Shake and Fingerpop

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Drama//Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2009, 55 min.

Synopsis Open with Jason returning to the Light of Day dorms. Gasp! Everyone is dead, apparently killed by vampires. Wait, nevermind, it was just a prank by the other guys. Jason doesn't think it's very funny, however, and he marches around telling everyone how serious vampires are.Bill tosses Hoyt out of the house, telling him "it's not her that I'm protecting, son." Jessica claims she had no intention of killing Hoyt. Sookie convinces Bill they should bring Jessica with them to Dallas.Sam and Daphne continue their late night swim. They discuss the quiet evening and the positives characteristics of Bon Temps. When she gets out of the water Sam notices the tri-clawed scratch scar on her back.Tara tells Maryann she is leaving to move in with Sookie. They hug and Maryann tells her to "never say no to yourself."Jason and a few of the guys discuss the origin of vampires over lunch, citing several biblical possibilities. Jason is called away and finds Steve waiting for him in a car with a large paintball handgun.Sookie gives Tara the picture of the two of them with Gran as a birthday present. Sookie references Lafayette and Tara makes it clear she had no idea he was back.Bud and Kenya examine Miss Jeannette's body and the giant three-clawed wound in her back. Since her heart was removed with surgical precision they believe the crime was a collaboration between beast and man. Andy arrives half in the bag and Bud takes his badge away.Tara shows up at Lafayette's place and suggests he see a doctor about the gunshot wound. He's trying to avoid the police. She wants to hang out with him on her birthday but he kicks her out.Terry is freaking about managing the bar by himself and mentions to Sookie about Sam leaving town. Sam won't tell Sookie where he's going and the two have a brief argument.Jason shoots vampire silhouette targets with Steve's paintball gun. Steve is blown away by Jason's accuracy.A depressed Tara sits home alone. She is surprised by Maryann and Eggs, who show up with a cake for a surprise birthday party they claim to have been planning.Jason ogles Sarah while she works the grill. The three sit down for dinner and Steve invites Jason to be part of the Soldiers of the Sun.Sam cuts off a drunk Andy. Daphne mentions going to Tara's party and makes it clear she would like Sam to be there. Tara's mother shows up with a present for Tara and gives it to Sam.Sookie and Bill's charter flight arrives in Dallas. Sookie deplanes by herself and is greeted by a limousine driver as the travel coffins are unloaded. The driver (Leon) tries to shove her in the car. Bill pops out of his coffin to intervene.Sam arrives at Tara's party with the present from her mother. He speaks with Maryann and warns her he will not stand by and let her hurt his friends. The party starts to get going, with Tara and Eggs doing some serious dancing as Maryann looks on. Maryann tosses the present from Tara's mother off the porch and walks down the blockBill teaches Jessica how to Glamour the human mind using Leon. He wonders who might have known Sookie would be there and suggests "that church."Jason returns to the dorm and brags about being a Soldier of the Sun. The guys tell him 14 others have been chosen, but seem surprised he is crashing with Steve and Sarah. They tease Jason that he is nothing more than a plaything for Sarah. This bothers Jason.Bill and Sookie check-in at their hotel while Jessica has fun with Leon.Off in the bushes Maryann chants and the party begins to heat up. Tara and Eggs go upstairs and fool around.Eric arrives at Lafayette's place and offers his blood to help heal the leg. Eric admits wanting to use Lafayette to keep tabs on Sookie.Bill finds out from Leon that he was sent by the Fellowship of the Sun to bring Sookie to the church. Leon did not know Sookie's name, only that a human was being used by a vampire to find another vampire.Lafayette takes a good long drink from Eric's wrist. Bill calls Eric and tells him what happened with Leon. A revitalized Lafayette starts dancing vigorously around the room.Sarah comes into Jason's room to make sure he's okay. He admits being nervous in their fancy house. She tells him he is the best of all the soldiers.Eric arrives at Bill's hotel. He tells Bill that Godric is a 2,000-year old, incredibly strong vampire and it worries him that such a powerful vampire could be captured by humans.Sam and Daphne start making out in the kitchen. He want to tell her something but she says there is no need: "I know what you are," she whispers into his ear.At this point the party gets extra ramped-up. The scene is spliced between Tara and Eggs having sex and the party-goers getting crazy while Maryann vibrates in the bushes. Everyone's eyes go black and Maryann reaches to the sky. Her hands turn to three-fingered claws.Jessica orders a male blood donor to her room. As Sookie wonders what Bill would think the bellman Barry reads her mind in Sookie-like fashion. Realizing he's been discovered Barry runs down the hallway with Sookie right behind him.

Directed by Michael Lehmann  

Starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, more...

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