Beautifully Broken

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Drama//Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2010, 56 min.

Synopsis Bill has killed three of the werewolves who had surrounded him, and has bitten off another's ear. Just before going at it with the last wolf, Mississippi vampire king Russell Edgington rides up in hunting garb. He chastises one of the wolves for attacking Bill instead of kidnapping him as ordered. When Russell learns they fed on Bill, he shoots one of the two surviving wolves, and takes Bill back to his home.Lafayette frantically tries to make sure Tara throws up all of the pills she's taken in her suicide attempt. He yells at Lettie Mae for not paying attention to her daughter and takes Tara away with him.Sookie goes to see Eric about helping her find Bill. She shows him the runic brand they found on the dead werewolf. He tells her it's too dangerous for her to go poking around.In the bathroom, Pam is fixing her make-up and Jessica asks her how to feed on humans without killing them. She then wants to know how to dispose of one you've accidentally killed.Sookie gets weepy, talking about Bill being missing, and tells Eric he owes her after she risked her life to help him find Godric. This emotion gets to Eric. As soon as Sookie leaves, Eric has a flashback to the 1940s. He and Godric watch an American soldier attempt to help a woman. She turns into a werewolf and kills the soldier. Eric and Godric jump out and pin the wolf to the wall. She yells that they are on the "same side." When Eric sees the werewolf has one of the brands on her neck he says, "No, we are not.'Russell brings Bill inside his stately residence. He is introduced to Russell's boyfriend, Talbot, and they show Bill to the luxurious room where he will be confined.On the way to the hospital, Tara assures Lafayette that she puked up all of the pills in her system. He tells her that Eggs "would want you to live." When Tara doesn't seem so sure, Lafayette says he needs to show her something.Sookie leaves Jessica at Bill's place, where Hoyt is waiting on the porch with a few bottles of True Blood. When Hoyt tells Jessica he knows what she was going through, being so hungry, she says he simply does not understand and storms inside crying. Inside she finds her rotting kill still in Bill's secret resting spot and climbs in with the corpse.At home, Sookie is surprised to find Jason. He tells her he's been having trouble sleeping and came over to do some cleaning. As they clean the kitchen Sookie tells Jason about the werewolves and the fact she feels helpless about Bill's disappearance. Jason thinks Andy might be able to help.Sam has fallen asleep at the wheel outside the Mickens residence. He is awakened by Tommy Mickens (who her had followed from the auto repair shop) pointing a shotgun in his face. Tommy brings Sam inside. When Sam tells his mother (Melinda) it's been 34 years since they've met, she knows right away who he is. She gives a look to husband Joe Lee who also seems to understand.Sookie spots a werewolf staring at her from the woods near the bar. He disappears when Terry walks by, and the two search for clues. They find biker shoe prints and wolf prints, followed by a pair of discarded boots.Lafayette takes Tara to an institution. He tells the receptionist he wants to see Ruby Jean Reynolds, his mother. We see her in her room being fed by a young Latino orderly, Jesus. She is seriously delusional.Andy gives a statement to the press as Jason walks up to the station. Andy isn't happy to see him and offers to take Jason out to lunch.Sookie tells Terry not to tell anyone about the man they saw. He gives her a revolver for protection. Sookie suggests he tell Arlene that he's "good at things."Melinda tells Sam that Joe Lee was in prison when she had him. Melinda thought Sam would have a better life with another family. Joe Lee wasn't aware of Sam's existence until he had already been given away to the Merlottes. Sam learns that Melinda and Tommy are shapeshifters, but Joe Lee is not. Joe Lee thinks being a shapeshifter is "special," but Sam assures him it has meant he's been alone all his life.Lafayette tells Tara that Ruby has been a patient there for six months. She made him promise not to tell anyone. Lafayette showed her Ruby because "there is darkness in this family." He thinks they are strong enough to rise above their suspect gene pool.Outside, Tommy and Sam compare notes for who had a more miserable life. Tommy wishes he had been sent away since Sam doesn't know what it was like to grow up with Melinda and Joe Lee. Eventually, they decide to go for a run and we see that Tommy shifts into a pit bull.Jessica calls about renting a chainsaw. She looks in her victim's wallet and sees a picture of him with a boy. She grabs his cash and leaves.Bill sits down to a formal dinner with King Russell and Talbot. Russell offers him a job as Sheriff of one of Mississippi's areas and says he is interested in marrying Queen Sophie to increase his kingdom. Sophie so far is refusing, and Russell would like Bill's help.As Andy and Jason sit at Merlotte's, a glowing story about Andy comes on the TV. A drunken Jason stands up and toasts Andy. Jason seems upset that Andy is being treated like a hero for taking credit for his killing. Andy tells Jason he thinks he has potential. Jason tells Andy he is his best friend.During their run, Tommy stops in the middle of the road and barks at Sam. With a truck approaching, Sam runs over to Tommy. Just before the truck runs them both over, Tommy turns into an owl and flies off. Sam misses being killed by inches and returns to his human shape, naked on the side of the road.An unseen man wearing boots rummages through drawers at Bill's house (?) and finds a hidden file on Sookie.Eric arrives at Sookie's place. Sitting on the porch, he tells her he and Godric found out back in the 1940s that the werewolves' master was a vampire. They had been hunting the pack of wolves, which are "not ordinary werewolves" and date back further than the Nazi party. The lycanthropes were well-trained and fueled by vampire blood. With Sookie in danger, Eric feels like he owes her. Eric wants her to invite him inside but she refuses.Russell feels he has outgrown Mississippi and is interested in Louisiana's natural gas. Russell is aware Sophie has secrets and wants Bill to tell him what they are. When Bill refuses, Russell makes a threat towards Sookie.Terry reads Arlene a list of his positive qualities. A few moments in, she runs back to the bathroom to vomit.A dark figure enters Merlotte's and sits at the bar. He strikes up a conversation with Tara and orders a True Blood. His boots show that this is the man who was looking at Sookie's file.Jessica returns home to find her victim is missing.Andy drives Jason home from the bar. He gets a call that a meth lab is being busted in Hotshot, and takes Jason along. At the scene Jason spots a strange woman in the woods. He asks if she is okay and she disappears. Jason walks back to the car and ends up tackling one of the drug dealers.Tara chugs bourbon outside the bar. When two unruly and drunken men try to urinate on the spot Eggs was killed, she attacks them. The vampire from earlier appears and helps her out, demanding the men apologize.During the dessert course, Russell mentions being aware that Bill has killed for Sookie in the past. At this point, Bill's maker, Lorena, appears. Bill tosses an oil lamp at her head, and she falls to the ground with the upper portion of her body covered in flames.Eric senses something and demands Sookie invite him inside. She does and he ends up face-to-face with a wolf. Eric's fangs come out and the wolf takes a run at him.Sookie fires a shot from the revolver as the episode ends.

Directed by Scott Winant  

Starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, more...

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