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Drama//Horror/Romance, USA, 2012

Synopsis At the coffee shop, Cassie has an awkward run in with Adam. Across the room, Melissa says watching them is like an emotional car crash. Faye says the way Adam followed Cassie around was pathetic and she's glad it's over.Melissa asks Cassie how it's going and she pretends it's no big deal. Adam joins them and asks them to waitress at a hockey function at the Boat House tomorrow.Cut to a young man running for his life through the woods as he's pursued by men with flashlights. We see Ebben is leading the chasing pack.John Blackwell visits Cassie at the coffee shop to check up on her. She hasn't told anyone the elixir didn't work on her. He asks her if she wants to go mini-golfing some time.At the Boat House, everyone gets ready for the hockey function. Grant the hot Aussie comes by and sends Diana a flute of sparkling cider then asks to whisk her away. Diana bails on the hockey function and goes with him.The boy who was being chased shows up at Jake's place and Jake immediately attacks him, asking what he's doing there. Cassie sees them fighting from her house and races over. She uses magic to help fling the guy across the room, but Jake explains he's a friend.He's Samuel, a witch hunter. He says he's there to talk to John Blackwell. Samuel says Ebben will kill him to keep him from telling Blackwell what he knows: Ebben is resurrecting demons.Melissa and Faye wait on hockey jocks and they debate the benefits of dating outside the witchy world. Faye makes a play for Kyle the hockey player before Melissa can. Melissa recruits Adam to help her beat out Faye. He tells her to go talk to him and think hockey.She shoves Faye aside and Adam talks through her, showing off hockey knowledge and total recall for Kyle's own moves in games. He's totally dumbfounded and impressed, as is the table full of players.Grant breaks into a hockey rink with Diana. He explains his dad taught him to sail, but they don't get along. She says it must be great to live a life of adventure and he invites her to come with him. She thinks he's being impulsive, but he says he's thought about it a lot. She kisses him. He invites her to his boat, but she says no.Blackwell comes to Cassie's house to talk to Samuel, who they have tied up in the kitchen. Blackwell talks to him alone.Blackwell tests Samuel, who passes by saying Ebben is working with a witch. Samuel says no one knows who it is. He says Ebben has become paranoid and is worse than the witches they were trying to stop.He plans to summon the demons at Harbor Woods, just like Blackwell did 16 years ago. They know Blackwell tried to give the demons bodies of witches so they could walk among people. He was going to use their power against his enemies.Cassie comes in and hears the end of what Samuel says about Blackwell sacrificing a mortal and burying them at the site of the ceremony. Ebben was going to sacrifice Samuel, which is why he ran.Faye confronts Adam for helping Melissa. She wants some payback. Faye joins Kyle playing darts and, with Adam's magic help, throws a bulls eye and helps Kyle do the same.Blackwell admits to Cassie that he summoned the demons, but there was no sacrifice, his blood was enough. He wanted to use the demons to stop the witch hunters, but they wanted to possess the circle. Amelia spelled the demons and trapped them before they took over the circle.Blackwell says they have to seal the ground where the demons come up. Cassie still doesn't know her dad has magic, so he tells her to gather the circle at the abandoned house.At the hockey function, Kyle's girlfriend joins them. Adam confronts Kyle for flirting with Melissa and Faye all night and not appreciating having a girlfriend in the first place. Adam throws a punch, but it's quickly broken up.In the storage room, Melissa and Faye confront Adam, who says he's just on edge. He knows that everything was perfect, but he can't remember the feeling. Melissa says he's lucky not to miss what he had.Cassie calls, telling them to meet at the house. Cassie goes looking for Diana.Diana shows up on the dock looking for Grant. She finds him with a man who says he's the captain. Grant is forced to admit he lied to her, he's just the crew. She walks off.Blackwell leads Samuel out into a field. He sent the circle to the abandoned house to distract them, what they're doing is too dangerous. Samuel stops walking for a second, we see a worm demon slithering under his skin.Cassie finds Diana staring off into space at the coffee shop. Cassie acts urgent and Diana tells her Faye was right to call her a drama queen. Diana just wants five minutes alone, but mocks Cassie, saying whatever is going on with her is more important. Cassie tells her about the demons.At the house, they realize Blackwell brought the demons they buried in the suitcase to Chance Harbor. Jake defends Blackwell, saying he's trying to make up for his mistakes. Adam reminds Jake those mistakes killed his brother.Diana and Cassie arrive and see Blackwell's not there. Cassie realizes he's protecting them.Blackwell and Samuel reach the charred earth where he brought up the demons. He draws symbols in the dirt, then steps outside the circle. Samuel can't get out.Blackwell examines the worm demon under Samuel's skin and tells Samuel there's a demon in him; he's already been sacrificed.Samuel cries that he didn't know and begs Blackwell to get it out. Blackwell explains that the circle will draw the demon out of him to prevent Ebben from completing the ritual. But then Ebben steps out from the shadows.Ebben taunts Blackwell for not having magic as Samuel contorts in the circle. Ebben plans to raise the demons to kill every witch alive, but he plans to kill Blackwell now. Ebben flings Blackwell through the air then chants and slices his hand.The circle shows up. Jake sees Samuel and tries to get him, accidentally breaking the circle in the dirt and letting the demon out. With Ebben distracted chanting, the circle tries to keep Samuel in place, but it doesn't work.Cassie tries alone, turning a metal stake into a flame thrower and lighting Samuel. It seems to be working, but then Samuel douses the flames and picks Cassie up by the throat. Blackwell comes to and yells at Samuel to stop. He offers himself.Samuel taunts that with no power, Blackwell has nothing he wants. But Blackwell raises his hand and uses his magic to burst Samuel into a thousand firey bits.Ebben keeps chanting and takes in the demons. The circle goes after him, but Blackwell yells at them to let him go. With the demons in him, he's too strong. Cassie confronts her dad about having magic."How could I convince you to stop using your magic if I was using mine?" he asks. She points out his magic saved them.But Blackwell says with the demons, Ebben is now more powerful than all of them.Back at the house, Blackwell gives a pep talk, essentially saying it's time for witches to rally. "This war has to end now, we can't just sit back and be victims anymore, we have to rise up," he says. He says witchcraft is the answer, the only one.Their circle doesn't have enough power, but they could with crystals. Bound together, they're the strongest magic.Cassie says she has one. The circle with six crystals can destroy the witch hunters. They could stop hiding forever.Grant waits at Diana's house. She doesn't want to hear his explanation. He says he wanted to impress her and didn't want to see her walk away. He says he panicked and is sorry, and everything else is true. Diana says in her world, people who lie are dangerous. He jokingly asks if she's a spy.She says she doesn't have room in her life for liars, but he asks for one more day to prove himself to her. She gives it to him.Adam drives Cassie home. He admits he was wrong about her dad. She forgives him. Adam says Blackwell was right, they have to go after what they want and be focused on their enemies right now. "Nothing else matters," he says. Cassie says he's right and rushes to get out of the car. He stops her and tells her she was amazing with the witch hunters.Back at the demon ground, Blackwell digs up a coffin. There are human bones inside.

Directed by Nick Copus  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, Jessica Parker Kennedy, more...

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