Tennessee Lacey

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Comedy/Sci-Fi, 1990, 47 min.

Synopsis To celebrate his birthday, all Abe wants to do is find a cheap restaurant that serves large amounts of food. Brother Bo, on the other hand, wants beautiful babes thrown in. While the alien brothers search for a restaurant that meets both of their requirements, Lt. Col. Barker and Lt. Wilson hire a bounty hunter to locate the visitors from space. Lacey, the bounty hunter, is a beautiful babe who both brothers find extremely attractive. She lures them to home, handcuffs them and contacts the Air Force officers to pick them up. Unfortunately, Lacey plans for a big payoff are ruined when her equally lovely sister Tracey, also a bounty hunter, nabs the alien brothers for her own purposes.

Directed by Chuck Bowman  

Starring Stuart Fratkin, Dean Cameron, Allan Royal, Christopher Carroll, Victor Brandt, more...

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