Episode #1.3

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Drama, 2011

Synopsis In the early hours of Christmas Day Shaun confesses to his mother what he has done whilst Woody,walking home with Jennifer,meets his old gang and picks a fight with Milky,whom he accuses of splitting him up with Lol. Lol gains temporary peace by attending Midnight Mass but,still haunted by the ghost of Mick,takes an over-dose. After a heart to heart with the understanding Jennifer,Woody,informed by Trev of what has happened to Lol,rushes to see her in the hospital.She tells him of her guilt in that she killed Mick and let Combo take the blame for it, a fact which has haunted her for two years. As he comforts her it seems likely that they will reconcile - unlike Smell and Shaun,who are seen spending Christmas apart.

Directed by Shane Meadows  

Starring Andrew Ellis, Andrew Shim, Chanel Cresswell, Charlotte Tyree, Danielle Watson, more...

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