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Drama//Horror/Romance, 2012

Synopsis Jake finds Cassie and Adam in the basement. She realizes he's the one who saved her from the fire. He had to get the witch hunters far from her before he could escape.Jake tells her there's a witch hunter's council and there's a ritual they use to kill witches with dark magic. They used it 16 years ago to kill Cassie's father.A guy named Evan from the council told him they used a ritual. Cassie she has to learn about the ritual to be safe from it. Adam is suspicious and warns Jake to stay away. Adam drives her home.Cassie trusts Jake, he cares about her.Dawn and Diana get coffee and Dawn flags down Charles as he walks by. Diana leaves them alone. Charles tells her not to use Diana to get to him. He wants nothing to do with her. He thinks she's up to something.Faye goes back to see Lee. They're interrupted by Callum, who used to deal a drug called Devil's Spirit with Lee.Jake comes home and finds Cassie waiting for him. He says he's there to save her life. She asks who's left to ask about the fire. Jake says he was there that day, hiding in his parents' car.He thinks she can help him remember, or see for herself. He wants her to go into his memory.At the abandoned house, Jake tells Cassie about sneaking into his parents' car and hiding under a blanket. They went onto the ferry and he snuck up onto the boat. Adam joins them.Cassie explains the memory linking plan, like when she saw Faye's memory at her grandfather's house. Adam doesn't love the idea.Callum the slimy weirdo asks Lee if he's going to get him what he needs. Callum demands he get him some and insists Faye stick behind.Adam joins Diana at the Boathouse. He tells her about Cassie and Jake's plan. Diana is excited about knowing the truth and thinks the whole circle should be there.Jake drives Cassie to the old ferry.Dawn visits Adam's dad at the Boathouse for a drink, clearly acting upset. She gets him to "draw" it out of her, saying Charles choked her. Ethan wants to help, but she warns him Charles has a crystal and to be careful. "When you get the crystal, we'll figure out the safest way to get rid of it," she tells him.Jake and Cassie prepare the memory spell. He has a photo of his family and ashes and dirt. They hold hands and she recites the spell. Suddenly, she's in his head.Melissa is in Seattle with her dad and Faye's nowhere to be found.Ethan calls Charles and tells him he knows he has a crystal and killed Henry. He threatens to tell the Elders.Cassie and Jake walk around the ferry memory and see two couples, one is his parents. Cassie wants to follow them, but it hurts Jake's head to go farther.His parents are arguing, his dad tells his mom the witch hunters don't want to kill, they just have to explain they're quitting magic. Cassie tries to follow closer, but Jake can't. Jake's dad thinks of they stop practicing the witch hunters will leave them alone. Cassie hears them mention her dad and breaks apart from Jake to go into the ferry.Jake comes back to reality, but Cassie's still in his memory. Jake's mom argues for a truce. She says Amelia won't go near John with the way he betrayed her. Jake's dad suggests maybe letting the circle fall apart is for the best. She agrees.Ethan joins them, followed by Evan, who grabs Jake's dad around the throat and slits his neck. He grabs Sarah and drags her into the other room, where others are already dead. Lucy is still alive.At the house, Jake tries to rouse Cassie, but she doesn't respond. Diana and Adam arrive.Faye hangs around with Callum and wants to hear more about the Devil's Spirit drug. He says it can open your mind and free inhibitions. Lee comes back with a bag for Faye. He offers some to Faye, but Lee shoves him. They start grappling until Faye knocks something over to get their attention.Back in Jake's memory, Cassie watches as men drag a hooded John Blackwell on to the ferry and tell him he's been found guilty. He says they can't kill him. They pour ash in a circle around him and light it.Cassie screams watching the fire and Lucy is somehow able to see her. She tells her she doesn't belong and has to get out. Instead, Cassie walks toward the fire and gets stuck in the same room. She starts coughing.Back in the house, Cassie starts suffocating. Adam tells Jake to go back and get her out. Jake's not sure he can, but tries the spell with Diana and Adam.Jake ends up back on the ferry. The flames slowly surround John Blackwell, but he's OK. He holds something in his hand and recites something, making the fire recede and then chase after the witch hunters. He's holding a talisman necklace, but drops it down the ferry grate when he's done. Cassie sees it and watches the witch hunters burn and John Blackwell, still hooded, walk away to safety.Jake pounds on the glass door and gets Cassie's attention, leading her to safety. Jake's in there just long enough to see his mom scream for help. Then they're both back in the house.Faye asks Lee about his ex. He says Devil's Spirit destroyed her and that's why he stopped dealing.Cassie tells everyone the truce was a trap and those who believed the witch hunters were massacred. She never saw her father's face and he got out. Jake always believed Isaac that the witches started the fire.Cassie tells Adam she saw his dad and heard his name, coming out of the room. Adam thought he wasn't there that day.Charles goes to Ethan's house, but is greeted by a whack on the head from Ethan.Cassie goes to the ferry wreckage. She sees the post her father was tied to and searches for the necklace. She finds it.Charles wakes up to find Ethan has his crystal. Ethan figures out Dawn put him up to it. He tells Ethan that Dawn is the one who killed Henry and she'll kill him as soon as she gets the crystal. "You don't want to repeat history," Charles warns him.Ethan tells Charles to shut up and he starts choking on water. Ethan relents and kicks Charles out, keeping the crystal.Cassie comes off the ferry and is surprised to run into Jake. He's happy to know the truth, that is parents were murdered, not destroyed by a thirst for power like Isaac told him. She shows Jake the necklace and says it saved her father. She wonders if he's still alive. Jake knows where his grave is.Adam drives Diana home. She points out Jake's in love with Cassie. Diana's struggling with just being friends with Adam.Dawn comes to the Boathouse. She's relieved Ethan got the crystal, but he won't show it to her until tomorrow. He watches her struggle to be OK with it.Faye takes a cab home, but Callum lurks in the shadows behind her. He offers her Devil's Spirit. She takes it.Cassie and Jake dig up her father's grave. Jake opens the coffin. There's a dog skeleton inside.

Directed by Eagle Egilsson  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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