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Drama//Horror/Romance, USA, 2012

Synopsis Dawn tells Faye to behave herself at the casino night fundraiser tonight. Faye suggests her mom bring a date, maybe Cassie's dad. It's the first Dawn has heard that John Blackwell is back.Cassie's dad John offers to stay with her until her grandmother comes back. "I'm not sure that's such a good idea seeing as how you're a complete stranger that people seem to be terrified of -- no offense," she tells him.He offers to answer whatever questions she has. She asks if he loved her mother. More than anyone in the world, he says. But she didn't talk about him because he hurt her and she probably thought it was best to forget him. He says she was afraid of him, for good reason, because dark magic changed him. Cassie thinks that's an excuse.He tells her she can't control dark magic. She starts to show off, melting her coffee cup. She says she only uses it to protect people, and he says he did the same, but it made him vengeful and he lost the people he was trying to protect. The more you use it, the more it takes hold."Once dark magic takes ahold of you, it's impossible to get free," he tells her.John runs into Jake outside, and checks that he's watching over Cassie.At the coffee shop, the circle discusses. Jake suggests her dad can help them prepare for Ebben and the hunters. Cassie's not sure she trusts her father enough to ask for help.Adam asks if they're going to casino night together, a real date out in public. She says hell yes and kisses him.Lee sits by his girlfriend's bed. She's up and better. Eva thanks him for nursing her back to health. She doesn't want to call her parents because they gave up on her. She tells him he's her family now.At the Boat House, Diana and Melissa gather party supplies. A hot Aussie offers suggestions, but Diana ignores his firting.Outside, Melissa suggests Diana didn't have to shut him down entirely, but Diana doesn't want to date anyone who she might have to one day have a talk with about the fact she's a witch.Grant follows them out and introduces himself. Melissa tells him about the fundraiser, but he says he's sailing out tonight.Cassie goes to the abandoned house, her father's old house, and is surprised to see him there looking around. He removes a secret compartment in the wall and looks around, then he flips a table over in a sudden burst of rage. She hides.Cassie tells Adam what she saw and that he was looking in the post in the big room.Faye drops by Lee's, asking him to casino night. She sees Eva's shoes and tells him not to live in the past. He says he can't make it tonight. Faye storms off.Adam and Cassie sneak into Jake's house. He finds something in the closet that he hid there. He and Jake's brother took it from the post in the house. It's a sway, used to take other witches' powers.Cassie wants it to ask her father about. She thinks it'll be fine because she'll be the one holding it.At the coffee shop, Faye tries to make sense of Lee's indifference. Melissa suggests she not take no for an answer.John comes by Cassie's. She called him. She shows him the sway. He says it doesn't take away powers, it temporarily transforms them to a mortal, which is how Ebben had power on the boat that day. Only another witch could have spelled it for him, someone on the boat that day.John says he needs the sway to find Ebben and assures Cassie she can trust him. She sends him away without it.Faye shows up back at Lee's in a low cut dress. She runs into Eva. Lee comes home and kisses Eva hello. Lee pretends he doesn't know Faye and she leaves.At casino night, Grant shows up with hundreds of dollars for chips. He flirts again and Diana reciprocates.Adam comes for Cassie. She tells him her dad's theory about someone from his circle helping Ebben that day on the boat. Adam immediately gets defensive about his dad and soon they're arguing. He leaves.Cassie goes to Jake's, asking if he remembers seeing Ethan that day. Cassie's looking for another explanation of who might have helped Ebben, if not Ethan. Jake says her protecting Adam might put them all in danger.She leaves and Jake calls John Blackwell. John's walking up to the Boat House when he sees Adam tear up in his car. Inside, Adam asks his dad what happened with John Blackwell. Ethan tells him not to worry about it and to fight for things with Cassie.Ethan leaves for the fundraiser.At casino night, Faye is extra surly about Lee. He shows up. He tells her Eva recently got better. Faye is angry and tells him she's not going to wait for him to choose. He grabs her and kisses her.Dawn sneaks up on John Blackwell in the hallway. She immediately starts flirting with him and suggests they find a way to get their power back. John is looking for Ethan.Adam arrives and apologizes to Cassie. They both say the other's dad is OK. He suggests they hear her dad out. Dawn tells Cassie her dad is looking for Adam's father.At the blackjack table, Faye and Melissa use their magic to clean up.Faye and Lee are giggling and cuddly when suddenly they see Eva standing there. Lee says he didn't know how to tell Eva. Eva calls Faye a "coping mechanism" and tells him she's better than her. When Lee doesn't run to her, Eva leaves.John Blackwell leaves the party. Someone follows him out with a knife in their hand.Later, Jake walks into the party. He stares moodily at Cassie. Melissa tells Jake not to be so obvious and that Cassie is really into Adam.Grant presents his winning tickets to Diana and gets two stuffed monkeys in return. He gives her one.Cassie runs outside in time to see someone stabbing her father. She checks that her dad is OK then runs after his attacker. She uses her magic to turn on the flood lights on the field and trips him up with broken bleachers.The attacker is knocked out. Cassie runs up to him and wields a piece of the broken wood. She sees it's Ethan. She's about to whack him when her dad runs over and tells her to just let him go. She does.Back home, John explains Ethan wasn't the traitor, but Ethan blames John for stealing Amelia. Cassie tells her dad he was right about her dark magic, it was pushing her places she didn't want to go. He tells her to stop using all magic because the results of using the dark magic are worse than whatever she might use it to prevent.Grant walks Diana to her car. He says he's leaving tomorrow morning, but might come back. She kisses him. He says he'll be back.Lee comes home to a very angry Eva. She asks why he bothered to bring her back if he wanted Faye. She says they belong together and she came back from the dead for him. She calls Faye a slut so Lee turns to leave. Eva shuts the door in front of him. He realizes she has magic now, a side effect over her OD on Demon Spirit.He tells her he'll help her through whatever she's going through, but they're over. "You used to say we'd grow old together, that's how it has to be," she tells him.Suddenly he starts gasping for breath and falls to the floor. She watches as he convulses and turns black.John visits Ethan and opens by asking him how Ethan could betray his own circle. Ethan says Ebben was only supposed to take John.John appreciates Ethan has the decency to be haunted by it. John says he'll keep Ethan's secret to protect their children, but he tells Ethan not to tell the Elders or anyone about Cassie's powers.Ethan says Amelia helped him, she wanted John dead. He tells John that Cassie and Adam are meant to be together just like he and Amelia were.John scoffs. For the Blakes and the Connants, "written in the stars" isn't destiny, it's a curse, he says.Adam shows up on Cassie's doorstep. She tells Adam that their dads were fighting and she got caught in the middle of it and lost control.Adam says he's sick of both their dads when they get in the way of their relationship.Adam goes to kiss her, but she stops him. She's worried about hurting him, but he's not afraid of her. He tells her he loves her.They start kissing and stripping.A murder of crows circles ominously over the house.

Directed by Joshua Butler  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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