wishes he had been a better father.At an isolated highway stop Ani says goodbye to Eliot and Athena. Det. Elvis Ilnica is there and will follow them to Eugene. Elvis and Ani apologize to each other.Frank allows Jordan into the office and sees the dead Blake on the floor. Frank tells her it is over, she is to pack a bag and go with Nails, he'll see her tomorrow.He visits a Jewish diamond merchant and arranges a future cash for diamonds deal, 40% commission. At a travel agency he buys open tickets to Venezuela. He takes bundles of cash to the Pastry Shop and tells his drug suppliers he is leaving, he will pay in advance for a fake passport. He warns them that Osip will take them over in less than a year. He also gives a shopping list of stuff he needs.Returning to the motel Woodrugh tells Ani and Ray that Caspere, Holloway, Dixon and Burris were all involved in the blue diamond investigation. The three surmise that the cops used the proceeds from the diamonds to buy into Mayor Chessani's Vinci scams. They can't figure out why Dixon didn't do better for himself but it was apparent he had been investigating the blue diamonds again. Talking it through the three true detectives still can't figure who killed Caspere. They realize they are isolated with no help and have no solid evidence. Paul's phone comes in with a message to sell the pics at the Hall of Records that night.At the Casino Frank is at the bar. He tells a drunk Mayor Chessani to go away, taunts him that his son Tony is trying to take over. Then Osip and his heavies arrive. They confirm they are taking over the Casino and Nightclub, the Russian says Frank can't just leave the life, but he can stay on as a salaried manager if he wants.Paul goes downtown. He calls Ray to tell him he is getting into something about pictures. His old Black Mountain foxhole buddy is there and disarms him, then takes him downstairs. The armed man says Black Mtn was working for Catalyst and he was checking him out earlier, not just a coincidental visit. The man tells Paul they would have nothing on him if he was open about his sexuality. Taken to the basement, he is confronted by Holloway and three more soldiers.Ray and Ani remain alone at the hotel, they look at the photos and the other girl Laura. They start to think Laura is the young girl from the diamond theft. Also, she looks like Caspere's office assistant. Ani checks by phone and finds out the girl quit her job 6 weeks ago. Ray can't reach Paul by phone, they decide to wait until morning.After the Russians leave Frank tells a floor manager to evacuate the casino, there is a gas problem.Holloway demands the stolen mansion papers, he says they found the gay pics at Dixon's apartment. Buying time, Paul says he can call Velcoro for the documents but has no cell coverage down there.After everyone is gone Semyon empties his safe, goes through the kitchen, kills a Russian thug , opens the gas burners and lights a fire.At the other motel Emily and her future mother in law watch Splendour in the Grass on TV.Paul suddenly grabs Holloway's gun and turns the tables, but the four Black Mtn soldiers have him in their sights. Paul pistol whips the Vinci police chief and makes an escape into the dark tunnels.Ray and Ani share drinks and plan on going to the Feds and CNN. Ray and Ani slowly open up to each other and begin kissing.The four soldiers follow, Paul kills the first two, but runs out of ammo. Hiding, he then manages to use his old buddy as a shield and kills the fourth man. Relieved, he runs to an exit.After closing time, Semyon goes to the Nightclub, and torches the place using the bar alcohol and kitchen gas supply. He observes the fires from a high spot.Woodrugh makes it outside shot in the back by Lt. Burris. Burris shoots him a second time then takes Paul's phone, gets into a sedan and is driven away. At the motel Emily seems to sense something and begins to weep.

Directed by Daniel Attias  

Starring Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, Kelly Reilly, Vince Vaughn, more...

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