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Drama//Horror/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis A man pulls up next to an SUV. The mask Elena's abductor was wearing is in his front seat. He tells the driver of the SUV he followed his instructions. The SUV driver tells him to put her in the back. He does.Then the SUV driver chomps down on his lackey's neck. He drives off.At home, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) realizes Elena's bed hasn't been slept in.Caroline (Candice Accola) tells Damon (Ian Somerhalder) about Sara attacking Tyler (Michael Trevino) and him pushing her so she whacked her head and died. Caroline compelled Tyler and Matt (Zach Roerig) to cover up. Caroline's mom is out looking for Amy with a search party.Damon warns Caroline not to be buddy-buddy with Tyler since a bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire. He also tells Caroline where her mom can find Amy's body.At school, there are missing posters for Amy everywhere. Tyler notices he has freakish strength when he accidentally rips the lock off his locker.Jeremy finds Stefan (Paul Wesley) and says he's happy he and Elena (Nina Dobrev) are back together, but he should let him know when he has to cover for her. Stefan has no idea what he's talking about. Jeremy tells Stefan that Elena's car is still at the Lockwood's.The SUV vampire driver carries Elena into an old rundown mansion. She's tied up. He unties her, saying he just wants a taste, but a woman tells him to stop. She says Elena looks just like "her." Elena protests she's not Katherine. The woman tells her to be quiet and smacks her across the face.Stefan and Damon meet up and Damon mentions what Katherine said about Elena being in danger. Damon doesn't want to let Katherine out of the tomb to question her because they'll be back where they started with her trying to kill them. Stefan doesn't care.At school, Tyler asks Caroline how she knew about him. She reiterates it was an accident.Elena wakes up and hears her captors talking about trading her for their freedom from Elijah. The woman is tired of running.Stefan checks with Bonnie (Kat Graham) about breaking the tomb spell to talk to Katherine. She says it can't be done, but says there's another way.Bonnie preps for a tracking spell with Jeremy. He drips his blood on the map and it blobs in one area and moves to a town 300 miles away. Stefan and Damon go off to find Elena. Bonnie notices her nose is bleeding.Outside at school, Tyler plays pick-up basketball with some guys and flies to the hoop -- literally. He sees Caroline and accuses her of lying to him. He grabs her arm and she chicken wings him to the ground.He begs her for information. She tells him she thinks he's still in shock over Sara dying. He angrily kicks a trash can and it flies across the parking lot into a car.On the road, Damon assumes someone from Katherine's past took Elena thinking she was Katherine. Stefan asks if Damon is along to help him or because he's in love with Elena.Jeremy finds the giant house in the town Elena is in using Google Maps (or the non-trademarked TV equivalent).He tells Bonnie he feels helpless. She goes for her book of spells and tells Jeremy to get a candle and Elena's hairbrush. She thinks she might be able to get Elena a message. She writes something on a piece of paper and wads it up, holding it in her hand over the candle. She starts to bleed from her nose as the ball of paper bursts into flame. She passes out.With her captors, Elena asks what they want from her. The woman says Elijah is one of the original vampires. She knows about the Salvatores. She says she and Trevor have been running for 500 years and are using her to negotiate their way out of an old mess, because she's a Petrova doppelganger, the key to breaking the curse. The blood of the doppelganger breaks the curse -- Elena has to die.Caroline comes home and finds Tyler there. He thinks she's like him. She laughs at him and he throws her against the wall. She flips him around and pins him. She bares her fangs and growls at him, explaining she's not a werewolf.Trevor tells Elena that he and Rose have been running because of something he did. He trusted Katherine and helped her escape and they've been marked ever since.Bonnie explains to Jeremy that she's been doing a lot of magic and it's wearing her down. She doesn't want people to know about her weakness. He promises not to tell. She tells him she feels alone with her mom gone and her dad not wanting to know about it. Jeremy knows just how she feels.At the mansion, Elena plops down on a couch and steps on the balled up paper. It says: "Stefan and Damon are coming for you. -- B"In the car, Damon has a roadie bag of blood. Stefan says he wants some. Damon thinks he's kidding, until Stefan tells him about building up his tolerance. Damon wishes old bloodthirsty Stefan would come back.At the mansion, Trevor freaks out at Elijah's approach. Rose promises to handle it. She goes to answer the knock at the front door. A well-dressed man awaits.Rose tells Elijah she wants her freedom. She tells him Katherine didn't burn in 1864 and she has her doppelganger. He gives her his word that he'll pardon her. She leads him to Elena. He smells her deeply and believes she's human.The Salvatore boys pull up outside and Damon mentions whoever has Elena is probably 500 years old and they might not make it. "I can't think of a better reason to die," Stefan says.Trevor apologizes to Elijah for failing him with Katherine. Trevor begs his forgiveness and Elijah grants it, then takes Trevor's head off in one swat of the hand. Rose is horrified.Elena tries to bargain for her life, telling Elijah she knows where the moonstone is. When she won't tell, he rips off her vervain necklace and compels her. She tells him it's in the tomb under the church ruins with Katherine. They hear a noise.Someone starts streaking through the house, toying with them. Rose protests she doesn't know who it is.Someone puts a stake through Elijah's hand, which only seems to irritate him.Stefan grabs Elena and Damon grabs Rose.Elijah fashions a coat rack into a giant spear. Elena comes out, saying she'll go with him as long as he doesn't hurt her friends. She throws a vervain water grenade at him, but he heals quickly. Stefan comes out and shoots Elijah repeatedly in the chest with stakes but they do nothing.Then Damon picks up the coat rack spear and rams it through Elijah's chest pinning him to the door. He dies. Damon sees Rose and Elena tells him to let her go.Elena runs to Stefan and hugs him. She mouths "thank you" to Damon.Back home, Jeremy watches Bonnie sleep. Everyone comes home. Elena tells Bonnie she got her message.Back at the Salvatore homestead, Damon pours Stefan a drink. Stefan says the only way they can keep Elena safe is if they're not fighting.Stefan apologizes for being the guy who made Damon turn 145 years ago -- something he's never said before. He says it was selfish, but he didn't want to be alone. He needed his brother.Caroline pours Tyler a drink. He says his skin is on fire and everything is heightened. He asks who else is like her. She says she's the only one. She makes him promise he won't tell anyone. "I have no one else to tell," he says.He says he's scared about the next full moon. She hugs him.At the Salvatore's, someone streaks quickly through the house. Stefan picks up a stake and asks who's there. It's Rose. She tells him Lexi once told her Stefan was one of the good ones. She says it's not over with the originals -- they'll come for Elena, for him. Klaus.Elena comes into her bedroom to find Damon there. He brought her necklace, but he has to say something before he gives it back, something he calls the most selfish thing he's ever said. He tells her he loves her, and he doesn't deserve her but Stefan does.Then he says he wishes she didn't have to forget this, but she does. He compels her and leaves in a flash.Under the spear on the mansion door, Elijah wakes up and removes the protruding object from his chest.

Directed by Liz Friedlander  

Starring Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, Sara Canning, more...

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