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Drama//Horror/Romance, USA, 2012

Synopsis The morning after Adam and Cassie consummated, they wake up all glowy in bed. They bask in their happiness. There are dead crows all around the house outside.John Blackwell drops by and tells them their knocking boots unleashed a curse designed to keep the Blakes and Connants apart. Amelia told him about it. She was scared of it. The dead crows are just a harbinger. John suggest Cassie's grandmother might know more.Faye visits Lee's shop and runs into Eva. Eva says Lee was struggling with his feelings and needed time to think. Faye tries to open a door and Eva yells at her, then, when Faye's back is turned, she flings a glass canister at her head with magic. It narrowly misses Faye and she leaves.Faye meets with Diana and Melissa over coffee and suggests Eva did something to Lee. She wants to search Lee's car.Cassie and John visit Jane in a rest home. She thinks Cassie is her mother, Amelia and asks why she brought John. Jane tells Cassie she has to tell Ethan the truth. Generations ago, a seer witch cursed the Connants and the Blakes to stop them from ever coming together. It was done out of jealousy. Cassie asks what would happen if they awaken the curse by getting together. Someone in the circle will die.At the abandoned house, Cassie and Adam tell the circle including Diana -- awkward! -- about awakening the curse. Faye thinks it was just something the parents said to keep the kids from having sex.Jake wakes up at his place hearing voices. Cassie barges in. He's been in bed all day with a fever. His veins look creepy. "We need to talk," Cassie says.Cassie and Adam try to break the news to Jake. "It took a curse to figure out being with Adam is a colossal mistake?" Jake asks.John thinks he found an elixir in a book of shadows that will reverse the curse, but they need rare ingredients from Calvin Wilson, the antiquities owner. Jake doesn't mention that he killed him.Dawn invites Charles over to share the news about John Blackwell. She tells him Blackwell visited Jane at the home. She worries Jane will get her memory back and then they'll be exposed for killing Henry. But Charles doesn't want to ever work with Blackwell.Dawn tells him to remember who killed Amelia and that he's in danger if Blackwell ever finds it out.At the antiquities shop, Calvin's niece tells them he's been missing for months. They have all but one ingredient, which grows in hollowed out trees. Adam and Cassie go to look for it, but sick Jake insists on going with them. He gets freaked out when he thinks he sees Calvin's reflection in a mirror on the wall.At Lee's house, Faye, Diana and Melissa look in Lee's trunk and find nothing. Faye's looking for clues. A cop pulls up and asks for registration.Diana talks to the cop, saying her friend is a distraught ex and blah blah blah. Melissa and Faye use magic to pop open Diana's blouse as she talks to him. Then end up in the back of a cruiser. But Eva comes out and convinces the cop to let them go.Eva tells Faye that Lee took his motorcycle. Diana apologizes and they leave.In the woods, Cassie, Adam and Jake look for ingredients. Jake asks Adam about the sex and tells Cassie she knows he and she should be together.Jake stops for water and reaches in his bag. He pulls out something that he sees as a witch cruet. He asks if Calvin gave it to them. He throws it, but it's just a water bottle. The black veins are reaching his heart. They have to hurry.Dawn and Charles visit Jane in the home. She thinks Amelia's just out for a minute. Charles takes out the crystal and waves it in front of Jane. They ask what she told John Blackwell.Back in the forest, Cassie is feeling guilty and Jake is freaking out, hearing someone whisper "murderer". He thinks Adam is Calvin. He sees Calvin taunt him that he's going to die and Jake protests that he was only doing what the witch hunters told him to do, but he's not a witch hunter anymore. Jake lunges at Adam, tackling him to the ground and choking him.Cassie starts to use black magic, but in the midst of getting choked, Adam tells her not to. She concentrates with him instead. Cassie and Adam realize Jake killed Calvin Wilson.Back at the house, John works on the elixir. He tells Melissa about learning from her mother.In the woods, Cassie finds the ingredient they're looking for. Cassie feels guilty that Jake killed Calvin because Calvin tried to warn her. Cassie thanks Adam for preventing her from using dark magic.Back at Lee's, Faye sneaks in again. She finds his motorcycle. Eva confronts her in the dark. Faye threatens to get the cops, but Eva slams the door shut with magic. This time, Faye sees it's magic. She asks if she's a witch, but Eva says Lee brought her back from the brink of death. Faye realizes Lee gave Eva her power with the totem.Eva realizes Faye is a witch and suddenly asks her for help. She drags Faye into Lee's room, where his black body is resting on a bed.Faye yells at Eva, telling Eva she killed and it can't be undone. Eva says she doesn't want the magic, she just wants Lee back. Faye tells her Lee's gone. Eva gets angry and starts turning Faye's hand black.Adam and Cassie bring Adam back to the house. Cassie thanks John for his help, but he ominously tells her there's something she needs to know.Back at Lee's, Faye puts up a brave face, telling Eva what they need to do to bring Lee back. She tells Eva she's very powerful. She tells Eva to kneel beside the bed and close her eyes. Faye kneels and fishes under the bed for the totem Lee used to take her powers and give them to Faye. She finds it but tries to distract Eva by asking for candles.But Eva catches her reaching for the totem and grabs it.Faye runs for it, but Eva uses magic to throw her across the room. Faye gets up and grabs the totem. She snaps it.Eva loses her power. She tells Faye she didn't mean to kill Lee.Jake is at death's door when Cassie brings the elixir up. She has tears in her eyes. She tells Adam the elixir isn't for Jake, it's for them. They have to drink it to break the cuirse and they'll forget why they love each other. Adam suggests they could just let Jake die, but Cassie says that'll make them the killers.Adam tells her there's nothing that can make him forget how much he loves her. He kisses her. They both drink.The next morning, Jake wakes up feeling better. He heard Adam and Cassie destroy their relationship. He doesn't think he was worth the sacrifice.John Blackwell tells him he matters as a part of the circle. Jake tells him he killed Calvin. John says that's in the past. He assures him people can change.Cassie and Adam wake up on the couch snuggled together. Adam says he feels weird, like he's not nervous around her any more. He doesn't feel in love with her anymore. She says she feels the same. She remembers every minute they spent together, but like it was in a movie.Adam says it was important to save Jake's life. He kisses her good bye on the cheek. Adam leaves and Cassie hyperventilates a little.Faye tells Melissa and Diana about Eva and how sad and alone she was.John visits Cassie, who's been crying. She still loves Adam. John says her power must be too strong to be affected by the elixir. She breaks down crying and he hugs her, saying he had no idea. She wants to be alone and he promises he's nearby if he needs her.At night in the home, Charles wakes Jane up. He tells her he's there to make her better. He's going to help her, so she'll help him destroy John Blackwell. He takes out the crystal.Dawn confronts John Blackwell outside Cassie's. There's no such thing as a Blake-Connant curse, but somehow he got Jane to say there was. Dawn says she knows he still has power. She thinks he's driving Adam and Cassie apart because he's afraid of their destiny, just like he was afraid of Amelia and Ethan.John finally says yes, and asks Dawn if she knew that Amelia and Ethan's love was so strong they were planning on leaving the circle that day, and their absence left Dawn totally defenseless against the witch hunters. The massacre wouldn't have happened if the circle had worked together, he says.John admits he has enough magic to spell Jane, make Jake sick and kill birds, but not enough to protect Cassie. He can't stop all the witch hunters, who are using magic. Dawn says she didn't know. John warns her not to question him again.Cassie climbs into bed alone.

Directed by John Fawcett  

Starring Brittany Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig, more...

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