Hitting the Ground

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Drama//Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2010, 47 min.

Synopsis Lorena is chomping on Sookie's neck. The nearly-dead Bill manages to get to his feet and slide a silver chain around Lorena's neck and pull her back to the floor on top of him. Bill motions to some stakes in the corner of the room. Sookie grabs one and after a little hesitation, plunges it into Lorena's chest, killing her. Tara and Alcide arrive. They want to get Sookie and go, but she makes them help wrap Bill in a tarp to protect him when they take him out into the sun. At this moment Debbie walks in with a gun.Sam drives up to a shotgun-wielding man who is clearly the guard for a dog-fighting ring. Despite several attempts, Sam is unable to convince the man to let him past.Alcide is unable to talk Debbie down. Using her thoughts, Tara tells Sookie to cause a distraction. She is reluctant, but then screams which allows Tara to tackle Debbie and knock the gun away. Alcide grabs the gun and seconds later Cooter walks in. He charges at Alcide who promptly shoots him several times. Alcide holds his gun on Debbie while Sookie and Tara leave with and unconscious Bill wrapped in the tarp. Debbie promises Alcide that she will hunt him down. He says "I believe you," and locks her in the building. With Sookie and Bill in the back of the van, Alcide drives away with Tara riding shotgun.Jason sits around the house telling Hoyt he's depressed by all the questions he has regarding Crystal: Why does he feel like he loves her already? Is she named after the champagne? Hoyt suggests Jason go to the jail and question the meth dealer he busted the first time he saw Crystal. Jason loves the idea. Summer, the woman Hoyt had a date with the other night, arrives unexpectedly with biscuits and says she would like to be his girlfriend.Sam parks his car in a wooded area, gets out and shape-shifts into a pit bull.Summer is moving much faster than Hoyt would like. She had a great time during their date and wants to know if Hoyt will be her boyfriend. He seems really, really uncomfortable.Eric brings Hadley over to Sophie-Anne and tells the Queen that if she doesn't tell him what makes Sookie so special he will drain her "human." Eric begins to drink from Hadley's neck but Sophie-Anne does not come to her rescue. Eventually Hadley says she'll talk. She whispers something into Eric's ear which leaves him surprised: "I certainly wasn't expecting that."Sam (in dog form) walks up to a few of the dog fighters. One of them comes over to him with a leash and Sam goes along quietly.In the back of the van Sookie cuts her arm with a saw and holds it over Bill's mouth to help him recover. Bill drinks slowly at first, then starts going to town on her inner arm. Eventually he flips on top of Sookie and starts biting her neck violently. Sookie tries to get him to stop but begins to grow weak.Jason speaks with meth dealer T-Dub at the jail. T-Dub says Crystal is his cousin but won't tell him anymore unless Jason brings him some meth. Andy walks over and makes Jason leave.Alcide stops the van to pee. After no answers to several knocks, Tara opens the back and finds Bill awake and Sookie unconscious and covered in blood. A confused Bill looks down at Sookie and asks "what happened?" Bill makes a move to help, but Tara jumps in and kicks him out into the sunshine. Tara cradles Sookie's head in her lap and Alcide drives off. Interestingly, Though some whisps of smoke start to rise from his exposed body, Bill does not seem as bothered by the sun as normal and he is able to run off.When the dog fighter tries to place Sam into a cage, Sam shifts back into human form and knocks the man out.At the hospital we see Sookie given blood and seeming to convulse. Out in the waiting room the doctor tells Tara that Sookie does not have a blood type of any known kind. Despite their emergency efforts she has slipped into a coma.We see the Mickens are at the dog fights. Joe Lee has Tommy (in dog form) on a leash while Melinda looks on. Tommy starts to fight a Rottweiler. At that moment Sam pulls a warning alarm of some kind and starts letting all the dogs out of their kennels as the fighting audience scatters. Sam runs to the ring and demands Joe Lee give Tommy his clothes.Jason asks Lafayette to sell some meth to give to T-Dub but he saays he's never dealt meth. During the conversation Tara calls and says he needs to come to the hospital immediately.Sam rips into Joe Lee and Melinda for being such terrible parents they would allow their son to fight as a dog. Sam talks Tommy into leaving with him, seemingly a permanent change. After Sam and Tommy leave Melinda screams at Joe Lee "I hate you!"In the hospital room Tara asks Jason how his sister couldn't have a blood type. He tells her that Sookie has never really been sick or spent time in a hospital. She was even born at their home, delivered by their father on the dining room table. Tara is happy that she kicked Bill into the sun and killed him. Jason and Tara talk to Sookie, asking her to come back.This cuts to what seems to be a dream-like experience for Sookie. She wakes up in the hospital wearing a while dress. She grabs an empty glass and walks out into a paradise-like scene. Dozens of sprite-like creatures dressed in white dance around a pond. A woman named Claudine introduces herself to Sookie and has her scoop some bright liquid from the pond. Sookie finds it "amazing" and Claudine tells her she's had it before.Back to the hospital, Lafayette saying a prayer while the three stare at Sookie.Back in the dream world Sookie dances with Claudine. Claudine tells Sookie to come with her to "our home." Sookie hears Claudine's thoughts which are related to the water not being responsible for the death of her parents. It starts to get dark.At this moment we see Bill has arrived in the hospital room. He asks if he can help, but Tara and Lafayette aren't so sure. The decision is left to Jason.In the dream world Claudine tells Sookie "you don't want that." When Sookie says Bill's "not like that" Claudine says "he will steal your light." Sookie won't go with them. The last thing Claudine says before getting into the pond is that Sookie shouldn't let him steal her light.Jason gives the okay for Bill to put his blood directly into Sookie's IV.The Magister continues to torture Pam. Eric bursts in and stops the proceedings. Sophie-Anne arrives behind him and he blames the queen for the blood sales. He then tells the Magister that he now loyal to Russell, who walks down the stairs. When Magister begins to pass sentence on Sophie-Anne, Russell arrives and explains that he no longer recognizes the authority to which Magister reports. He then tells Magister to officiate their wedding immediately. Magister balks at the notion and Russell again emphasizes that he is taking over. Russell takes Pam off the slab and replaces her with the Magister before brandishing a sword.Sookie wakes up. She sees Bill and screams.Russell tortures the Magister until he finally marries him and Sophie-Anne. Magister says that the authority will never recognize the union. Russell gives a speech about how much he loathes the direction of vampire leadership and starts to leave. He then turns around, says "say hello to the true death" before spectacularly severing the Magister's head which spins through the room before exploding on impact with the floor.

Directed by John Dahl  

Starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, more...

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