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Drama//Horror/Romance, 2011

Synopsis Faye drags Cassie to an antiquities shop to prep for Halloween. Cassie's hosting a party since her grandmother will be out of town. Faye thinks she feels bad for breaking up Adam and Diana. She suggests Cassie cover by getting a boyfriend of her own, and drags her over to Luke, the date Cassie ignored at the dance. Faye invites him to Cassie's party. Faye has her sights set on Jake.Cassie goes to buy something and the store owner recognizes the Blake name on the card. She takes her card and brushes his hand and the mirror cracks behind him.Back home, Grandma Jane tells Cassie that the store owner Calvin Wilson is a witch. She says the mirror breaking could have been residual power and active power crossing and it could have been a random surge. Jane says there are a lot fewer witches in town than there used to be.Jane heads off for her weekend at Henry's lake house. He's an elder and she wants to check on him. Cassie says just the girls will be coming over to watch movies.Adam gives his dad a hard time in the morning, angry that he told Diana that Adam and Cassie were written in the stars. He says being with Diana made him a better person. Adam doesn't appreciate his dad using fate as an excuse and wonders if his dad even loved his mom, given the way he talks about Amelia.Diana helps Cassie set up. Faye arrives with a zombie decoration. Cassie finds a broken off part of the blade the girl used to attack her under the furniture. It has a crescent symbol on it. Cassie shows it to Jake on her way to the antiquity shop. He advises her against telling anyone. When she goes anyway, he holds his hand over her car, then gets in his own and drives off. Cassie's car won't start.Jake goes to see Calvin Wilson, busting in on him with the door locked while he's eating lunch. He takes out a witch cruet, explaining it can be used to kill witches. He pins Calvin and slices his arm to get his blood, then takes his ring and puts it in the tiny jar. All he needs is a match and it will kill a witch. Jake lights the match and holds it over the jar. He tells Calvin not to give Cassie any answers if she comes looking.Later, with Jake gone, Cassie comes in and Calvin looks at the blade and tells her he doesn't know what it is. Cassie gives him her number. He turns to leave and Cassie breaks a jar as a distraction. He goes in back for a broom and she takes a picture of other blades and symbols.Melissa runs in to Jake at Nick's grave. He says he's there to visit his parents' grave, not his brother's, who he hasn't seen in two years. Jake says Nick was playing with things he shouldn't have. He says he's nothing like the rest of them.Cassie and Adam do internet research on the knife symbol. He explains that ever since he was little his dad's been saying he was fated for Amelia and Adam was fated for her daughter. But despite that, he wants Diana back. Cassie tells him to fight for her.Faye interrupts. She's looking through Cassie's book of shadows. Adam finds the symbol represents a society, the Hunters. They hunt witches.With his boss man, Jake prepares cruets in the name of each of the remaining circle members. If you kill a bound witch, their power can transfer to another witch, so Jake is worried about killing them the right way. Boss man gives Jake grief for using magic to spell the vessels to kill the witches. All they need is their blood, objects close to them, and fire.Two other hunters are going with Jake to the party. A dude named Ian from Salem and someone from in town. It's Luke.Jake comes home and Cassie tells him "that girl" (Simone) lied to him and is a witch hunter. He says she only has three symbols to go on.Cassie's house it totally tricked out for Halloween. Cassie is dressed as a killer bee. Melissa is a sexy school girl. Cassie tells Faye that Jake knew her blade originally had three symbols, even though it was broken and only had two.Adam arrives at the party and Diana says hi and walks away. He follows and says he loves her and they can work it out. She brings up Cassie.Calvin pays Adam's dad a visit on his boat, holding an envelope. He tells him Cassie was asking about "some old hunting acquaintances of ours." Calvin asks if Cassie knows about her real father and what he was trying to do that night. "She needs to know about John Blackwell, she has a right to protect herself," Calvin says.Cassie urges Faye, sexy Red Riding Hood, to distract Jake. She runs into Luke, who's dressed as a gangster. CassieMelissa looks for Faye outside. A man in a mask puts something over her mouth and knocks her out. He carries her away.Faye takes Jake up to Cassie's bedroom. He tries to take one of Cassie's necklaces, but Faye distracts him by making out with him. Cassie runs next door to Jake's house.Jake pushes Faye off him. He takes one of Cassie's necklaces. Faye asks why he's so distant.Cassie opens a chest in Jake's house. She finds a dagger in a case, with the same hunter symbol on it. She's putting it back in the box when Jake walks in. He won't answer why he has it. Instead, he shows her a roll of torture tools and says they belonged to Nick. They all have the witch hunter symbol on them. Cassie doesn't believe Nick was a witch hunter. Jake suggests Nick might be the reason Simone came to town. Faye interrupts, saying she can't find Melissa.Calvin Wilson calls Cassie. He tells her she's in danger and he left something for her. Calvin's walking down the street when he runs into Jake.Diana runs into the guy in the mask at the party and he knocks her out, too.Calvin says he wanted to talk to Cassie about something personal. Jake takes out the cruet and holds a match over it to make Calvin talk. He tells him Cassie has dark magic inside her and he wants to warn her so she can overcome it. Jake drops the match in the jar and Calvin drops to the ground, covered in sores. Dead.The man in the mask comes into Cassie's room as she's about to get her crystal. She thinks it's Adam. He gets close enough to chloroform her, too. As she's struggling, she grabs the mask off and sees that it's Luke.Cassie wakes up to Luke cutting her and draining her blood into the cruet. The head witch hunter Isaac is there, too. They're in a shack down on the dock. The five are in a ring of iron sulfite to stop their powers. Luke says his father was a witch hunter, as was his whole family.They struggle to get free. Adam saws at the rope binding his hands on a screw sticking out of his chair. Luke begins reciting something to kill them.Jake runs up to Isaac outside and says they can't kill Cassie this way because she has dark magic in her and is stronger. Isaac refuses to stop. Luke lights a match over the cruet for Diana.Cassie sees what's about to happen and screams "No!", shattering the jar. Luke picks up another cruet and is about to drop a match into it, when Cassie tenses up and screams again. The fire leaps from the cruet to Luke's feet. He's completely enveloped in flames.Outside, Jake cuts his own arm. The five get free and run into Jake outside, who has made it look like he was abducted but got free.Adam visits Diana at her house. He tells her that she means everything to him and he doesn't want to lose her. She wants to believe that things can be perfect between them, but doesn't right now.Cassie cleans up at her house. Jake comes by. She tells him she thinks she did magic on her own, stopping a witch hunter from killing Diana.Cassie asks him why they didn't round him up with the rest of them. She doesn't trust him. She sees him out and locks the door.Cassie goes to shut the front door and sees an envelope in the mailbox addressed to her. It contains an old scroll with the initials J.B. on it.Jane reaches Henry's house at the lake. It's dark and quiet. She finds him lying on the floor, looking dead. She reaches for his crystal in its hiding place and starts chanting. She doesn't get far before someone kicks her and knocks her out. They take the crystal and leave.

Directed by Charles Beeson  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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