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Drama//Horror/Romance, USA, 2012

Synopsis Diana finds Cassie pouring through her book of shadows for answers, like Jake suggested. Cassie thinks they still need him for the circle. Diana thinks he made his choice when he left with the witch hunters.Diana suggests a distraction. She has a dress picked out for the Fire/Ice dance, but she's only allowed to wear white or red and it's spotted. She suggests they use their magic to change the color. They try a spell together. Instead, the dress bursts into flames. Cassie realizes she did it.Adam's dad tells him he volunteered to chaperone the dance. He says it's been a few weeks since he last had a drink. Adam admits he feels a connection with Cassie.At school, Melissa offers to help with the dance. Diana's bummed to learn her cousin Holden went back to school. Cassie gets distracted when she thinks she sees Jake walking by. She follows the kid, but it's someone else.In school, Cassie tells Adam she wants to learn more about her father. Adam suggests the city records and offers to go with her. Diana watches them walk away together.Outside, Faye sees her voo doo guy Lee waiting for her. He IDs the other members of the circle and says he thinks she lost her powers when they bound the circle. He offers to help. She tells him to get lost.At the city records, the woman tells Cassie she needs a birth certificate to look up her father. Adam makes up another issue and the woman goes to research. Cassie gets on the computer, but comes up with nothing. She checks tax records and finds a deed under his name. Adam recognizes the address and takes her to it.It's a sign covered up in the front yard of the abandoned house. They originally found it from a map in Diana's book of shadows that showed it as a confluence of energy, where magic is at its strongest. Adam shows her the stuff they put in the basement when they found it.Adam suggests he pick her up for the dance, but Cassie doesn't want to hurt Diana. She doesn't want to think about the idea that maybe they're meant to be together. "It's funny, because these days I can't think about anything else," he says.Faye tells Melissa about Lee's claims.Cassie is leaving the basement when she hears a noise. She turns on a light and sees a symbol burned into the ceiling.Melissa and Diana get ready for the dance. They remember when they were friends as kids. Then Faye happened, then Adam. Cassie runs in and updates them on her dad and the abandoned house. She finds the same symbol in her mom's family book, but notices a page is missing. She knows it wasn't missing before. Faye had it last. They look at Melissa for answers.Faye goes to Lee's voo doo garage. He says the spell she gave him is designed to extract dark magic. He says he can take the magic and put it into her. He asks who has the dark magic and she tells him it's Cassie. He warns her dark magic can turn on you. He says they need something of Cassie's and she has to be nearby. She tells him he's not getting laid, but he assures her when they have sex it won't be because of a deal. He just wants a future favor in return.Cassie calls to confront Faye about the missing page. She tells Faye she's sick of her jealousy and she should stop being pathetic and just give back the page. Faye tells her to meet her at the dance.At the dance Cassie and Adam make goo goo eyes across the room. Cassie follows Adam's dad into the hallway and asks about her dad. She asks if her dad had anything to do with the fire that everyone died in. She asks what if she's just like him. He says he didn't start the fire and tells her she's defined by her own actions, not her parents. She's resolved to find out about him, even when he says it's not what her mom would want.Diana stares at Adam at the dance. Melissa sympathizes about the difficulty of moving on and urges her to ask someone to dance. She picks a cute guy she's never talked to before.Faye and Lee snoop through Cassie's house and pick a locket out of her bedroom. Faye thinks she sees someone in the house across the way.Adam watches Diana dance.Lee puts Diana in two triangles to draw Cassie's power. He unzips her dress, because apparently that's part of it. Cassie tells Adam about the symbol and Faye stealing the page. She shows him and he recognizes it as a symbol used for channeling dark magic.Lee draws an animal tooth down Faye's spine and draws a little blood, then rubs something in it. He dabs at the blood and pockets the Kleenex.Adam finds Diana in the hall and complements her on the dance. He tells her he's glad she's having fun, and he gets that it's not their time. He says other people are having a hard time adjusting to their break up, like Cassie, who wouldn't even accept a ride to the dance. Diana offers to talk to her. Adam says that'll simplify things. He tells her to have fun and walks away. She chokes back tears.Lee steps into the triangles with Faye and puts Cassie's necklace on Fay'es wound, tethering her to Cassie. The triangle busts into flames around them.On the dance floor Adam, then Diana, then Melissa all get woozy.Faye walks out to her locker and finally is able to open it with a spell. He goes to the dance floor where a girl bumps into her. Faye freezes her glass in return and it shatters.In the bathroom, Melissa passes out and hits her head on the counter.Faye dirty dances with Lee and then runs into Cassie, who asks for her page. Faye says he forgot it. Cassie makes her angry so Faye goes a little bit Carrie on the dance. She turns fake fire displays into real fire, giving Faye a dizzy spell. Cassie seems fine. Faye keeps lighting and Diana slumps to the floor. Cassie realizes Faye is doing it and confronts her. Cassie tells her she's messing with power they don't understand. Cassie tells her that everyone else is affected.Faye takes Lee into the hall and asks him how to sever the connection. He tells her to drop the necklace into oil and light it. She does, but the flames she lit in the displays only burn higher. The decorations from the dance start falling from the ceiling, nearly hitting people as they run for the exits. Adam's dad herds people out.They all make it out, but realize Melissa's missing. Cassies goes back and uses her powers to clear a path through the fire to get to Melissa in the bathroom. Cassie makes it to her but passes out from the smoke. She sees a pair of men's boots in front of her as she closes her eyes.Melissa and Cassie wake up on the lawn outside.The circle confronts Faye. She points out Cassie released a demon that killed Nick and let witch hunter Jake into the circle and nearly choked Adam. "How does this bitch get a free pass and I get burned at the stake?" Faye asks. She storms off.Adam's dad finds him, but is suspicious of Cassie.Diana drives Melissa home. Melissa confesses she feels bad for Faye. She's worried about how much she thinks about power. Faye's starting to scare Melissa and Diana says Cassie is starting to scare her since she can't control her dark magic.Faye goes back to Lee's.Adam finds Cassie in the basement of the house. She wonders if her dad was trying to take away his own dark magic. She's looking for a spell in her mom's book. He playfully grabs for her book and they end up close. He kisses her.The boots come down the basement stairs. Jake's back.

Directed by Joshua Butler  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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