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Drama//Horror/Romance, 2011

Synopsis Melissa and Nick get ready for school, but he distracts her by using magic to unbutton her blouse. He suggests some things should be done without magic as he unhooks her bra. They get down to it.Cassie reads up on the boat yard fire that killed most of their parents. She looks up Heather Barnes and looks through her mom's old yearbook. She wants to know what Zachary meant about her mother doing something worse than death to Heather.At school, Cassie tells Diana that after the fire Heather was in a mental hospital for two years. Her parents are gone but her brother lives in a town nearby. Diana has a school thing, so she suggests Adam go with Cassie instead.Faye is again frustrated that she can't use magic on her locker. Finally it works, but only because Melissa's there. She wants it to be fun like "The Craft", the first half, not the second half with the snakes. Melissa defends Nick to Faye, who says he's a dog and won't change.Cassie and Adam go to an old fishing village, or what's left of it. It's dilapidated houses on the water. They knock, looking for Wade Barnes. He answers. Cassie introduces herself as Amelia Blake's daughter and says her mom died a few months ago. They ask to talk to Heather.He shows them to her, suggesting they ask anything they want. She's sitting in a chair, totally zoned out. He tells them she hasn't moved in 16 years. He says it happened after the fire there, where she went with Amelia. Cassie looks at her and tells her she's sorry.Heather reaches out, unblinking, and grabs Cassie's arm.After they pry Heather off her, Wade freaks out. That's the first time she's moved a muscle in 16 years. He asked Cassie what she did. He thinks there's something to the fact Heather grabbed her and not someone else. Cassie sees a burn on her wrist. She and Adam apologize and leave.The scar on her arm is a sigil, witchcraft used for certain spells. Cassie wonders if that spell is what Zachary meant. Cassie says she knows her mom did it.Back at Cassie's house, she shows Adam her mom's Book of Shadows. So far they've only found Diana's book, which is specific to her family. Cassie's is completely different. He's excited by what they could learn.She recognized the sigil from the book and thinks that means her mom put it on her. It's a suppression spell of some kind. Cassie wants to undo it, they have the spell.Faye finds Melissa at the diner and apologizes for ragging on Nick. Then she tells Melissa that Nick got there early and points to him outside, chatting up a hot chick. "You're a bitch," Melissa tells her.Cassie visits Adam at the abandoned house. He says the undoing spell required a poultice, which he made all of except her blood. He pricks her finger, then pauses a moment too long. Diana walks in on them like that. Adam told her about the spell, but the book is news to her. She thinks the spells is too dangerous and, speaking for Adam, tells Cassie they can't help her. And she can't do it on her own. Diana says they don't know enough to do it and walks out. Adam goes after her.Nick comes inside and tries to kiss Melissa, but she shuts him down. She asks him about talking to that "chippie." He asks what's going on and says he thought things were going well. She tells him Faye was right about him and to find another "slut toy" and leaves.Faye finds Cassie at the old house. She asks why Cassie's so pouty. Cassie tells her. Faye sees her book of shadows and grabs for it. She suggests a deal: she'll help with the spell if Cassie will let her read her book.Cassie and Faye creep back to Heather's house in the middle of the night. They wait for Wade to leave then sneak in.They find Heather in the same rocking chair in the living room, but with her eyes closed.Faye wonders what Heather did to deserve whatever Amelia did to her. Cassie prepares the poultice, putting it on the sigil on Heather's arm. They recite the spell, but nothing happens. They try again. Still nothing.Wade comes home. He hears them leave, but only finds an open window. He puts a blanket on Heather.Cassie and Faye walk back to the car. Faye tells her she might act like she doesn't care, but she wants to know what happened to her dad that night. Cassie gets in the car and drives off.Back at the house, the scar tissue on Heather's arm moves and she starts awake. She stands up, first smiling then freaking out. She throws her brother through a wall, snarling.Melissa waits for Nick at his place. She was waiting to apologize for over-reacting, saying she shouldn't have listened to Faye. Melissa says it's not like he's her boyfriend, so she doesn't have the right to be jealous. He agrees. But they say they're good.Diana tells Adam she remembered something in her book, old black magic, like possession. The sigils are meant to keep the dark energy from coming back out, like a suppression spell. Adam goes to call Cassie.Back at Cassie's she waits nervously as Faye reads her book. There's a knock at her door and Cassie goes downstairs to find it open. She shuts it and locks it, but senses something isn't right. She runs into Heather in the kitchen."Where is Amelia?" she asks.Heather scratches at her skin, freaking out. Cassie tells her Amelia passed away. Cassie says she's her daughter. Heather tells her Amelia tried to leave that night. "She was trying to stop it, she wanted to protect us, all of us -- but it went inside me," Heather says. Cassie asks what did. "Evil," she says. She says Amelia couldn't get it out but she made the pain go away, but now it's come back. Heather begs for help, holding her head. She writhes on the ground, then passes out.Adam calls, but she doesn't answer. Faye keeps reading the book as Cassie's phone buzzes next to her. Finally, she answers.Heather wakes up. She tells Cassie the sigil Amelia put on her stopped her pain. "Where ever there are witches, evil follows," Heather says. She says "they" were summoned and were coming for Amelia and her friends. Amelia couldn't stop them all and one of them got inside Heather. Again, Cassie asks what did."Demons," Heather says, sounding like one. She starts hyperventilating. Cassie watches as something crawls up inside Heather's skin to her head. Heather slams her against the fridge, knocking her out. Faye comes downstairs and sees Cassie down and Heather coming after her with a crowbar. Faye runs upstairs screaming, but Heather flies up the stairs after her. Faye struggles to get out of Cassie's locked window.Meanwhile, Melissa and Nick make out next door. Faye fights with the window. Melissa stops making out for a minute and sees Faye pounding on the window next door. They run to help.Cassie wakes up downstairs. She comes up and grabs Heather off Faye. They make it downstairs, but Heather flies down the stairs in front of them. The lights go out. They hide under a table. A window is open, but they don't know if she's gone. They make a run for the front door, where they find Nick standing there with Melissa. They have time to warn Cassie to duck when Heather appears in the house behind them. She fights briefly, then runs out the front door.Her brother Wade pulls up. Heather runs into the street -- where she is immediately plowed into by and SUV and flipped in the air like a rag doll. They all look in horror.Later, the driver talks to police. Wade sits over his sister's body, crushed to have had her back for such a short amount of time. The coroner takes her away.The six members of the circle watch her go. A small worm slithers out of a cut in her arm and into Nick's jacket. Cassie apologizes to Wade, but he says at least his sister's at peace.Diana tells Cassie about the sigil and the demons. Diana suggests they need to be careful how they get their answers.Melissa goes home with Nick, who lays his jacket on the chair. He tells her he'll never be the guy he wants her to be and he's going to disappoint her. He says she deserves better. She calls it the sweetest thing he's ever said to her.Cassie goes down to her kitchen and assesses the damage. There's a knock at her door. It's Adam. He took Diana home. He offers to help clean up.Adam says he's glad Cassie found out her mom was trying to do the right thing. He says Cassie was right to try to find out what happened 16 years ago; their lives depend on it. He doesn't know if Diana agrees, but he does.Meanwhile, at Nick's house, something small slithers out of Nick's jacket and up his sheets -- and right into Melissa's ear.

Directed by David Barrett  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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