Thoroughly Modern Millie

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Musical/Comedy, USA, 1967, 138 min.

Tagline Julie as you love her... in the happiest motion picture hit of the year!

Synopsis In the 1920's, young Millie Dillmount comes to New York City to find herself a secretarial job with a handsome, rich, unmarried boss. After changing her image from that of a curly-haired old-fashioned girl to a modern flapper, she checks into a hotel for young ladies run by Mrs. Meers and befriends a pretty orphan, Miss Dorothy Brown. Seemingly very prim and proper, Mrs. Meers is actually a villainous white slaver who has her eye on Miss Dorothy. Though Millie does obtain a position with a handsome, eligible bachelor, Trevor Graydon, he remains indifferent to her, being in love with Miss Dorothy. Instead, Millie wins the undying devotion of Jimmy Smith, a paper clip salesman. One day Jimmy takes Millie and Miss Dorothy to a weekend party at the elegant Long Island home of Muzzy Van Hossmere, a high-living, fun-loving widow. Millie is horrified when she catches Jimmy sneaking Miss Dorothy into his room. Once back in the city, however, Millie is forced to forgive Jimmy when he scales the walls of her office building to see her. Then, Miss Dorothy suddenly vanishes. Millie and Jimmy realize the truth about Mrs. Meers when they smell opium in Miss Dorothy's room. In order to find the white slavers' hideout, Jimmy disguises himself as an orphaned young lady and registers at the hotel. The scheme backfires when the crafty Mrs. Meers manages to drug and kidnap both Jimmy and Trevor. Left to her own resources, Millie traces the white slavers to a firecracker factory in Chinatown that serves as a front for an opium den. After exploding all the factory's stock, she rescues Miss Dorothy and the other captive girls and also Jimmy and Trevor. They then all race to Muzzy's estate, with Mrs. Meers and her two henchmen in hot pursuit. After the white slavers are captured, the truth about Jimmy and Miss Dorothy is disclosed. They are brother and sister, the stepchildren of Muzzy, and fabulously wealthy. With Muzzy beaming her approval, Jimmy marries Millie and Trevor marries Miss Dorothy.

Directed by George Roy Hill  

Starring Julie Andrews, James Fox, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Channing, John Gavin, more...

Movie awards
1967, Oscar, Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Elmer Bernstein

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