Episode #12.24

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Comedy, USA, 2004

Synopsis At the end of Jay's monologue, he mentions another anthrax scare in the mail in Washington, D.C. In the bit, Jay runs offstage, takes a plane to Washington, D.C. and runs into a quarantined room where two men in Hazardous Material suits (one is Malmin) are sorting through a large pile of mail on a table. Jay barges in, picks up a magazine (the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue) from the pile and blows white powder off of it. Having safely rescued the new swimsuit issue, he brings it back to the studio audience in Burbank, CA and shows the cover photo to them. Jay Leno's guests: Pamela Anderson, Erykah Badu, Corbin Maxey and Brandon Molale.

Directed by Ellen Brown  

Starring Jay Leno, Pamela Anderson, Erykah Badu, Kevin Eubanks, Christian Malmin, more...

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