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Drama//Horror/Romance, 2011

Synopsis Cassie wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of fire. She looks at Nick's house and sees someone standing over a fire in front of it. Then the blond guy is gone and only the embers remain.Grandma Jane tells Cassie the boy she saw is probably Nick's older brother Jake. He's been gone, but is back. Jane explains the circle isn't broken, they're bound to each other's bloodlines. Cassie's witch lineage is the strongest, which gives her the responsibility to lead and protect the circle.Diana looks for a photo of Nick to bring to his wake. She found one of them as kids and shows it to her dad (who killed Nick).At the Boathouse Grill, Diana and Adam prep for Nick's wake. Cassie meets them and tells them Jake is back. Adam says Jake worked at the Boathouse and stole from his dad. He hates him.Jake comes into the Boathouse. Faye tries to hide from him. Jake walks up to Adam and thanks him for hosting the wake. He suggests they not get bogged down in ancient history.Faye was hiding because she's had an outfit planned for that day for two years and she's not wearing it. She's not over him.Jane drops in on Dawn. She starts right in with saying Nick's death wasn't an accident. Dawn pulls a knife, just in case. Jane tells Dawn what she already knows, about the circle being bound and Nick being possessed.Dawn asks if Jane is going to ask the Elders to strip the kids of their powers. She says no and asks for Dawn's help protecting them.At the abandoned house, Adam says no way is he letting Jake be a part of the circle. They others suggest not telling him, but Cassie argues they have to bring him in to protect themselves."Who died and made you queen witch?" Faye asks, then realizes her poor phrasing. They hear a noise outside and see the yard is on fire. They use their powers to put it out and see the same half moon Jake burned in his own yard.Cassie goes to visit her grandmother at the hospital. She tells her about the symbol. Jane says it means conquest, a way to warn a witch. Cassie tells her about Jake setting a fire in his own yard. Jane tells her not to tell him about the circle.Faye visit Jake on the dock, in her cute outfit. Her brushes her off.Dawn tells Charles about her visit from Jane. She says she has Jane handled. She thinks Jane might have another crystal which could be used to locate the other ones to get their powers back.Cassie leaves Diana a message. Someone walks through Cassie's house. Cassie sees a goth chick in her kitchen holding a tool of some kind. She tells Cassie she wants her blood and attacks her.Outside on the street, Jake hears Cassie scream. He runs in and sees the girl and immediately starts reciting a spell. Cassie joins in and they run the girl off.Jake doesn't know who she was. He knows he's a witch. He found his family's Book of Shadows awhile ago. He doesn't want any part of their circle and says they're just kids.Jake says he was putting out a fire last night, he didn't set it.Jane comes home.Cassie tells Diana and Adam that Jake saved her. Adam still isn't a fan and suggests the timing of his return and the attack is convenient. The knife the girl used had a crescent moon on it, too. Jake says again he doesn't know who it was.When they're alone, Diana tells Adam he's acting like a jealous boyfriend, and not hers.Melissa lets herself in to Nick's house. She puts his music on and lies on the bed and cries.At the house, Cassie and Diana argue for trying to keep Jake in town so they have all their powers to fight whoever marked them. Adam doesn't think they can trust him and Faye is no longer a fan.Diana thinks Cassie had a connection with him and asks if she thinks they can trust him. Faye is jealous, she warns Cassie he'll sleep with her and leave her in a million pieces.Back at home, Jane shows Cassie her family's crystal, from its hiding place in a secret drawer in a clock. She says it's a lens to magnify her powers.Jane tells her no one else can know she has the crystal, not even her circle. "It's the most coveted magic there is, but it can bring out the very worst in people," she says.Jake knocks on a door, the woman who attacked Cassie answers. Simone says hi. She expected him to find her. He shoves her against a wall and demands to know why she followed him there. She's a true believer who hates witches. He rifles through her things for the blood she took from Cassie. "It's too soon for blood-letting," he tells her, warning her to stay out of his way. He takes the cotton ball with blood on it.At the wake at the Boathouse, Faye takes drops of Nick's witches' brew. Melissa is appalled. Adam sees his dad drinking at the bar. He remembers another wake, one that Amelia missed because she was too distraught over Blackwell. Adam doesn't know the name.Adam sees Jake talking to Cassie and confronts him. Jake says Adam's probably drunk and it runs in the family. Adam swings at him and they have to be broken up. Diana thinks Adam started the fight over Cassie.Charles tells Jake he's sorry about what happened to his brother and he didn't deserve it. He tells him to come to him if he needs help and calls him Nick.Dawn catches Charles being maudlin and fatalistic over pictures of Nick.Cassie talks to Jake outside. She asks why he left and says he doesn't seem that bad. Cassie goes back inside. Simone lurks nearby.Diana finds Adam's dad drinking in back. She brings him some coffee. He says Adam is lucky to have her. "I wish you were the one, Diana, you deserve to be happy," he says. He says it's Adam's destiny to be with Cassie Blake, their families are written in the stars, like him and Amelia. He warns her that bad things happen when you mess with fate.Melissa finds Faye balancing on the deck outside. She's pouting over Jake. Melissa reminds her the night's about Nick. Faye redeems herself by saying Nick loved her.Cassie tells Adam he deserved getting hit. He doesn't trust Jake with her. Adam says he can't help how he feels. Diana sees them talking and walks off.Cassie sees Jake outside with Simone and excuses herself. Simone chews him out, saying it doesn't look like he's going to be able to complete "the mission." She knocks him down and takes out a knife. Cassie watches from the shadows nearby. When she sees Simone about to lunge on defenseless Jake she surreptitiously takes out her crystal and uses it to whip the knife out of Simone's hand.Jake gets it and when Simone jumps on him he stabs her in the chest. Cassie sees the whole thing.Later, back at her house, Jake says Simone was a witch. He says she was there to scavenge power because she heard a witch died. He asks about the way the knife flew out of Simone's hand. She denies doing it.She tells him he can't leave because they're all bound. She says they're not strong enough without him.He agrees to stay a little while.Adam cleans up back at the Boathouse. Diana tells him what his dad said about him being destined for Cassie. She says she wants the kind of love that makes you believe in destiny. He says he loves her. She tells him he needs to figure out if his feelings for Cassie are choice or destiny. She leaves.She goes to Cassie's in tears, saying she broke up with Adam because of Cassie. Cassie hugs her.Jake meets with some sinister looking men on the docks. The one in charge asks why he killed a fellow witch hunter. He says Cassie saw him talking to Simone and he was following his boss' protocol. The boss wonders if letting a member of the prey's bloodline help in the hunt is a good idea. Jake says he's come to town to rid it of witches and avenge the death of his family.

Directed by Guy Norman Bee  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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