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Drama//Horror/Romance, USA, 2012

Synopsis Cassie packs up her stuff from Diana's, explaining her grandmother is on her way back from the clinic. Cassie got a job at Java Brew. Diana tells her dad about Jane coming home and he tries to look glad. Charles says he'll be sorry to see her go."Why do all the men in your life like you more than me?" Diana asks. She's kidding.Cassie comes home and finds the door open. She creeps around and finds Jake already inside. He thought he saw someone from his place and came to check. They notice dirt on the floor.Jake checks outside. There's a ring of ash and salt around the house -- the kind of stuff witch hunters use to block a witch's power. Jake breaks the line. He didn't expect the witch hunters so soon. Jake and Cassie wonder why Isaac wanted a medallion he couldn't use.Jake wants to stay and stand guard, but Cassie zaps him to prove she can take care of herself.At the Java Brew, she brings a table their very complicated orders. But they haven't ordered yet. She packs up. Adam intercepts and shows her how to hold the tray and serve. She tells him witch hunters were in her house. Her grandmother isn't back yet, she just didn't want to impose on Diana anymore.Adam invites himself over to Cassie's empty house.Melissa and Faye have coffee in a booth. Melissa urges her to move on from Jake and try for Lee, but Faye doesn't want to "date below her station". Skeezy Callum the drug dealer wanders in and invites them to a party. Melissa considers it.Back home, Cassie calls her grandma and says she's still with Diana and is eager for her to get home. She gets off the phone and hears steps on her porch. She sees someone at the door and goes to answer it. It flies open."Hello, Cassie, I'm John Blackwell. I'm your father," the man says. He tells her she can sense it.He says no one could know he was alive, but when she activated the medallion he knew she was in trouble. She asks him to leave, saying she doesn't need his help. He says she does. Adam pulls up outside.He asks her to meet him in an hour and promises to leave when he knows she's safe. He tells her not to tell anyone he came, because everything he's done since the day of the boat yard fire was to keep her from the situation she's in now. He leaves.Adam comes in. She tells him "something came up" and then can't continue the lie. She tells him her father was just there.He doesn't want Cassie to go meet him, but she wants the truth. She's sure he won't hurt her and wants to help. Adam thinks he's had a lot of chances to help and is there for something else. She wants to find out what.Diana calls Faye, looking for Melissa, who is late to meet her. Faye tells her she's at Callum's. Diana convinces Faye they should go get her.Lee sits over his girlfriend's bedside when Faye knocks at the garage. Diana doesn't remember kissing him. Lee is alarmed they let her go to Callum's.Callum practices left-hand voodoo, which is evil, and he uses people, Lee explains.Cassie meets John Blackwell on the pier. If anyone had known he was alive, they would have come for Cassie and her mother. He loved Amelia.Then he tells her to give him the medallion. Cassie is stunned and says Adam was right, he came for something other than her. Cassie yells that she doesn't need him and walks off.She walks back to her car and gets in, where Ebben is lurking in her back seat. He grabs her.Ebben takes Cassie to his people and they tie her to a chair. He orders them to prepare her for the ceremony.At a warehouse party with hookahs, skulls, and dozens of people. Lee immediately offers Melissa Devil's Spirit, but she turns him down. He takes out a voodoo totem and tells her to concentrate as they each hold one. He does something and Melissa feels a surge. She likes it and wants to do it again, but he tells her to switch totems first.Faye, Diana and Lee arrive and split up to look for Melissa.Melissa rubs her hand on her totem and then slaps it to send a surge to Callum. He is surprised by what he feels and wants to show her something.At the abandoned house, Jake arrives looking for Cassie. John Blackwell is there and grabs him. Blackwell identifies himself and Jake tells him about the salt-ash. Jake hasn't been able to find her. He runs off.Cassie is still out cold tied to the chair when Jake finds her and tries to help. The witch hunters grab him. He tells them he'll bring them Blackwell if they let Cassie go.When Cassie wakes up, Ebben tells her the powder surrounding her is taking her power. And she destroyed the medallion he used to overcome it. They hold her while Ebben put drops of something in Cassie's eyes and mouth.Blackwell goes to the Boat House. He asks Adam where Cassie is, but Ethan comes out. Ethan warns Adam to stay away from Blackwell. "Believe me when I tell you he is the last person you ever want to know, you or Cassie," Ethan says.Adam sees Blackwell talk to Jake in the parking lot. Jake tells him the witch hunters have her. Blackwell gets in Jake's car.Adam watches and calls Diana, asking her for help.Callum takes Melissa up to his private room and locks the door. He asks what she is. He says he got more power from her than he gave her. He thinks she's a witch. He doesn't let her leave, so she bluffs, asking if he really wants to tempt her given how powerful she is.He lets her go. She finds Faye. Melissa tells Faye that Callum has a totem just like the one Lee gave her and it doesn't give power, it takes it. Lee is using her. Diana finds them, saying Cassie's in trouble. Faye confronts Lee on the way out.Jake takes Blackwell to the woods, admitting he has history with the witch hunters.Ebben comes out with his hand over Cassie's mouth. Ebben tells Jake that he wants him now, to settle old scores. Ebben looks into Cassie's eyes, which turn black when he looks at them. He tells her to go to her father and she obeys.Cassie leaves with her dad. Ebben puts Jake in chains to keep his power in check. He says they don't have to kill Blackwell; Cassie will.At the voodoo party, Callum confronts Lee about the circle. Lee tells him to stay away from them, but Callum says they're both using the girls.As Cassie is walking through the woods with her dad, she stops and picks up a branch. She twists it into a big wand and points it at her dad. He can't move. She doesn't know what's going on. He tells her she's been spelled. She traces a circle around him and lights it on fire. She yells at him to stop her, but he says he doesn't have magic anymore and he refuses to hurt her. He thinks she can overcome it.Ebben marches Jake roughly through the woods and puts him on his knees. Jake's usefulness has come to an end. Ebben takes out a knife and prepares to kill Jake. Suddenly Ebben is flung backward through the air and impaled on a tree branch.The rest of the circle arrives.While they're freeing Jake, Ebben disappears. Somehow with a branch in his gut he got away.The circle finds Cassie with her dad and tries to break her bond to the spell. Cassie concentrates and they break its hold. The fire goes away.Blackwell is OK.Back at the abandoned house, they worry over whether they did the right thing saving Blackwell. Adam has never seen his dad as scared as he was of Blackwell.At her house, Blackwell tells Cassie that the Elders stripped her mother's generation of their powers after the boathouse fire and it affected him. Dark magic took everything he ever cared about. He doesn't think anyone will ever believe he's changed.She tells him she destroyed the medallion. He says now she can't protect herself.Cassie wants to know how Ebben spelled her if he's not a witch. She thinks he must be working with one.Blackwell says he's staying in Chance Harbor until he finds out what's going on.Faye comes home to find Lee in her room. He asks for the totem and snaps it, saying they'll find another way to get her power. He kisses her. She lets him.Back at his house, his ex-girlfriend Eva wakes up. She looks scared.Blackwell confronts Jake at his house for setting him up. He thanks Jake for saving Cassie's life. He suggests they work together.Cassie goes to the Boat House to sit in Adam's arms.

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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