Maybe Tomorrow

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2015, 58 min.

Synopsis Conway Twitty sings "some say love...: Ray Velcoro watches a performer. His dad, Eddie Velcoro, (Fred Ward) sits across from him, dressed in his police sgt uniform. Ray is in a purgatory of sorts, a bloody spot on his chest. The radio plays and Ray lies motionless on the floor of the house as daybreaks. Suddenly he awakes and tears open his shirt.Ani arrives as Ray is being bandaged and a full 911 response is underway. She is upset he came to the house alone, he was shot by police-issue riot shells and has just cracked some ribs. Lt. Burris is inside securing the site, but leaves it to Bezzerides. Ray has a thoughtful smoke outside.Frank Semyon is having trouble getting an erection, his wife Jordan stops trying to manipulate for the IVF sample and suggests they get a hotel room. Frank is getting stressed and says he has already been tested as fertile. Jordan is upset with the inference and leaves.Paul says the soundproofed house was leased to the Catalyst Group. While driving Ani raises the actress issue with Paul, she asks if it will affect his police work and suggests he sue her. Paul comments on her e-cig.Ray and Frank meet at their usual bar. Velcoro thinks Frank set him up and wants the hooker who gave the address. Frank admits Caspere had his money in a real estate play. Ray mentions a camera and hard drive are now missing.Paul and Ani visit the Chessani"s fancy Bel-Air mansion. Mrs. Chessani is a drugged out blonde. Paul tries to interview the woman and mentions Caspere has made a lot of calls to this house. Ani wanders off snooping in a den with property plans on the desk. She finds another woman. Tony Chessani (Vinicius Machadois) upstairs in a bathrobe and a topless woman jumps into the pool. He says Caspere is just an old guy working with his father. The young man affects an accent then admits his job is organizing special events. He says a lawyer is on the way.Velcoro is having a medical exam and admits to heavy drinking and some drugs. The doctor clears him for duty but asks if Ray wants to live.At a construction site Semyon tries to shake down a contractor for 25% of his net. He threatens union trouble or else. The two men negotiate terms.At a bank Ani and Paul get Caspere's safe deposit box. Inside are articles of incorporation for recent filings. She reports to Katherine Davis and her supervisor.The box also had a small envelope of blue diamonds. Ani reports that Velcoro is a burn-out.Velcoro is meeting Mayor Chessani and the police brass. Chessani is upset the cops came to his house. Velcoro updates them on the house where he was shot. They ask about Bezzerides.Back in Ventura, Davis suggests Ani sleep with Velcoro to get more from him, there is a promotion for her as a bonus, her supervisor objects as Ani is not IA or UC (undercover)Chessani wants Ani's badge, Lt. Burris says to keep working the hooker angle and steer Ani that way. Ray asks to be taken off the case.Ani meets Steve at the office, he is a uniform cop and is upset she is breaking up with him. Elvis Ilinca taunts the jilted man also.Velcoro visits his father. He takes his old police badge from the garbage can, it is encased in lucite. They make small talk, then Ray asks his father about Lt. Burris and Holloway. He says they were good hard cops who left LA after the OJ riots.Franks looks at his wife Jordan down on the casino gaming floor. Osip is telling him he is going to Las Vegas for a few days. Franks makes some smart ass comments and swears as the "commie-jew" leaves. Frank wanders where his man Stan is and is sure Osip is involved with Caspere's death.In a flashback, Paul and an old military friend watch dirt bike races. They chat about counselling meetings. The buddy wishes he had stayed in a mountain village and wonders if Paul would ever "go back". Something happened during three days there in country, Woodrugh gets very angry and slugs the other man, storming off.The team assembles at their office. Ani has found traffic cam photos of the black limo, registered to a movie company. At a movie set a director explains Caspere was given a co-producer credit for helping with the movie. The car went missing the previous week and was reported. A set photographer talks to Velcoro and admits seeing Caspere around. There was party with many women. At a gravelpit they interview Caspere's admin assistant again.Frank is upset when Blake is late, it turns out Stan has been found dead, he is in an industrial pit with his eyes burnt out. Franks suspects Santos.Woodrugh interviews hookers in the red light district showing a photo of Caspere with no luck. Finally a gay man says he saw him at a nearby club, Las Infinitum.Ani is at Velcoro's apartment for a coffee. His ex, Gena, knocks on the door and outside on the steps mentions State Police imvesigators have been around asking about him; violence, cash money and the death of the rapist. She wants him to sign a no-contest form on Chad's custody. He refuses to sign and goes back inside. Ray and Ani also leave to get back to work.At the nightclub Woodrugh bumps into Semyon, the two glare at each other. Paul talks to another male hooker who had been paid to have sex with a female while Caspere watched.In a back room Semyon and his posse confront Santos and his men. He wants all of Santos' men to find out about Caspere. Santos refuses and pushes back. Frank, a tall man, starts a fistfight with the shorter, heavyset bar owner. Semyon beats him unconscious and uses pliers to remove the man's gold teeth.Interviewing the stolen-limo driver at his home, there's an explosion around the block, Ani and Ray run to see the stolen limo parked by the curb has exploded. They chase a figure wearing a pig-head mask. Through alleys and over fences they chase but the fleeing person escapes at a highway, Ray saves Ani from being hit by an 18-wheeler. After she thanks him, he asks her what State "has" on him, but she doesn't know.Returning home, Frank is sombre while Jordan wants to talk and make amends, Frank goes to bed alone,

Directed by Janus Metz Pedersen  

Starring Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, Kelly Reilly, Vince Vaughn, more...

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