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Drama//Horror/Romance, USA, 2012

Synopsis Faye wakes up in bed with Jake and tries to sneak out. They immediately start arguing, swearing it'll never happen again. And then they do it again.At school, Cassie tells Diana about feeling a connection with her father through the medallion. She thinks he's trying to find her.It's Valentine's Day. Faye tells Melissa about her night with Jake and that she got the power back in the relationship. Faye suggests a horror movie marathon for Valentine's Day, the girls are all in.Cassie runs into Adam, who asks her out. She tells him about the slumber party and he suggests another night, that's less pressure filled. She likes the idea of a date.Cassie runs to her car to get a book and doesn't notice the shrouded, reaper-like figure lurking nearby.Lee shows up at Faye's house with a kind of voodoo doll that he promises will restore her power if she leaves it under her bed. He asks her to dinner, but she says no.Issac shows up at Jake's. Jake is angry that Issac lied about how his parents died. Issac swears Ebben wanted peace, but John Blackwell made the circle think the witch hunters were going to double cross them. He says Blackwell led his parents to slaughter.Issac tells Jake that witch hunters are coming for Cassie and the circle, but he can stop it by giving them Cassie's medallion. He says the medallion brings evil.Jake runs him off.Cassie takes the medallion back to the basement of the house. She sees the shrouded figure standing there and she screams and runs.She runs into Adam upstairs. Then go back down and look around but no one is there. She recognizes the robe as the same one her father wore when the witch hunters tried to kill him and that they wore on Halloween. This one had a symbol on it.Adam wonders why she'd want to look for a father that hasn't tried to find her in 16 years.Adam suggests Cassie asks Jake about the symbol.At Faye's house, Faye gets knocked on to her weird voodoo stick and it breaks. Melissa pulls out her Devil's Spirit and takes some, offering it to Diana, who also takes it.Jake tells Cassie the symbol belonged to the Nadaros coven, really old blood. They were destroyed years ago.Stoned Diana suggests they do a spell on the pizza guy to make him hot. Diana promises to make out with him when he gets there. They hold hands and imagine. The doorbell rings and Diana answers, immediately kisses the guy standing there. It's Lee. Faye called him to fix the broken voo doo stick.Still at home, Cassie gets the text from Diana to hurry up. She sees her medallion slide across the table and grabs it. Two shrouded figures stand outside her window.Lee can tell Diana is tripping and warns Faye again how dangerous Devil's Spirit is. Meanwhile, the hot pizza guy comes and Diana kisses him, too.Cassie finally arrives. Melissa does more Devil's Spirit on the sly.Jake meets with Isaac and tells him Cassie is being hunted by dead Nadaros. Isaac says John Blackwell killed them and used the medallion to steal their powers. When she took the medallion she alerted every dead witch. Isaac warns the Nadaros are just the beginning. He says the medallion will end up killing the circle.The girls sit around and eat pizza. Cassie tells them about seeing a ghost and the medallion moving.Faye pulls out a Ouija board. Cassie asks what the person trying to contact her is saying. The medallion starts moving. It spells out "SACRED". They don't know what it means, but Faye and Melissa dissolve into giggles. Cassie isn't in the mood. Adam texts and asks if she wants to come over. Melissa busts her.Cassie leaves and Jake arrives looking for her. Melissa tells him she went to Adam's.Cassie drives by a ghost witch on her way. The medallion starts working its way up her chest, finally choking her. She struggles against it, swerving wildly. Her car flips and crashes.Jake finds Adam on his boat lighting candles. Jake thinks she's in trouble. Adam grabs a knife and follows.Cassie climbs out of her totaled car and rips the medallion off. She sees a shrouded figure nearby and runs to confront it.Adam calls Diana, looking for Cassie. "Maybe she found a third boyfriend," Diana says, hanging up.Faye hears and asks her how it feels to be replaced by Cassie. Diana accuses Faye of being jealous of her friendship with Melissa, but Faye points out it was Diana who bailed on Melissa in junior high when she met Adam. They realize they haven't seen Melissa and find her on the floor, convulsing next to an empty bag of Devil's Spirit.Jake and Adam find Cassie's car flipped over. Jake tells her the witches are after their power in the medallion. They were killed in a church nearby and spirits have more power near where they were murdered. If they lead her there, she's in danger.Cut to Cassie racing through the woods after the witch ghost. She arrives at an old church.Diana holds Melissa's hair while she throws up. Diana and Melissa blame each other.Cassie goes into the church and sees a plaque that says "Sacred Heart". She runs in, yelling at whoever to come out. A figure appears. Then another. Suddenly she's surrounded.Jake and Adam come in. Adam takes out his knife and runs to help, but Cassie tells him to run. The witch ghosts surround Adam and close in. Suddenly, the shrouds drop to the ground, empty and Adam twitches.The witches went into him. He advances on Cassie with his knife, possessed. He wants the medallion back. Jake explains that her dad killed them.Adam starts to slice his own wrist as the witches make him demand the medallion. Jake yells at her that if they have it, six witches will have the power of thousands. Cassie doesn't feel like she has a choice.She holds the medallion out to Adam, then grabs onto it. Adam stands frozen. Cassie crushes the medallion with her bare hand. Adam comes to and she rushes to him.Jake takes the compressed medallion pieces back to Isaac. Jake wonders why he'd want it if he can't use it. Isaac says he can't protect Jake anymore.Faye contemplates her weird voodoo stick and puts it under her bed. Diana comes for her stuff. Faye tells her to stay. Diana promises never to bail on Melissa as a friend again.Lee takes his voodoo stick to a comatose girl hooked up to machines. He thanks Faye and tells the sleeping girl he found a way to make her better.Back at anti-Valentine's Day central, Diana tells Melissa she has to quit the Devil's Spirit. They devolve into a pillow fight.Back on Adam's boat, Cassie finally gets to see the spread he made for her. Cassie thinks Adam was right about her dad, and he should stay gone. Cassie worries that her dad being bad makes her bad. Adam assures her she's amazing. He kisses her.On a pier somewhere, a man looks over the water. He has the image of the medallion in scar tissue on his hand.

Directed by David Barrett  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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