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Drama//Horror/Romance, USA, 2012

Synopsis Adam drops by Cassie's, asking why he dug up her dad's grave. He thinks Jake is putting her in danger. Cassie says digging up the grave was her idea and Jake is helping. Adam says there's no room for Jake between them.Faye runs into Jake outside a coffee shop and she warns him Cassie isn't her type. He suggests she go work out her sense of powerlessness by burning down another school.Cassie hides her dad's medallions in the secret compartment in her fireplace. She goes downstairs to leave and finds a woman at her door. "You look so familiar, have we met before?" Cassie asks. "Sixteen years ago in the boatyard fire," the woman tells her.Last week, her memory changed and she saw Cassie in the cafeteria and her telling Cassie to get out. She's Lucy Gibbons. She's a psychic. She says she helped Cassie's parents' circle. She says Cassie's dad was a hero that day and his death was a tragedy.Cassie tells her he escaped.Lucy is jumpy and on edge and tells her witch hunters are coming for both of them. She says she owed it to Cassie's parents to warn her. She gives Cassie the name of her hotel and leaves.Dawn unloads groceries and notices deep scratches on her hands, some of them scarred.Charles knocks and immediately yells at her for sending Ethan to deal with him. Now Ethan has the crystal. Dawn laments them being on opposite sides."When you threatened to kill my mother it occurred to me that you and I aren't exactly on the same page," Charles says.Dawn says she's just trying to get their powers back. Charles warns her he's going to get the crystal and the next time she crosses him will be her last.At the Boat House, Ethan asks Diana for help planning a birthday party for Adam. She remembers a time she stuffed his locker full of cookies.Cassie tells Jake about Lucy's warning. She's trying to find out how her dad's medallion works. They head down the basement where the symbol is carved. Cassie heard her dad recite a spell on the boat, but she can't remember it.She stares at the medallion and becomes fixed to the spot. The house starts shaking around them. She tells Jake to leave, but when she says she can't move, he tackles her to the floor. The house stops shaking. Adam comes downstairs and sees them on the floor. "What the hell is going on?" he asks.Adam storms off and Cassie tells him about Lucy's warning. She wants to figure out how the medallion works, but he tells her all she needs is the circle.Inside, Jake is surly, waiting to see what Cassie will do next. She wants to see Lucy.At the Bout House, Faye shows Melissa the Devil's Spirit drug she got.Cassie and Jake go to Lucy's hotel. She knows Jake has powers. Cassie asks about the medallion and Lucy tells her it could protect her, but it has to be unlocked by her circle. Lucy offers to meet them later at the abandoned house to help.Cassie and Jake leave and there's another knock at the door. It's Dawn. She reminds Lucy that after the day Lucy "betrayed" them she told Lucy never to come back and marked her. She shows Lucy her torn up palm.Cassie keeps Jake out as she goes for the medallion in her mantle hiding place. It's gone.Dawn blames Lucy for letting John Blackwell die. She suggests a way Lucy can make up for her mistakes, by helping her locate the family crystals.Cassie tries to figure out where the medallion could have gone and realizes only one person knew the hiding spot.Cut to Adam's birthday party at the Boat House. Adam thanks his dad, who gives all credit to Diana.Outside, Melissa and Faye wait to feel the effects of the Devil's Spirit. Melissa suggests they do more. Faye pours some out and the wind blows it away. Melissa tells her to get more.Cassie joins the party. Diana suggests Ethan make a toast, then he passes it off to Diana. She says something heartfelt that clearly shows how much she cares. She hugs Adam as Cassie watches.Charles talks to Ethan, saying they used to be just like the kids and apologizing. Then he drops something in Ethan's coffee and leaves.Cassie confronts Adam about taking the medallion and he says someone has to stop him from hurting herself. She tells him about Lucy's offer to help unlock it so they can all be protected. Adam still doesn't trust Jake. She claims he's changed, but Adam thinks that's just what she wants to believe.Faye's dealer Callum shows up. Melissa makes goo goo eyes at him and he announces his plans to stay. Jake comes over and tells him to leave. Callum leaves, warning Jake to watch his back.Adam brings Cassie her medallion back.Ethan starts to feel the effects of whatever Charles put in his coffee. He goes to get some aspirin. Charles watches.Jake finds Cassie outside. She asks him point blank if he's ever murdered a witch. He doesn't say anything and she has her answer.Lucy comes to Dawn's house, where she's gathering photos to help them tap into each family's energies. Lucy smiles, saying they won't need them. Then she wheels around and stabs Dawn in the stomach.The witch hunters are coming back to Chance Harbor and after tonight the circle won't have any power to stop them. "I've always been on the right side, Dawn, and it was never yours," Lucy says. She leaves Dawn bleeding on the floor.At the Boat House, Cassie tells the circle about activating the medallion. Everyone's in favor, so Adam goes along. Cassie tells Adam he was right about Jake. He says he can accept her dark magic, but doesn't think it defines her.Charles creeps around Ethan's room and reaches into his pocket. He gets Ethan's crystal.The circle waits in the woods behind the house for Lucy. She tells them to stand around the fire and hold hands.Ethan wakes up and realizes the crystal is gone.Lucy guides the circle through a spell. Cassie feels the medallion get warm around her neck. Melissa doesn't feel so good and wants to stop, but Lucy guides them on.Faye starts to feel sick, too. Then Cassie can feel something's wrong. Melissa says it feels like it did when Faye took their magic at the dance.Lucy admits the medallion is taking their powers.They realize she's working with the witch hunters.Cassie suddenly remembers what her father chanted on the boat. She recites a spell and the fire leaps out after Lucy. Cassie stalks her and says that if Lucy was really a psychic she'd know if her father was alive. Cassie taunts her with the fire to force her to answer.Lucy says he is alive, but no one knows where he is.Cassie tells Lucy to leave and never come back, and to tell the witch hunters she has the medallion and knows how to use it. Then she lets her run off.Later, Jake offers to help Cassie find her father. She doesn't want his help. He tells her they're not so different and she'll need her anger to beat the witch hunters. She says she's not like him at all.Charles goes to Dawn's house. When she doesn't answer he looks in the window and sees her lying there. He uses the crystal to get in and then recites a spell to revive her.Melissa drives to a shady part of town and meets Callum. She wants more Devil's Spirit, saying it made the night a lot easier. He warns her she went through the last bag quickly.Faye responds to Jake's text and goes to his place. He grabs her and they start making out.Adam opens a closet at the Boat House and bags of cookies pour out, just like Diana arranged in his locker once.Lucy reports to the head witch hunter from the boat 16 years ago, who's angry she failed. He says she's left open the door for Blackwell's return by leaving the medallion behind. Lucy says Cassie was too strong. He slits her throat.Down in the house basement, Cassie tries using the medallion again, this time in control. She feels the house begin to shake and breathes deeply. She opens her eyes. "Daddy," she says.

Directed by Liz Friedlander  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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