The Wee Man

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Drama, UK, 2012, 106 min.

Synopsis Based on the true life story of Glasgow gangster Paul Ferris. The film follows Ferris's life as a young boy growing up on the tough streets of Blackhill. After he suffered relentless bullying at the hands of a local gang "The Banks Brothers" who terrorized the local community and witnessing Police corruption, he soon learned to become a Lion and fight back. At The age of 16 the worm turned and Ferris quickly made a name for himself on the streets after single handily taking on and dispatching the gang he despised as a child. He is taken under the wing of Arthur Thompson "The God Father" and soon rises up the ranks only to be bitterly betrayed by the people he respected and trusted. The lines are drawn and Glasgow's most notorious Gangland War in it's history is about to erupt.

Directed by Ray Burdis  

Starring Bhrina Bache, Patrick Bergin, Hannah Blamires, Steven Borrie, Lewis Brand, more...

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