The Bad Queen

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Drama/History/Romance/Gainful, 2013, 59 min.

Synopsis Elizabeth has regrets about the spell she cast. She has heard of Isabelle Neville's stillborn son and blames the storm she conjured for it. Her mother tells her that she is not to blame, saying that Warwick is to blame for making her sail during her pregnancy. Elizabeth notes that Warwick is now more dangerous than ever since he has nothing to lose.In France, Isabelle tells Anne that they will never be able to return to England and that they are exiles now like "the bad Queen" Margaret of Anjou. Anne insists that they are nothing like her, and that they will always have each other.Margaret Beaufort watches her son Henry practice swordfighting. When he gets a slight cut on his cheek she tries to comfort him but he insists that he should wear his scars with pride. He says that if she thinks him so fragile he will never be king.Warwick announces that Anne is to be married to Edward Lancaster, the son of Margaret of Anjou. Margaret has an army and this will secure an alliance between them. George wonders how this will contribute to making him King. Warwick tells him that without an heir no one will fight for him and that it is impossible to make him King. George gets angry that he has gone through so much, including betraying his brother, just to restore Henry, the same mad King who killed his father. Isabelle realizes, horrified, that her own sacrifices will be for naught now that she will never be Queen. Anne angrily asserts that Edward Lancaster is a "monster" and that she will not marry him. Her mother says that she must and that the sooner she learns that she is not in control of her own fate, the better.Sir William Harris arrives at Pembroke Castle demanding the traitor Jasper Tudor. Stafford tells him that Jasper has fled and Harris informs him that he has been given Pembroke Castle. Margaret objects as the castle is her family seat, but Harris has an official proclamation from the King.Warwick and his family have an audience with Margaret of Anjou. Warwick claims that he has only ever tried to do what is right by England but that he has now realized that God put Henry on the throne. She makes Warwick swear on a piece of the True Cross that he will forever be her faithful servant. Then she inspects Anne and deems her plain but easily managed. She orders Warwick to return to England, take London and restore Henry to the throne. Meanwhile, she will wait on the marriage of Edward and Anne, which, since they are cousins, cannot take place until they receive a papal dispensation, a process which might take months. After the marriage, Margaret will sail to England with her French army.Elizabeth and Jacquetta receive word from their relatives in Burgundy that Anne is to marry Margaret of Anjou's son and tell King Edward. The King rages, unable to understand why his brother would ally himself with their mortal enemies. Elizabeth and Jacquetta go to Duchess Cecily and tell her that George has joined forces with Margaret of Anjou. This development will mean George will never become King. They tell Cecily that if she cares about her son she should send word to him that King Edward will welcome him back into his good graces if he should return.Warwick tracks down George in a brothel. He explains that he has only ever wanted a York King but that they are out of options. George realizes that if Warwick means to capture the throne he will need York support, and thus George.At Pembroke, Harris explains that the Staffords should leave in the morning. Margaret says that their exile will only be temporary as the Yorks will destroy themselves through infighting as punishment from God. Harris then explains that Henry Tudor will remain under his guardianship.Lady Sutcliffe, a friend of Duchess Cecily, arrives secretly in France and tells Isabelle that George will be welcomed back if he returns to England. Isabelle observes that if that happens and Anne marries Edward Lancaster that they will be on opposite sides.Margaret says her goodbyes to Henry. She tells him that he will be among the enemy and that he should bend the knee but think always of the sword and that he should remember that God has ordained that he become King.Warwick and George get ready to sail for England. Edward leaves to head North where they are rumored to be landing. He has had word from George who has promised to betray Warwick and fight alongside him. He tells Elizabeth to take their daughters to the Tower and prepare for the baby there.Meanwhile, Margaret waits for a letter from her son. She says that when she was young she dreamed of greatness and wanted to become a saint. She worries that she is being punished by God for her father's sin of suicide. She breaks down weeping and Stafford promises to take her to see Henry.Anne learns that Isabelle is to be sent to England to rejoin her husband. Warwick does not trust George and wants Isabelle to serve as her spy. Anne begs her mother to not send Issy away, but she insists.When Margaret and Stafford arrive at Pembroke, the find Harris preparing to ride to war with Henry as his squire. Margaret begs Harris not to take him, saying that Henry Tudor cannot fight for York, but Harris insists.Anne's sons, Thomas and Richard, arrive at her quarters. They tell her that Warwick landed outside London, not in the North as they expected. The boys barely escaped capture themselves. King Edward and Elizabeth's brother Anthony have fled to Flanders with their army. The boys also tell Elizabeth that Warwick has had her mother arrested on charges of witchcraft.Anne is called to see Margaret of Anjou who informs her about Warwick's landing and that Henry will be restored. Margaret says that the marriage will go forward and notes the irony of the daughter of her greatest enemy marrying her son.Elizabeth and her children flee the Tower, barely ahead of Warwick's forces. They take refuge in Westminster Abbey, counting on the holy right of sanctuary to protect them.Warwick calls a court to try Jacquetta for witchcraft, saying that she used her powers to make Edward marry Elizabeth. He produces a witness who claims that he found a set of lead dolls tied together with wire on the Rivers estate. When it is her turn to testify, Jacquetta reminds Warwick that she was best friends with Margaret of Anjou, his new Queen, and that the Queen would be most upset if her old friend were to end up killed.Anne is married to Edward Lancaster. Margaret of Anjou comes into Anne's bedchamber and makes her lie on a towel so that she can have proof of the consummation of the marriage. Edward enters and Margaret watches as he undresses and gets on the bed. Anne says that she does not know what to do. Edward tells her to simply lie there and not say a word so as not to remind him of how much she disgusts him. He violently pulls Anne's legs apart and forces himself on her as she cries.Henry returns to Margaret Beaufort. He explains that Warwick's men captured him and Sir William. Warwick appeared and executed him. They brought forth Henry to be executed next but the boy cried out that he was Henry Tudor and he was spared. Margaret tells him that his name saved him. Henry realizes that she is right and begins to believe her prophecy for him that he will be King. He apologizes for doubting her and promises to obey her always.Warwick and George restore King Henry. Margaret Beaufort joyfully greets a returned Jasper Tudor. They travel to London to introduce Henry to the King. At the same time, Elizabeth goes into labor in Westminster Abbey. Jacquetta arrives and helps her daughter deliver her baby. It's a boy.

Directed by Jamie Payne  

Starring Juliet Aubrey, Veerle Baetens, Aneurin Barnard, Leo Bill, Rebecca Ferguson, more...

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