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Comedy, USA, 2009, 60 min.

Synopsis During his monologue, Jay tells a series of short jokes about the economy and explains that they are a tribute to Rodney Dangerfield's comedy style, then shows a clip of Dangerfield. Jay announces a new segment called "White Trash Theater" and shows a clip of a woman hitting a man with a garbage can. Jay shows a montage of clips from the "Jaywalking" segment and then clips from "Battle of the Jaywalk All-Stars." Conan O'Brien, the incoming host of "The Tonight Show," talks about when he was first hired to host "Late Night" in 1993, and a clip is shown of his first being introduced on "The Tonight Show." O'Brien talks about his experience dealing with the network in planning the new "Tonight Show." Jay wishes O'Brien good luck. Jay reminisces about hearing the lyric "Ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go" when he was first leaving Boston to come to California to pursue his career, and introduces James Taylor, who performs "Sweet Baby James," the song from which that lyric comes. Jay thanks, among others, the audience, his producers, his writers, the director, the crew, NBC executives, Kevin Eubanks and the band, John Melendez, his wife Mavis, and the union members on the show staff. Jay mentions all the "Tonight Show" staff members who married other staff members, and then reveals a large group of staff members' children. He announces that 68 children have been born to the staff members. Photographs of the staff and crew are shown as the full credits roll.

Directed by Ellen Brown  

Starring Jay Leno, Kevin Eubanks, John Melendez, Conan O'Brien, James Taylor, more...

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