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Drama//Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2009, 57 min.

Synopsis We open with Sookie, Bill and Jessica leaving Jessica's house. Bill is furious at Sookie for taking Jessica there and the couple gets in a fight. Sookie leaves the car and walks down the road. She hears a noise behind her and sees a strange-looking creature with horns. The creature catches Sookie and rips into her back with its claws, knocking her to the ground. Bill comes to her side after the creature has left. Sookie is unable to move and begins frothing at the mouth when Bill has her drink some of his blood. Jessica drops them off at Fangtasia.Daphne comes up short after her shift. Sam is furious and makes her pay the difference. Tara walks in the office and the two argue about Maryann. Sam tells her to be wary of Maryann.Sookie, who has a three-clawed scratch mark down her back, is worked on by a Dr. Ludwig. The "doctor" says Sookie has been poisoned.In the other room Bill tells Eric about the creature. Sookie told him it had the head of a bull. Eric sends Pam and Chow to look for any signs of the creature.Ludwig pours some kind of acid into Sookies wounds, then pulls out what looks like a nail.Still at the conference, Jason has a nightmare in which the vampire he saved (Eddy) climbs into bed with him and bites him. He tells God that he feels lost.Ludwig removes the poison and Bill is able to give Sookie some of his blood. Pam and Chow return and tell Eric they found human tracks but that the scent was "distinctly animal." Bill will wait at the bar for Sookie to fully recover.Maryann is planning for a huge party. Tara asks Maryann why Sam might hate her. Maryann tells Tara he is jealous of Maryann. They light up a joint.Sam is leaving town and asks Terry to watch the bar for him while he's gone. Terry is angry that Sam is running away. "Remind me never to get stuck in a foxhole with you. Coward."Jason shares his tale of saving Eddy during a vampire victim counseling session at the conference. He doesn't think he fits in with the rest of the group and walks out of the building. Sarah follows him and tells him that she had supported vampire rights before her sister was killed by them. Jason thinks he didn't do enough to save Gran or Amy. Sarah thinks "God needs you" and the two pray together. Jason appears to be falling for Sarah.Sookie wakes up in the bar. Ginger brings her a sandwich and Sookie reads her thoughts. She discovers that Lafayette is in the basement and has Ginger take her to him. They find Lafayette (who has not been turned to a vampire) chained up and looking terrible.Tara and Eggs talk during Maryann's party. Tara is late for work and decides to blow off her shift. It seems the relationship is taking off.When Bill surfaces Sookie tells him about Lafayette. Eric explains that Lafayette traded sexual favors to sell blood which is a "grave offense." Sookie demands Eric release Lafayette. He tells her "perhaps we can come to some sort of arrangement."Sam leaves Tara a voicemail when she doesn't show up for work. He tells her to keep her eyes open and "take a good look at the people around you." Arlene comes in to cover for Sookie and Sam is particularly pleasant with her. He stares wistfully at a picture of Sookie above the bar.Jessica awakes to find the house empty. She goes to Merlotte's and meets a man named Hoyt. They hit it off quickly and Hoyt is excited to hear she is a vampire.Eric says he will let Lafayette go if Sookie goes to Dallas to look for the missing vampire. Bill convinces Eric to let him accompany her and Lafayette is released.Maryann's party starts to get randy as Andy arrives. He spots a huge hog in a miniature house in the yard before telling Maryann she needs to turn the music down. He asks about a livestock permit for the pig, but when Andy turns back around the animal has vanished. Maryann hands him a beer and convinces him to stay.Jason has dinner with Sarah and Steve. Steve explains that there is a war going on. "You're either on the side of darkness or light. There is no in between." Steve tells Jason that God has big plans for him.Jessica takes Hoyt back to Bill's house. They sit on the couch and begin to make out. Jessica is embarrassed when her fangs come out but it doesnt seem to bother Hoyt. He tells her he really likes her and she jumps on top of him.Sookie and Bill drop Lafayette off at his house. He limps into his place and immediately falls onto a couch and covers himself up with a blanket. On the way out Sookie tells Bill she is having doubts about vampires. Bill convinces her that vampires, like humans, are capable of both good and evil.Tara and Eggs are getting close in a hot tub next to Maryann's pool. A topless girl hops in and starts giving Eggs a shoulder massage. During this Tara takes a close look at the rest of the party and sees how amorous the gathering really is. Seeing Eggs enjoying his massage a little too much she leaves in a huff and goes into the house. Several party goers are drinking a liquid and their eyes are turning black. Eggs follows Tara and she tells him "there is no 'us' if this if your scene."Sam decides to go for a run with a local dog before leaving.Sookie and Bill return home to find Jessica and Hoyt going at it on the couch. Bill tosses Jessica aside and glares at Hoyt.The dog Sam jumps off a dock into some water and turns to his human form. The other dog will not follow. Out of nowhere Daphne appears, telling him she can't sleep and is trying to cool off. She decides to join him in the lake. When she takes off her shirt we see that she has the same scratch on her back that Sookie got from the creature.

Directed by Scott Winant  

Starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, more...

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