Down Will Come

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2015, 55 min.

Synopsis Ani and Ray see the burnt out limo at the police impound garage.Frank berates his gardener, the avocado trees are all dying. Jordan wants to talk about the baby but Frank is too stressed. Adoption? But Frank says no. Jordan hints she may not be able to have kids. If. Frank goes to work.Paul wakes up groggily. Walking through an apartment the gay guy from the nightclub is watching TV. Paul can't remember exactly what happened but the guy says he should let himself go and be who he is. He is distraught, taxis to where he left his motorcycle, finds it was stolen, ends up walking the streets then is hounded by the media outside his apartment.At the garage Velcoro warns Ani the Mayor is after her, he is rich and powerful. He says the Attorney General is running a shake down. Ray thinks the three cops are all expendable.At a pastry shop Semyon meets another pair of gangsters. He is looking for a drug supply, coke, crystal and MDMA. The men are wary of his return to the business but agree on terms.Paul slumps at a bench and is picked up by Velcoro. Ray offers him vodka, and tries to soothe the disturbed Woodrugh.Frank enters an apartment courtyard, there are 200 Mexicans living there. Frank wants 40% of the revenue.On stakeout Ani and Ray watch Chessani's house, they follow the daughter leaving in her Audi. At a hookah shop they interview the girl. She knew Ben Caspere a little but doesn't know who Caspere called at her house. She says her mother was committed and hung herself. The doctor was Dr. Pitlor, and she ends by saying her father is a very bad person.Ani studies a small figure carving at her sister's apartment. Athena seems cleaned up as the sisters reminisce. She says she's not a whore and hoping to go to Cal Arts.At a cafe Emily and Paul have a coffee. Paul is depressed and sorry, then Emily announces she is pregnant, she is keeping the baby. Paul cheers up and says they should get married, professing his love for her. He kisses her .At the institute Ani talks to Eliot (her father) about Dr. Pitlor. Eliot knew Pitlor and Chessani, he shows an old photo of the men together. Eliot says Ray has a large green aura and must have had many previous lives. Driving to a farm area, following Caspere's GPS track, they see signs posted and the stakes with pink ribbons. A EPA tech is there and says the land is contaminated with mine tailings (runoff).Frank and Jordan meet one of her old friends, the man sounds interested in investing but leaves with a vague promise. He leaves and Frank is angry about the waste of time.At a pawn shop Woodrugh and Dixon compare a watch with a picture. The owner gets a tape of the seller, a girl.Bezzerides reports to her Ventura SD supervisor. The boss says Steve Mercer her former boyfriend has made a sexual harassment complaint against her. As he was her subordinate County has to investigate. She is put on departmental leave but is still on the special state detail. He hints that rumour has it she has gambling debts, he is sympathetic but says she shouldn't date cops. Leaving the police dept, Ani also has short words with Det. Elvis Ilnica, they also had an affair before.At a briefing Woodrugh shows the pawn shop woman, Irina Rulfo, is associated with a hoodlum, Ledo Amarilla, his fingerprints are on the jewelry. The cops split up and Bezzerides delegates the work.Velcoro tells Semyon about Amarilla at their meeting bar. Frank tells Ray he is getting back into things with the club, he offers him a job. Velcoro is thoughtful. Later he brings Chad the grandfather's police badge, Ray hugs the boy and says goodbye.Frank shows Blake the Amarilla info, says to get him in for a talk. Jordan mentions Blake has been seeing Osip on the side. Blake is then not too happy to be assigned to be pit boss at the casino.In the morning Dixon calls in from his stakeout that Amarilla has returned home. Ani assembles a team to get him, Lt. Burris wonders why so many men are needed. Mayor Chessani tells them to be careful. A transit protest begins close by. The group of ten police approach a three story building, Ani sends two to the back. Suddenly shots ring out, one cop is killed, the rest take cover behind cars. The shooter is spraying the street with an automatic weapon from a second floor window. The police return fire with handguns, then the entire third floor explodes in a fireball. Several blocks away Frank and Jordan see the fire and smoke, a Frank orders her back inside. The police start moving as the shooter resumes firing. Dixon is killed. Woodrugh kills the window shooter and Ani rushes to the rear of the building, she trades shots with more thugs as they drive off down an alley. The two cops back there are lifeless. She radios to Velcoro and Woodrugh who run down the street on their side as Ani chases down the alley. At the end of the alley, the SUV crashes into a bus. The thugs get out and shoot at anyone in sight, including the innocent protestors. Woodrugh and Velcoro attack from their side while Ani and another cop hold down the alley. Two more cops are killed, Ani runs out of ammo and draws a knife. Paul kills the AK-47 thug moving toward Ani as the last thug, Amarilla, takes a bus passenger hostage. Realizing he is surrounded Amarilla shouts out in Spanish, kills the passenger and Woodrugh and Velcoro riddle him with shots. Surveying the carnage, Ani and Ray are stunned and in shock. Paul coolly holsters his weapon as backup cops finally arrive.

Directed by Jeremy Podeswa  

Starring Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, Kelly Reilly, Vince Vaughn, more...

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