Me and the Devil

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller/, USA, 2011, 60 min.

Synopsis Joe Lee is dragging Tommy around by a chain around his neck. Tommy pretends to be passed out, then gets a jump on Joe Lee. He starts beating Joe Lee to death with a pipe when Melinda comes up from behind to stop him. He turns and hits her in the head with the pipe as well.Everybody wants to know what happened with Marnie. Most of them are convinced she's screwed them by pissing off Pam. She tells them about the spirit returning and says she is their protector. They leave her there.Arlene tells Terry she thinks the message on the wall means Renee is coming back. Terry wants to bring in a religious person of some sort to rid them of the poltergeist.Eric has a dream where another vampire forces him to drain Sookie, contradicting his claims that he has feelings for her by saying vampires are incapable of love. He walks up to her room and she wakes up as he's moving towards her in the bed. "I had a bad dream," he tells her.Hoyt and Jessica put Jason into his bed. Hoyt thanks her for saving his best friend and they embrace. She acts strange and he knows something is up. He is irritated and decides to stay there with Jason.Portia doesn't seem to care about the fact she and Bill are part of the same bloodline. She explains all the reason they should still be together until Bill glamours her into being afraid of him.Eric asks Sookie if he is evil. She reassures him he isn't and he lays his head on her lap. She lets him sleep in bed with her until sunrise. He says "I would never hurt anyone as beautiful as you."Pam asks Bill for permission to torture and kill Marnie. He says the ruling from above him is that violence against humans is forbidden. She's furious given that her face is literally falling apart.Lafayette and Jesus plan to go to Mexico see Jesus' grandfather who is a shaman. Before they get in the car Lafayette expresses concern that Jesus' grandfather will be able to help them against Eric. Jesus tells him a story of his grandfather giving him the present of a goat, then telling him to kill it. He made him lick the knife and take the animal's spirit inside of him. Jesus said the feeling of power he had that day decades ago is what they need.Tara calls Naomi to say she misses her. Naomi has just gotten a letter for someone named "Tara Thorton" and is furious.Tommy brings Melinda's and Joe Lee's bodies to Sam and asks him what to do.Sookie asks Holly how her witch circle is doing, saying she's always been interested in wiccan stuff. Sookie listens to Holly's thoughts and hears that Eric would have killed Marnie that night if she hadn't cast the spell on him.Jason tells Hoys about the forced sex with all the women of the werepanther community. He wonders if God is punishing him for having too much sex. Hoyt mentions his issues with Jessica. Jason hears that the following night is going to be a full moon. Jason doesn't tell Sookie what's happened to him.Reverend Daniels and Lettie Mae come over to Arlene and Terry's place. They sing songs to bring "good energy," pray over the message on the wall and shake smoking sage around some of the rooms. Arlene isn't impressed.Sookie drops by Marnie's store asking for a reading. She first says they are closed but eventually agrees. During the reading Sookie is unable to hear anything clear in Marnie's thoughts. Marnie channels her Gran, saying that she shouldn't give her heart to the new man she's interested in. Sookie starts to hear her Gran's voice in Marnie's head and when she says she should get away from Marnie, Sookie gets up and leaves.Tommy is freaking out in Sam's van with the bodies in the back. They zip by Andy's cruiser and he pulls them over. Sam tells Tommy to jump into the back and lay low. Andy (who takes some V before walking up to his car) notices blood on the van door and starts snooping. He asks Sam to unlock the door and Tommy prepares to pound him with a shovel. Andy opens the door and finds a huge alligator snapping at him. Sam said he was on his way to take the animal to a swamp.Katie, a member of Marnie's circle, tells her she's worried. Marnie says they are being watched over and protected just as men jump out and grab her.Tara tells Sookie about Naomi and the lies she's been telling her. She is trying to find a way to come clean.Marnie is sitting in custody of some sort when she snaps into another image of her spirit's past. It is of vampire priests of some sort killing witches.Tara wants to stay at Sookie's place. Eric walks up the stairs and Tara begins to freak out. Tara explains why they both hate Eric and runs out.Bill speaks to Marnie through an intercom. She explains what happened when Eric attacked them. He asks her to reverse the spell on Pam and Marnie says she has no idea how she cast the spell or how to reverse it. Bill goes down to glamour her, though Pam thinks it's a bad idea. During the glamour Marnie confirms everything she told him.Jesus and Lafayette arrive at his grandfather's place. He says he's been expecting him.Marcus, the pack master of Shreveport, shows up at Alcide's house unhappy he still hasn't registered. Alcide says he's "exploring free agency" and tells him to leave.Sam and Tommy dispose of Melinda and Joe Lee's bodies by tossing them into a swamp. Tommy's sure he's going to hell. Sam assures him he was at war with his parents and what happened was in self-defense. Sam confesses that he's killed two people. Sam tosses a few marshmallows near the bodies and gators show up to devour them.Arlene and Terry seems happy being together. The camera pans to a book of matches spontaneously igniting on the table near them.Jason dreams about having sex with Jessica. She keeps talking about Hoyt and then he shows up bedside. Hoyt disappears and the sex continues, though she starts calling him Hoyt. Hoyt then appears on top of Jason and he wakes up.Eric is disturbed at hearing from Tara all the bad things he's done. She tells him she's convinced he can change. Eric says he could never snuff out her light and leaves the home. Sookie follows him and asks him not to leave. She embraces him and they kiss passionately.Bill meets with Louisiana's other sheriffs. He has a vampire named Louis tell them of a Spanish sorceress named Antonia who was burned at the stake in 1610. She used necromancy to pull all vampires without 20 miles from their sleep into the daylight. All of them burned. The vampires there (including Pam) all want to kill the wiccans but Bill points out that not only is it forbidden but it will prevent them for reversing the spells on Eric and Pam. Pam then lets it slips that she's seen Eric and Bill gets her to tell him Eric is staying at Sookie's.

Directed by Daniel Minahan  

Starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, more...

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