In the Beginning

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Drama//Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2012

Synopsis Open with Russell being placed back under security. Bill looks around for Eric and finds him hung up on the wall by his neck. Eric says dryly, "The view from up here is spectacular."The faeries tell Sookie that since she is half human, her magic is finite. If she isn't careful how she uses it, it will run out and she will no longer be a faerie. Sookie seems to be intrigued by this possibility.While Andy gives his version of the shopkeeper shooting, Sam spots a strange box in the back using his acute smell sense. They find it full of the "Obama" masks the shooters have been using.Hoyt is sitting with the shooters, who are very anti-supernatural. He knew some of them when he was younger and says he feels a kinship to their cause. One of the men gets a call from somebody named "Dragon" and leaves the room. The guys ask him about Jessica and vow to hate her along with him. The group finds out about Junior being killed.Bill and Eric realize they're being used. They're trying to find out why Russell's restraints didn't work. Molly (who is in charge of the restraints) doesn't know why either and is in the process of trying to find out. They meet with Salome and Nora. Russell makes an appearance and tells them he has been reborn. Nora tells Eric she tried to save him because she knew about Russell. Salome admits to digging up Russell because he was the only vampire powerful enough to get rid of Roman. She says they're interested in sharing their power with everyone and want them to join their Sanguinista movement. Neither Eric nor Bill is interested. Salome tells them of a ceremony taking place the following night, and gives them to option to attend.Alcide is prepared to lose his fight with JD. Rikki suggests vampire blood, but Alcide doesn't like the idea. The two of them begin fooling around. Martha walks in and tells Alcide that JD denied taking V. She tells Alcide that it is "J.D.'s turn" to be pack leader.Arlene watches the video from her wedding to Terry. She sees Terry kiss her pregnant belly on camera, and weeps. Arlene thinks Terry's crazy and they'll never get back to that point. Holly thinks there is always a chance the "fire monster" Terry describes is real.Jason discusses with Sookie what they learned about a trace of her blood being on a small bandage in the backseat of the car the night their parents were murdered.Andy pays Sheriff Bud a visit, worried he's not doing a good job. Bud is with a woman who is not his wife, and blows Andy off.Lafayette goes to Jesus' family home. He finds Jesus' head on a chair and then finds a gun pointed at him. The family says they are taking back what belongs to them, namely the powers that've been passed to Lafayette.In the hospital Sam tells Luna she's safe there, and he'll find her daughter Emma. Sookie drops by and he tells her what's been happening with people shooting supernaturals.Lettie Mae goes to see Tara at Fangtasia. Because she's a minister's wife, she can't be associated with a daughter who's now a vampire, so she's there to say good-bye. Tara shows her fangs, but lets her leave.Russell tells those at the ceremony he disavows himself of his previous statements and says he loves Lilith. Nora talks about their feeling that vampires have evolved from humans, and says that at the ceremony everybody will drink from Lilith's blood. Bill and Eric agree they'll "go with the flow".Everybody who drank Lilith's blood wanders around town in a drunk-like state, intimidating humans in what appears to be the French Quarter.Pam tries to console Tara, who is feeling down about her mother.Lafayette, whose mouth has been sewn shut, watches Bartolo begin some sort of ceremony involving his wife's pregnant belly. Just before he can strike Lafayette down, Bartolo's wife jumps up from behind him and stabs him to death. She cuts Lafayette free.JD tells the pack a vampire friend of his has told him an End of Days is coming. JD thinks they should join the vampires and the only way he'll know he can trust them is if they drink the vampire's blood. JD hands Emma a vial of "V" just as Martha walks in the room. She says "I don't know you anymore" and takes Emma out of there.Hoyt joins the masked "Obama" guys on their next mission.Just before Sam leaves the hospital he catches one of the shooters posing as an orderly.We see an engagement party of some kind. Russell appears on stage and the rest of the Authority vampires show up at the door. They attack the party.The fire monster makes an appearance but does not kill Terry and Patrick; instead mocks them. Terry wants to kill himself, grabbing Patrick's gun and putting it to his throat. Patrick talks him down.A drunken Jason pays Jessica a visit. He tells her about his parents being killed by a vampire and says he's going to find out who did it.We see Sookie considering what she's learned in recent days. She begins sending light from her hands at her home, hoping to rid herself of her faerie powers.After kissing her, Jason realizes that Jessica had been feeding on somebody when he arrived. She ends up biting him and he shoots her in the head. Her security force comes out and targets Jason. She yells at him and he leaves. As Jason leaves he sees flashing lights coming from the area of Sookie's home. He starts walking in that direction.We see the drunken, high-on-Lilith-blood vampires finishing off the party of humans. They look towards the stage and see a drop of blood hit the ground. A blood-drenched nude woman appears. It is Lilith. At this point Godric appears to Eric. He reminds him that though he knows what he is doing is wrong, his sister Nora does not. "Save her, my son," Godric says. Eric stares at Nora as the episode ends.

Directed by Michael Ruscio  

Starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, more...

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