The Walk

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Crime/Thriller, UK, 2013, 89 min.

Synopsis Five women murdered over five years, Emily Williams a young mother who used the forest shortcuts to and from her sons school fell victim to being snatched on her way to pick him up. Second Victim Natasha Taylor - was a young professional, married, also volunteered to work at a charity solicitors had her whole life in front of her. Third Victim Lucy Shields history of many boyfriends one or two at the same time and lived life to the full was last scene after a night out. Four Victim was known prostitute Becky Harris who would regularly use the forest to take her clients. Fifth Victim Laura Campbell a personal trainer who daily ran through the forest was last seen on the morning of the 7th April.The five women are known to have all been taken on the same day over the five years. Now the responsibility lies to a support officer (Elizabeth) to discover where their bodies are buried. However, her own past haunts her during the investigation through the disappearance of her failed abduction case years before of nine-year-old Sarah.Sarah was snatched from her bed in the middle of the night while her parents where drinking in the tavern below their two bedroom flat. Sarah`s mother Kate released a statement to the press blaming Elizabeth for not finding her daughter before Kate took her own life.Elizabeths failings forced her bosses to de-promote her to a support officer from being a detective. Her partner, detective James Baines was also varnished with the stain of failure, however, his bosses claimed he was led astray because of their romantic involvement and his inexperience and therefore kept his title of detective.However, for them to gain back their bosses respect and trust, they have taken upon themselves to interrogate the mentally insane murderer (Michael) of the five women. He was handed a five-year sentence in a psychiatric prison but released as doctors claimed he was not a risk to society.Michael who was sexually abused as a child excuses himself of killings the five women blaming his second personality Michael who finds the killings completely justifiable.He is known to visit one of the womens grave on the anniversary of her murder but they have no idea of whom or the walk he takes. Previous years attempts of following him have failed and with the bodies decaying every day, time is running out. All five women were snatched and presumed killed within three days of the anniversary date and therefore, Elizabeth and James have that same time scale to force Michael to open up to the location of the bodies burial site within the huge dense forest.Elizabeth is being dragged into Michael's own little game of cat and mouse. He plays on her imagination, as he leads her in her mind through the forest towards the burial site that which she desires to know or he could be leading her down the path of becoming condemned victim number six.

Directed by Timothy Fielding  

Starring Kelly Downes, James Robinson, Timothy Fielding, Leona Lawrence, Tom Herriott, more...

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