Episode #1.1

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Drama, 2011

Synopsis December 23rd 1988:- Lol is bringing up Lisa,her daughter by Milky,in a sparsely furnished flat and is still haunted by images of Mick.Milky visits her,bringing presents for the little girl. Woody is living with his parents,has a new girlfriend Jennifer and is offered a job promotion. He is deliberately distancing himself from his old friends,watching them through a window as they perform bad karaoke. Shaun is now a drama student and dating Smell. However he is falling for fellow student Fay,his leading lady in their end of term play and,after enduring a social evening with her eccentric father,ends up kissing her passionately in her bedroom.

Directed by Shane Meadows  

Starring Andrew Ellis, Andrew Shim, Chanel Cresswell, Charlotte Tyree, Danielle Watson, more...

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