Bad Blood

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Drama//Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2010, 51 min.

Synopsis Open with snapshots of several characters: Sookie storms out of the restaurant, looking for Bil whose marriage proposal she was about to accept; but he is nowhere to be found.Sam is headed to Arkansas, looking for the Mickens family. Jason returns home completely freaked about shooting Eggs. Tara weeps over Eggs' body and is comforted by Lafayette. Jessica arrives home with her "trucker meal."We see Bill in a car with several shady looking characters. They refer to themselves only as the F*%$-You-Crew, and one of them stabs Bill.Sookie tells Kenya, a Deputy Sheriff, what happened with Bill. Kenya will not file a missing person report until 48 hours have passed.Terry tells Andy he knows what it is like to have just gotten one's "first kill." The cousins exchange "I-love-you"s. A grieving Tara walks in yelling that no one seems to care that Eggs is dead. Andy points out that Eggs confessed to the murders, but Tara is adamant he was no serial killer.Jessica seems bothered by the condition of the man snack she's brought back with her. Sookie walks in and tells Jessica Bill has disappeared. Sookie leaves and Jessica sees that the guy is now dead. She bites her wrist and puts it over his mouth.The FYC are feeding off Bill at a terrific rate. The leader of the gang takes off one of his gloves and Bill stares down at his hand.Andy goes to see Jason, who is freaking out about having killed a man; but Andy tells him he has taken credit for killing Eggs. Andy thinks their lie will get past Bud if they keep their story straight. Jason wants to be the new Jason; Andy wants Jason to return to his normal state of activities: "Conscience off, dick on."Sookie goes to Fangtasia looking for Bill. Downstairs, she finds Eric having sex with a new dancer. He assures her that he had nothing to do with Bill's disappearance as he has been with the dancer the past six hours. As the Sheriff, he will be in charge of finding Bill, and Sookie wants him to get to it .The car carrying Bill runs off the road as, revitalized, he engages with the FYC occupants. Bill climbs out of the overturned vehicle and sends a telepathic message to Jessica.Lafayette has given Tara some tequila to calm her nerves. Sookie comes home. Tara is there and tells Sookie about Eggs. Sookie tells Tara, Eggs came to her asking for help. Tara is convinced this helped get Eggs killed and jumps on top of Sookie. Lafayette breaks it up and takes Tara out.Pam tells Eric he needs to call Queen Sophie and report Bill's disappearance. Eric thinks Sophie will be furious to learn Eric has lost the only vampire who can link her to selling vampire blood.Sam is going through the phone book, circling names when there is a knock on his door. It is Bill, who has tracked him in Arkansas. Bill needs a shirt, and the scene turns homo-erotic. The phone rings and we see this was a dream. Sam gets a call with info about his parents. They were evicted from their last residence but are now connected to the Fellowship of the Sun.At work, Hoyt tell Jason he's upset by the revelation that his father committed suicide. Hoyt has moved out of his mother's house and asks to crash with Jason.Lafayette calls Lettie Mae to come stay with Tara. who has been asking for her mother. He leaves for work.Sookie goes to see Sheriff Bud Dearborn and tells him she thinks Bill was taken by his maker, Lorena. Bud says he doesn't have the resources to investigate a missing non-person.Sam goes to see a man named Tommy. The man asserts that he is not Tommy Mickens, that the other Tommy left a few months back. They exchange awkward glances and Sam leaves.Lettie Mae has Reverend Daniels talk to Tara. He tells them the events of the past few days were God's plan to bring Tara and Lettie Mae together. "It's just you and me now," Lettie Mae tells Tara.Bill climbs out of the ground.Jessica is awakened by her phone ringing. The man is still dead and now rotting. It is Hoyt calling. He says he misses her. She tells him it's not a good time and hangs up.Sophie and the Magister walk into Fangtasia. She kicks everyone out of the bar. The Magister is investigating the sale of vampire blood and believes a vampire is to blame. The Magister tells Eric to look into the matter.Based on a heightened sense of taste, Arlene thinks she's pregnant again. Jason introduces Hoyt to a few ladies. They are in veterinary school, specializing in canine psychology.The Magister tells Eric and Sophie that, when the guilty vampire is found, he/she will be handled severely. He leaves and Eric tells Sophie he doesn't think the Magister bought their story. Sophie is having money problems and wants him to sell all of his product as quickly as possible, He tells her about Bill having gone missing. She tells him to let Bill "rot."Pam visits Sookie. She gives Sookie a check for the money she owes her. Eric telepathically calls Pam while she's there and this gives Sookie an idea.Pam brings Lafayette more blood and wants him to sell it within 24 hours.Sookie goes to see Jessica and asks whether Bill has called her. Jessica tells her she had a weird feeling the night before. Jessica "felt a place." Sookie takes her to help find Bill.Bill knocks on the door of an old woman. She invites him in, and Bill finds out she does not have a phone or any connection to the outside world. Bill's fangs come out, and he goes for her neck.Lettie Mae is effusive with her thanks for Reverend Daniels paying them a visit. Tara excuses herself to take a shower. She turns on the water and sits down, staring into the distance.Sam secretly follows Tommy and pulls up at the home to which he is led. Going through the mail, he sees that this is indeed the Mickens residence; Tommy had lied to him.When Hoyt fails to show interest in one of the girls, Jason ends up with both of them in his bed. Jason keeps seeing them with bullet holes in their foreheads and is unable to become aroused. He tells them what is happening and, freaked out, they both leave.After feeding on the elderly Olivia, Bill tells her she will have no memory of what he did to her. She tells him they are in Mississippi, and he gives her some cash.Lafayette returns home to Lettie Mae sitting on the couch. When she tells him Tara took a shower Lafayette sprints to the bathroom. Tara is chugging pills.Sookie and Jessica find the wreckage and the body of one of Bill's abductors. The man has a mysterious tattoo. Jessica looks it up on her phone and sees it is connected to something called Operation WerewolfCut to Bill surrounded by four wolves. He says "I should warn you, I fed." His fangs come out, and the episode ends.

Directed by Daniel Minahan  

Starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, more...

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