Tin Pan Alley

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Drama/Musical/Romance, USA, 1940, 94 min.

Synopsis In New York, in 1915, 46th Street and 8th Avenue was known as Tin Pan Alley, the headquarters of shoestring song publishers. Among those struggling to be recognized are ex-vaudevillian Harry Calhoun and his tunesmith partner, Skeets Harrigan. The existence of Calhoun and Harrigan is so tenuous that Skeets must participate in periodic bouts in the boxing ring in order to pay the rent. In desperation, they recruit the singing Blane sisters to plug their songs, and when Katie Blane and Skeets fall in love, Katie loans Skeets the money to buy the tune that makes them a success. However, Skeets's first love is his business, and when he gives a well-known singer the song that he had promised to Katie, Katie leaves in despair to join her sister Lily in her London act. In London, the sisters become the toast of the town while back in New York, Skeets and Calhoun's business hits the skids and Skeets is forced to return to the boxing ring to pay their bills. When war is declared, the partners, disgusted for having rejected the next hit tune, enlist in the army and are sent overseas to London. On the day that they are to ship out to France, Skeets and Katie rekindle their romance, and when Armistice is declared, they are all happily reunited in New York.

Directed by Walter Lang  

Starring Alice Faye, Betty Grable, Jack Oakie, John Payne, Allen Jenkins, more...

Movie awards
1940, Oscar, Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Alfred Newman

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