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Drama//Horror/Romance, 2011

Synopsis Melissa wakes up with a terrible headache and throws Nick off her. She doesn't feel well. The demon worm thing slithers down her back.In the morning, Cassie's grandmother fishes for info about what she was up to last night. She says she was with Faye and Diana. Her grandmother says their parents were all friends, who ended up going through tragedy. They make plans for dinner later. Her grandmother assures her she can talk to her about anything.Melissa gingerly walks in to school, twitching slightly and itching. She bumps into Mrs. Chamberlain and shrieks, but apologizes.Walking in to school Cassie asks Diana why she can't tell her grandmother. Diana doesn't want her dad to know. She says the book mentions their parents' circle having their powers taken away by the elders, which they think means the grandparents' generation.Dawn Chamberlain arrives in her office to find Charles waiting for her. He says he's ready for the blood moon tonight and to meet at the boat dock.Faye sees him leaving her mom's office and Diana delights in telling her their parents are dating.Melissa fidgets are her locker then collapses against it in pain. Nick finds her. She goes calm, then collects herself. She tells him she found directions to her family's book of shadows in the woods and asks for help finding it.Cut to him digging a big hole in the woods in the dark. He finds a heavy suitcase.Later, over dinner with Grams, Jane says Cassie's mother kept a lot of things from her, so she didn't see signs she was in trouble. "Please don't make the same mistake, Cassie," Jane says.Cassie gets a text from Melissa summoning her to the house.At the house, Melissa yells at Nick not to open the suitcase until she can prep a spell. Faye arrives, also summoned by Melissa. Melissa tells Faye the book is for them. She kinda creeps Faye out.Dawn arrives at the boat early. Charles offers her wine. She wants the crystals to get their power back.Diana and Adam finish up her horrible homemade meal. She remembers when they were the only two witches they knew.She preps dessert, squirting whipped cream on his neck and licking it off.Cassie arrives and Melissa confesses they need all six of them. Then she barks at them for being impatient. They see the suitcase move. Melissa yells at them to stay away from it. They all see the demon worm slither across her forehead under the skin.Diana and Adam strip in bed, but pause when they get an urgent text from Cassie.At the house, Melissa is doing an incantation in the corner. Cassie says she saw the same demon worm in Heather. Nick says they have to find a way to save her.Diana and Adam walk in and Nick whacks Melissa over the head, knocking her out.She wakes up later on the couch and screams like someone possessed. She seizes violently then goes limp. She sits up, asking what's going on and appearing confused. Nick wants to let her go, but the others think she's faking. He looks at her and finally she reverts to evil and screams at him.Cassie says she knows what to do, but they have to trust her.With the blood moon over them, Charles and Dawn perform a crystal ceremony, holding hands and chanting over a map and candles. There's light, but then it goes dark.Dawn is angry, saying they used the crystal too often and it's dead. It's useless without another five. She takes it and leaves.Cassie races home for her grandmother. She tells her she knows who she is and who her mom was. "I'm a witch, and I need your help," she says.Back at the house, they watch the suitcase pulse from inside. They hear a hiss. They take their eyes off Melissa and she brakes free. She holds scissors to Nick's neck. Faye suggests a spell on the scissors, but it doesn't work.Melissa tells Faye to put something around the case in a circle. She gives them something to repeat with her. The suitcase unlocks.Jane walks in and immediately closes it with magic. Melissa threatens to kill Nick, but Jane knocks the scissors out of her hands and knocks her out.She's holding a crystal. She directs the kids on lighting candles with sage around the suitcase.Nick tries to reach Melissa.Dawn bellies up to the bar and orders a bourbon.Jane pours something on Melissa then takes fire and holds it near her. Suddenly, Jane draws back, saying Melissa isn't possessed anymore. The demon switched hosts.She holds the crystal in front of each of them, and Nick reacts. The suitcase opens. Jane closes it but Nick runs out.Jane explains the suitcase is full of demons in the form of snakes. She asks for lighter fluid. The only way to destroy a demon is to drown it or burn it. They dump the suitcase in a bathtub, douse it in lighter fluid and light it.Nick runs through the woods, but collapses in demon pain. When he gets up, he's collected. Jane says demons need human form to be fully active and witches are the most powerful form.Nick calls Adam, telling him to bring the suitcase to the boathouse or he'll burn it down. He says his dad is passed out in the back room.Dawn drinks at the bar. Nick joins her, but says "Nick's not here anymore."He says she summoned him. He wants the circle. He needs a new body and says hers will work. As they walk outside, she calls Charles and makes sure he hears her talking to Nick the demon.Charles runs off.Dawn and Nick walk to the dock. They're passing boats when Charles steps up and clocks Nick. Dawn says they have to drown him to get the demon, to save all the children.Meanwhile, the others arrive at the boat house.Charles drags Nick down the dock and prepares to hold him under. Nick wakes up and pleads with him. Charles holds him under, at Dawn's urging. Nick comes up raging like a demon, so Charles holds him under again. Finally, Nick stops struggling and goes limp. They drag him out and feel for a pulse.The others find him, but Charles and Dawn are gone.At the house, Faye checks on Melissa. Faye gets a call with bad news.Charles and Dawn sit in a car and contemplate what they've done. Dawn says it was the right thing to do, but Charles says killing a child should never feel right. Dawn thanks him for saving her life.Back at the boat house, Adam says the police are calling it an accident. He says Nick always had it worse than all of them.Back home, Cassie thinks if she'd told Jane about the circle sooner, Nick might be alive. Jane doesn't want secrets anymore. Cassie asks what happened the night of the fire and why her mom ran away. Jane says she's never known.Jane tells Cassie she won't let anything happen to her.Everyone contemplates what happened. Faye comforts Melissa. Cassie goes up to her room and sees Nick's empty room across the way.

Directed by Liz Friedlander  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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